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  3. David from central Oklahoma

  4. jd 318 question

    Heath, I've experienced this very problem with 318's. I suggest you adjust the air gap on the pto. It is supposed to have .016 air gap. There are three adjustment nuts and slots for the feeler guage on the pto clutch. This is a rather simple adjustment and rather common problem on the 140 through 318. Hope this helps.
  5. I saw a Robin yesterday

    My brother has seen robins here already (guess I don't pay close enough attention). We also have bald eagles in this area. They are SO majestic!!!
  6. I'm ready for Spring

    I've had it!!! Bring on SPRING!!!!!!!!!
  7. this guy should have gotten a wheel horse

    :thumbs: That's some tough going!!
  8. new

  9. Got A Few Inches

    That is one AMAZING machine!!!!!!!
  10. Just got done blowing snow

    It does the job, that's what counts! :banghead:

    It's doing a fine job!!! :banghead:
  12. 5 important lessons about the way we treat people

    WOW!!! That's reality!
  13. Can a loader really load?

    I use mine all the time, almost to a fault. Mine doesn't dig well at all. To name a few things I've used mine for: pushing and piling snow, moving engines, trans axles ect from one place to another, moved 15 tons of dry clay from a pile and put it in horse shoe pits at the local county park. The list is endless. For me, mine is very much a tool that I use nearly every day. My loader is on a 18 AUTO and I feel it has done no harm to the tractor at all. With the angle iron frame tractors, I would be sure to use common sense in how heavy of a load I hauled at a given time. Just my experience........ :banghead:
  14. My new C-175 (?)

    It will make a great worker!! Nice machine. :banghead:
  15. Northeast Guys

    :banghead: This is true...........