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  1. C161 tiler

    I have a tiller complete with belt idler and belt for $200. I'm in Western Mass.
  2. Wanted* 417-A or 418-A

    I have a 417A with a series 2 engine. It does puff some smoke when started but is fine after that the hydro seems to be fine it will spin the tires if you put a heavy load on it. It has an after market carb on it but I have the original carb I believe it just needs to be rebuilt. I'm located in Western Massachusetts and asking $575.00
  3. GT1100 / GT2500 / C111

    I'm looking for a 11HP Briggs powered Wheel Horse tractor doesn't need to be running but would like it to be mostly complete and located in New England. Snowhound
  4. Briggs 11hp

    I have a GT2500 that I need to put the carb back on, I removed the carb to rebuild it and foolishly didn't take photos before doing so. Now I'm not sure how the carb linkage was setup if anyone has photos or a diagram of how the linkage is setup could you send them to me.
  5. GT 1600 Oil tube and dipstick

    Thanks for the reply the photos are a big help now I know the area to look at.
  6. GT 1600 Oil tube and dipstick

    Still trying to get the GT 1600 straightened out. There isn't any oil tube or dipstick the only way to get oil into it is through a pipe someone attached to the drain with an elbow. Could someone take a photo of the top of a 16 hp Briggs so I can see where the oil tube should be? I have had the sheet metal off but didn't see where the tube would be. Please don't ask why I didn't check the oil before I bought it, I'm still trying to figure that out how I messed that..
  7. Tractor lift

    That's why I was asking, I'm retired and looking for a way to stay off the floor without bending over all the time. My thought was to cut down a sheet of 3/4 plywood and mount that to the lift to get the needed width.
  8. Tractor lift

    Does anyone use a Harbor Freight motorcycle lift for working on their tractors and if so are you happy with it?
  9. GT 1600 Engine

    I think the GT 1600 I picked up may have a replacement engine in it. It is a Briggs 16 twin but I can't find any numbers on it, the only numbers are on the stickers on the head covers which read " 656cc 16hp 3600A / MIN (SAE) J6071". Can anyone tell me it that is the original engine? Ed
  10. Parts supplier info

    Thanks for all the replys
  11. Parts supplier info

    Has anyone done business with a company called Isavetractors ?
  12. Brake drum shaft seal

    Thanks for the replies
  13. Could someone tell me the SKF or National oil seal number for the brake drum shaft on a GT-1600 or is there a file that I can download with that information?
  14. Hydro cold weather operation

    Thanks for the reply Richard
  15. I read somewhere that you should warm-up a hydro before using in cold weather I assume that means to start the tractor and engage the hydro but leave it in the neutral position and let it run for 10 or 15 min. Am I correct in that assumption? Ed