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  1. 1968 Charger 9 found today

    That is perfect! Nice work TT. Thanks for adding the link Mike. That will save a lot of money for sure. The kit on e-bay was $150.00. Now I'll have to do some shopping to find a used one. I'm going to look for a 8-5211 speed hitch. This is the mid mount tach a matic.
  2. 1968 Charger 9 found today

    I found the tach a matic upgrade kit made by Wheel Horse for pre 1973 long frame models. The mule drive seems to be the most common way to drive a mower deck. It would make it easier for attaching a mower deck. Did all PTO belt drive attachment tools have their own pullys ? I had to add the picture of the Charger 9 outside running sweet as apple pie.
  3. 1968 Charger 9 found today

    I found out this morning the Wheel Horse 37" snow blower 6-1211 attaches to the front of the Charger by a long bolt that goes thought the frame with bushings on each end. The manuals on this site are a super help. Thanks to who ever puts them there for all to look up and down load. Believe it or not I found 2 snowblowers today! One of the snowblowers is in perfect shape and it's a model 6-6211. It looks like it's not been used and I think it's the same style as 6-1211. I purchase them both for $100.00. The chain sprockets on both are in great shape and look like they are new.
  4. 1968 Charger 9 found today

    I checked out the 8-3111. Thank you for clearing that part number up. I have the 8-3111 PTO on this tractor. I'm looking for tach-a-matic piece which holds the snowblower or mowing deck to the tractor frame. What would that part be called and where could I find one for this vintage? I will look in the manuals to try and find.
  5. 1968 Charger 9 found today

    Thanks for the replies. I just looked at the Charger 9 manuals on the site. Wow! This tractor had the option for 17 attachments. Which brings me to a question for you pros. Where can I find a attachment clutch 8-3111 or what I call a Tach-A-Matic for my 310-8. This attachment clutch was needed for all the attachments except for the snow dozer blade I have on it. I guess this vintage didn't use the mule drive system on the front? This tractor also has a cigarette lighter that works. Was that standard? I didn't see it listed in the accessories. I plowed the drive way with her today. The plow works great but a snowblower is the way to go up here in Maine. If anyone has any ideas on where to find this attachment clutch I would appreciate it.
  6. I haven't posted for a long time but I haven't stopped horsing around! I came up with a plan to teach my son how to repair small engines and learn the fundamentals of mechanical repair. He and his friend could help repair and sell to purchase another one and do the same. I also happen to be a Wheel Horse addict so this helps me with my obsession too. I found a Wheel Horse in the local classified add that looked like it would make a great project. After many e-mails and calls I finally was able to set a date and time to go check this hidden treasure out. When we reached our destination the old girl was sitting lonely and cold under a ragged worn out tarp. I had no idea what I had found because the sticker just said Wheel Horse. What more do you really need! The sellers inherited the tractor and did know much about her. They just said it was fun to ride on. It was missing one rear tire chain and the weights seem to be gone. They thought it had a mower but couldn't locate it. I offered $100.00 and took my chances know the motor had compression, wasn't seized and the tractor had a plow. He said yes and off we went. the old girl up We brought her home and warmed the old girl up in the garage. I still had no idea what she was but I knew it was worth a $100.00. The boys and I spent some time cleaning the leaves out, draining the old gas and checking the oil. We didn't take the carb apart or look at the spark plug yet I was too excited. We jumped the battery and she started right up. It sounds great and the automatic drive is sweet. Now the boys are Wheel Horse addicts too and they think we should keep her for our very own. It has hydraulic lift for the plow as well. What a cool fun find from 1968!
  7. snowblower chute cable

    That's good info to know. I like to find a chute from a walk behind snowblower that would fit and allow better vertical control. I think I've seen some power controls but I don't need that. :dunno:
  8. snowblower chute cable

    That a great Quick fix! Good thinking. Does anyone know if these blower chutes have been modified to turn on gears not cable? Matthew
  9. :banghead: Nice work Iceman! That's a **** looking tractor. You do nice paint work. That is a great size tractor for any wheel horse attachment. Enjoy it. :thumbs2:
  10. Mini Dozer

    :D That is super cool! What a sweet machine. I can't wait to see it working. With all the tallent I've seen on this site I think someone needs to start a new tractor company. This could be the mini D model. Backhoe on the rear? Oh yeah. I'd like to have one. :banghead:
  11. :DPainting is easy. The hard part is the prep work. 90% prep work for a good paint job. You can purchase all the tools, including a compressor and all the materials for the price of that quote. The good side to doing it your self is the next time you'll be more efficient and turn out better work. You'll also have the tools to do it again. You can get a sand blaster at your local tool rental shop or the tractor supply store. Try it you might like it. :thumbs2:
  12. Snowblower - Just for snow?

    :thumbs2: Hi John, I want to see the video! The tractor that was on the you Tube post was similar to a wheel Horse just not as much HP. I don't think she's going to have the power to go deep enough to make it worth what you'll lose this winter. If the soil is that soft make a row harrow that will do the work much more efficiently. Either way good luck. :banghead:
  13. :banghead: Now that's just awesome! I knew someone would have a belt driven mud pump. You may have to change the belt pulley size to get the rpm's to make the pump effective. I would be interested in the model number when you get it to work. We lucked out with the storm but many others didn't. I've been setting employee's up with generators the last few days. Some people just got their power back today. Some still don't have it. It feels good to help people out. Nice find with the pump. That's going to be a beauty. That will be a handy addition to the implement collection. Happy building! :thumbs2:
  14. New 310-8

    I have a 1987 310-8 I restored. It has a plow, 36 tiller, 38 RD mower deck and 36 snowblower. I love this tractor. I didn't know they came with 42 deck. I have used every attachment and find this to be the little tractor that can do it all. Yours is in very nice shape. Have fun with it! :thumbs2:
  15. :banghead: Anyone every made a mule drive mud or irrigation pump? This could be a handy attachment for the weather we are currently having on the East Coast. I have rented a small engine mud pump to empty out a basement after it flooded. It worked great. A pump like that would be a great application for a wheel Horse mule drive. Just a thought while waiting for the hurricane to hit Maine. :thumbs2: