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  1. tractor size

    only one tractor i can think of for you......... and thats it!!!
  2. cars you first remember your parents having

    wow butch.......... :thumbs:
  3. 1966 856

  4. 1966 856

    here are a couple of pics of my 856 i paid a hundred bucks for it, but hey it looks a sight better now from when i got it! and thanks to TT for his tech info. on the old steering,and where to get a new key switch,and electrcal diagram, and now the steering is like new, new lower support, new steering shaft, new tie rods, new battery, new battery cables,the carburetor i rebuilt, some fresh paint...the hood is being done now...well anyway we shall see how she does this winter pushing snow. IMG]http://i868.photobucket.com/albums/ab242/markslawnmowerworld/running%201966%20856/IMG01397.jpg
  5. 1968 wheel horse

    the listing says its a hydro, so it must be a long frame then....question anwsered thank you!! thats why i love this site...... :thumbs:
  6. 1968 wheel horse

    i will hace to call the guy for more info. thanks...
  7. 1968 wheel horse

    i'm trying to remember was the 1968 wheel horse a short or long frame tractor? a guy has a plow i need, but it must be for a short frame... oh yeah there is no vin# or hood to indicate what wheel horse it is...
  8. Rick's Post Re Selling his Collection

    I have worked on wheel horse tractors and other brands not worth mentioning,for about twenty years now, and plain and simple a person gets a bit burned-out and needs a break or other things in thier life make a persons hobby not as desirable as it once was, wheel horse is an awesome brand and will allways keep its flavor once you've been bitteen........... :wh:
  9. Addicted

    :thumbs: If you locate a local toro dealer with old wheel horse micro fiche, they can scan the micro fiche, and should be able to copy any and all manuals for you, but this takes time for them so you must offer to pay them for their troubles to help swad them a little..... :D
  10. wiring diagram for 1966 (856)

    Thanks TT......... :D
  11. wiring diagram for 1966 (856)

    any pics of under/behind the dash would help me as well to......thanks guys!! :thumbs:
  12. wiring diagram for 1966 (856)

    Hello, does anyone have an original wiring diagram for an 856....? my wiring is pretty well shot and i'm restoring this wheel horse back to its better days......thanks in advance, mark in ohio.... :D
  13. New WH owner

    :thumbs: :thanks:
  14. The Wheel-horse Delorean model

    Those welds are amazing......and what a nice project. can't wait to see more pic's :D
  15. C-111 is Done

    Nice work......i love seeing these units restored. :D