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  1. Black hoods?

    My first and only 'Horse is a C-85 Black-Hood. Still working on it and still loving it. It's a love-hate relationship sometimes, but still loving it! When I brought it home... After a little TLC.
  2. Need K181 Help ...

    The points gap is how you set the timing. If the cam lobe that operates the pushrod for the points is worn down it would cause irratic timing. If the timing advances too much you get detonation which sounds like a rod knock. The factory pushrod is a lightweight metal rod that can be pulled out once the points are removed. Something you can do to find out if the cam is worn without taking the pan off is to take the points off and try wiggling the pushrod as you turn the engine over. If it gets longer and shorter as you wiggle the pushrod the cam lobe is worn down. Once the cam lobe is worn there are two options. Replace the camshaft, or replace the pushrod with one that has a wider head on it. Here is my worn cam and the pushrod I made for mine. An option to replacing the pushrod is to thread one end and screw a nut on it.
  3. snow plowing techniques.

    It all depends on how deep the snow is. If it is deep when I plow the street it takes five passes each way. I start on the very outside edges of the road, blade angled as far as it will go. This gives me a definite edge to guide me. Up one side and then the other. Next pass is farther in and moves the snow into the path cleared by the first pass. Third pass clears the snow off to the side again. Repeat as necessary until the road is clear. If the snow is deep and powdery I take about a half blade cut or it builds up in front of the blade and just pushes down the road. Wet snow curls off the blade really well so I can plow a wider path. The faster you can go the better the snow clears the blade. Just my $0.02
  4. Need to change my exhaust?

    That isn't exactly sexy, but if it works it is sure worth a try. For the price I can try it and if I don't like it I won't be broke. Thanks for the info Flatbed!
  5. timing?

    For the camshaft timing it is very easy to get it a tooth off. The cam and crank gears slide together as you insert the crankshaft and since they are hypoid gears they have to be slightly rotated together. The picture below shows the camshaft marking. I don't seem to have a pic of the crank mark but it is cast into the crank gear. More like a lump in the crank casting that kinda resembles an arrow. You can see both marks with the oil pan off. If the cam is 180 degrees out the camshaft eccentric for the points won't be in the right place. Seriously though, it would be impossible to get the cam 180 out on a 1 cylinder engine. Either way the piston is at TDC. If it is a tooth or two off though it needs to be corrected or it will never run right. The points timing needs to be set correctly after taking the engine apart too. The ignition timing is set by the dwell of the points. There is a peek hole in the shroud over the flywheel where you can find the TDC marking on it and another mark for the correct timing advance. If you are familiar with automotive engines you can set the points from there. It is like setting the dwell on a Chevy distributor, you move the points in and out and that adjusts the timing.
  6. Snow plow edge worn

    Mine is also getting worn like yours. The "blade" on mine looks like it can be turned over for a fresh new scraper, just needs a washer or similar welded on so a bolt will have something to hold onto.
  7. Need to change my exhaust?

    Really? cjsdad, you can turn the muffler down as you asked by loosening the clamp and getting it freed from the exhaust nipple. Rotate the whole muffler down till you have it where you want it. The disadvantage to doing this is that it may leave dark exhaust deposits on the hood, like a stain. Especially if it is running rich. Very difficult to remove after awhile and hard on the paint. I hope with the other suggestions made amid the hearing loss debate you will find a workable solution. Let us know how it goes. That doesn't look like it will work by just loosening the clamp. The muffler and pipe won't turn that way. I was thinking about cutting the exit pipe and re-welding it with the opening pointed down. Dunno if that would work correctly or not. I'll hafta see what I can come up with.
  8. Is my P220g knocking or am I imagining it?

    Not a two-cylinder story, but after putting my K181 back together it also had a bit of a knock. I changed the oil, adjusted the carb, etc. and the knock continued. It was only at low speeds just above idle. Turns out the timing was off causing detonation. I had replaced the points pushrod with one of my own creation and the points were operating back to factory spec. If the cam lobe wears down on the twins like in the K181s the points will open and close different than when factory fresh causing the timing to change. If your fuel was getting old that could have an effect too.
  9. B80, K181 might be toast....??

    I let my K181 get low on oil when it was new to me. It too sounded like it was under heavy load before the rod seized/welded itself to the crankshaft and broke. I put a new/used piston and rod in it but didn't realize the camshaft had been cracked by the broken rod. If yours is broken be sure to check everything very closely before putting it back together.
  10. Need to change my exhaust?

    I thought about my hearing protection about an hour into the plowing. I have a set of bluetooth headphones that work great for that. 15 years as a stereo installer has pretty much ruined my hearing as well. It does run a bit rich because of the altitude, I'm at 7000 ft. elevation.
  11. November Tractor of the Month- Custom Workers !!

    Yeah, that chair has almost run it's course. It is starting to disintigrate. I already took the arm rests off, couldn't get my fat butt in the chair with 'em on! I have another seat that resembles the two-piece WH seats to go on. I just need to cover it with vinyl first so I can just wipe it off and go when it is covered with snow.
  12. I bought my C-85 mainly to plow snow with and it has been a wonderful/terrible adventure getting it to this point where it is reliable. I do have a question about the exhaust though. When I spend an hour ot so in the driver's seat I end up smelling like exhaust, and it's a bit loud after a while. Has anyone else encountered this and what, if anything, did you do about it? I have the factory exhaust/muffler installed which exits on the left side. Can the pipe be turned downward? New muffler and pipe pointing up? Any suggestions?
  13. Help with rear plow hitch

    Is that for a rear tiller maybe?
  14. November Tractor of the Month- Custom Workers !!

    This is my little C-85. I bought it mainly for the plow due to the snow we get here in the winter. She started out a little rough. Not nearly as much effort in restoring her as some of the works of art I see on here, but then I wanted a worker. I replaced the fender pan with a metal one from a later unknown model that I bought off ebay. The plastic fenders were so rotten they would crumble at the slightest touch. I used the original plastic mounting base as a spacer for the metal one and only needed to cut out for the fuel tank. Worked perfect. I wouldn't really call the Craftsman plow a modification, but more of an adaptation. It works great though. When it's all together the Little Horse looks pretty serious.
  15. Well... no, but my Horse did! I live in Cedar Crest, NM at 7000 ft. elevation. The road is not cleared by the municipal plows 'cause it's a private road. So my L'il Horse and I clear it off. With the plow blade angled as far as it will go it only cuts about 4 ft. wide so it takes a few passes to get it all cleared. It actually works best when the snow is 5 inches deep or deeper. In high gear the snow curls off the blade pretty well. A few years ago some drunk-assed doofus drove through my yard because the road wasn't plowed so now I do it out of self-preservation.