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    Many many Wheel Horse Tractors have came and gone over the years. I would estimate nearly 200. At present I have 10 from oldest to newest.
    1955 RS-83 Senior
    1956 RJ-35
    1958 RJ
    1961 701
    1962 702
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    1991 520H Ultimate Snow Chucker
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  1. 56" SNOWPLOW



    This sigh is 1/2 of a dealer sign. I made a box and made in such a manner that you can remove the right end and slide the sign out to service change the bulbs ect. this sign is designed to be mounted on your wall. The box is painted Linen Beige and the Frame Red With Silver Bolts that gives it a mechanical look. This is local PU only help me take it down. Thanks Duke
  4. 56" SNOWPLOW

    This is a Brand New Old Stock 56" Snowplow That was for a Zero Turn But I Added a Brand New Old Stock A Frame to Her So It Can Go Either Way. The First $20.00 Takes Her Home!
  5. 1994 520-H

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. R.I.P. Jimmy Prayers to the Family!
  7. Well the last time I had some T.I.A's it was due to my own negligence as I was smoking and it cause them. I lucked out back then in 2009 because I had a 100% recovery. I wasn't so Lucky this time MaryJane and I have been going to the Bone Cracker the past couple months (I had been going for lower back pain). And the last time we went was on July 13th. After we left I had a terrible headache and to make a Long story Short I ended up In the Memorial Hospital In South Bend that day and I have been in here ever since and at present am going through physical therapy. I have been getting my arse kicked every day and am on the road to recovery. The Doc asked me what I was going to the Chiropractor for? I told him lower back pain. He said why was he adjusting your neck I told him I didn't know According to the Doctor he said when he adjusted my neck he broke loose the arterial artery that cause a blood clot to go to my brain that caused all this. What I am battling is swallowing, Right side leg control, and Vision. I Get out of therapy the 8th this next Tuesday and will be going through two more months of outpatient therapy. I thank God because it could have been worse. I don't know what my full outcome will be, but any prayers you want to send my way I appreciate them! P.S. Please think twice before going to the BONE CRUSHER! ~Duke
  8. 1994 520-H

    Have decided to sell my 1994 520-H I was going to use it in a FEL Project but decided to use a different Tractor that I purchased for the project instead. This 520-H has 729.7 Hrs on the Hobbs Meter all gauges work properly. Tractor is in excellent shape has a few minor scratches in top front of hood partly on the decals and I have a new Decal kit that is included in the price also. It also has the notorious crack in the vinyl seat This one is 1250.00 FIRM just what I paid for it.
  9. Had a great time at The Mentone show and Swap Meet met Racin Bob and hung out with my Homeys here are some Pics.
  10. MaryJane and I will be there both Friday and Saturday Camping Onsite. She will be selling her Etched Glass Ware. If Anyone needs something Custom or Special we will be taking orders. Steve since there are no PIC NIC TABLES to Chop Up What are we going to do for Fire Wood?
  11. Switched Gears Sorry Out Of The Shop For A Few Days!
  12. New Red Red Tractor Shed...

    That's a ffine looking machine there Jeff and beautiful Property!

    Last week the PWR went out and normally I am able to run a heavy 10Ga Cord between my RV and an outside outlet on my House, Shut off the Main and Back Feed all Critical Systems with 110V but the Onan Generator in my RV wouldn't start. Knowing we were going to use it later I decided to ck it out. I knew the Fuel System mainly (CARB) was full of Varnish cause when I took off the fuel line I could smell it! So I got on YOUTUBE for some fixes. I found a bunch of guys using Sea Foam Treatments, and were able to fix theirs. I worked on this Onan off and on mainly on for 3 days freezing my Arse Off till I finally found the Fix. These RV Carbs are non rebuild-able and normally either work or don't work and you have to replace them at a cost of around $300.00 Buckaroo's This guy Jeff in the Last Video came up with a Float Bowl and Solenoid Removal Fix that got me back in Business now the Ole Onan Purrs Like A Kitten! Here are some Sea Foam and Float Bowl Links, SEA FOAM FIXES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLLI359w2RM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndyWd-R8Psk&t=37s FLOAT BOWL FIX THAT FIXED MY PROBLEM
  14. By the way, I like CAT's they taste just like Chicken! So what's the hold up ya got that thing painted yet? Or ya still fussing with her Bonnet?
  15. Decided to put only (1) Gusset inside the bucket for support as two would be WAY OVERKILL. Internally welded all seams on the inside of the bucket and installed the bucket brackets. The next step will be to install gussets to the bucket brackets for support. I have a 1/2" X 4" Wide X 48" Long Knife edge for the Bucket ordered for the leading edge of the Bucket. That will be here Monday. Have plenty of brackets and parts to weld so there is no loss for work that's for sure.