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    boating and wheelhorse tractors<br><br>I CURRENTLY OWN A <br>C-125 WITH 48" MOWER,10" BRINLY PLOW, DISC, SPRING<br> TOOTH HARROW AND 48" SNOW PLOW, 36" TILLER<br> [BOUGHT THIS TRACTOR NEW IN 1982]<br>414 TRACTOR AND

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  1. tach matic hitch

    I was wondering if anybody has added the front tachmatic hitch to the older tractors such as a gt-14? Was thinking if you could then you could use the newer mowers etc. Thanks
  2. 8 speed trans axle on 414-8

    Thanks stevasuarus, Was able to get a hold of racinfool 74 and we are going to meet up during christmas. He is going to help with repair. Thanks again for putting him on to me.
  3. 8 speed trans axle on 414-8

    Thanks guys for reply and all the info. This is such a good place for info. I appreciate all the help. I think I have the parts [shifter fork and gaskit for to go between trans halfs] I need. If I can get it apart without everything falling out, hopefully I can replace shifter fork and get it all back together. Again thanks to all.
  4. That 520 sure came out nice and you did a great job on loader too. I built one for a GT-14 and use it all the time. They sure save the back alot. great job.
  5. 8 speed trans axle on 414-8

    I was wondering if there is anyone in our forum here who works on the 8 speed transmission? I live in paris TN but also go to Ft Wayne Ind area. Also could go to Ill or Missouri Kentucky areas too. Trans works in low range, but will not go to high range. lever moves but has no effect. I do have shifter fork for it. Thanks
  6. 8 speed trans axle on 414-8

    Thanks for info on 8 speed trans. will try to download repair manual as suggested. will post results on what I find when I tear it apart.
  7. I have a 414-8 that won,t shift out of low range even though I move the lever. I am assuming that the shifter fork is broke and I have bought one. My question is when I split the trans, which side should be up? i never have had one apart before. Any thing to watch out for? Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. 414-8 transmission problem

    Hi all, Just got back from porland show where i bought another transaxle. The other trans the lever is not stuck and it worked just fine. Then all of a sudden I didn't have any high range. I bought a shifter fork at the portland show just in case that is what it is. I will split it later this fall as I've never had one apart and don't have time now to do it.The shift lever moves back and forth like it should and even feels normal, how ever when in the high position does not do anything. I will post later when I get into it what I find. Thanks for the replys.
  9. Hi all, I have a 414-8 tractor. all of a sudden it will not do anything in high range. All gears work in low range. It doesn't make any strange noises when high range. The shift lever does move like it is suppose to.. Does anybody have any ideas what might be wrong? thanks
  10. 30w Oil getting scarce in my parts!?!

  11. WOW, That looks great. I love the decals too. I really like my 414-8
  12. 414-8 tractor

    Hi Everyone, I appreciate the feed back on the diesel info. The kohler 14 hp isn't real bad on fuel but I know the diesel would be alot better. I mow a little over an acre with the 414-8 and mow about three acres with a kubota 18 hp with 54" mower. I don't use anymore fuel for the three acres than I do the one acre with the gas tractor.
  13. 414-8 tractor

    Hi everyone, Due to rising gas prices and all the grass i have to mow, I am thinking about a diesel eng for my 414-8 tractor. I run a 48" sd mower and was wondering if a 10 hp diesel would handle that in normal conditions? I know some conversions have been done here but have never heard how they did with a mower. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. 14 auto or Gt 14/I cant choose.Which one to buy?

    I have a gt 14 with three pt hitch. I have a front end loader on it and love it. You can put a 48" mower, tiller or snow blade. rear blade plow, disc cultivators on it. If you added the front tach matic hitch on front you could use a snow blower too. I don't know what else you would want for it. I like the bigger tires also. It is just a beast of a tractor and looks good too. It is definatly a heavy built machine.
  15. Hey that's going to be one neat rat rod!!!!!!!!! I really like that lowered look. The brigs twin looks awesome too.Can't wait to see it when it's finished.Have fun finishing it!!!!!!!