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  1. bagger parts

    They are the parts I need please let me know shipping cost and an address to send the bank check. Ed
  2. 418 power collection system

    I have a 418 and am looking for the mounting brackets for the grass collection system. They are for mounting the collection bag frame. Ed
  3. Eaton 1100 Help needed

    Thanks for the reply Cleat
  4. Eaton 1100 Help needed

    Thanks clem
  5. I recently picked up a 1986 417-A and want to change the oil in the Eaton 1100 but couldn't a drain plug. Could someone help out a Hydro transmission newbe?
  6. 417A transmission oil

    Thanks for the reply 953 nut
  7. I want to change the oil in the transmission of the 417A I recently purchased but not sure what should be in it. The oil level is a little low and appears to be motor oil but I don't know what weight to use. Also, can anyone tell me what filter I need to get? I can't read the numbers on the one on the machine. Ed
  8. 417A Coil

    I just picked up a 417A with a series 2 engine but it has a bad coil. I've been told a Harley coil will work and is much cheaper than the Kohler, can anyone verify the Harley coil will work and not cause any problems> Ed
  9. 417-A

    Could someone tell me what transmission is in a 417-A and if there is a bypass valve. Ed
  10. C175?

    Thanks for the replies the owner says it is 417-A so from what I have found on line it should be a series 2
  11. C175?

    I'm going to look at a C172 twin hydro is there anything I should be looking out for? I don't know what year it is but will find out when I look at it if the tag is still there. Ed
  12. GT 2500 won't move

    Thanks for the reply Paul, that is good news I really didn't want to start using the 1142 as a donor I hope to get it going over the coming winter. Ed
  13. GT 2500 won't move

    Thanks for the replies, the axles aren't spinning in the hubs and the input key is good. This is what I have found out, if i leave it in gear for a little while, maybe 20 to 30 seconds something catches and the tractor will move for a sort distance then there is a soft snapping sound in the transmission and the tractor stops. Due to that I feel there is something sheared in the transmission. I've been offered an 8 speed from a Raider 9 but I don't know if it's compatible with the GT 2500 if not I'll pull the one from the 1142. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Ed
  14. Recently picked up a GT 2500 that doesn't move, I've checked the shifter and and it is in the slides correctly. With it in 1st. once and a while something will catch and it will lunge a little but doesn't move which makes me think it is a sheared pin. Anyone have any idea whar could be sheared and how big of a job it is to fix? I do have a 1142 that could be a transmission donor. Ed
  15. GT 2500 Diagram

    gwest_ca, thanks for the reply it looks like there a wire and fuse missing. Ed