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  1. 1988 416-8 Ignition switch

    Thanks, please let me know how much and I will send a check.
  2. 1988 416-8 Ignition switch

    Sorry I should have said a battery and coil system
  3. I have a 416-8 with a Kohler M16 engine that needs a new ignition switch should I get one for a magneto or battery and points system. There are no points just an ignition module but I want to be sure I get the correct switch. thanks, Ed
  4. 1984 GT1100 with snow plow and wheel weights

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. 1984 GT1100 with snow plow and plastic wheel weights. Runs well all tires hold air and has a new battery the paint is faded so it isn't much of a looker. I also have a 1982 GT1142 parts machine for $75.00 I did get it to fire by priming it through the carb but to have it usable it needs a seat, carb rebuilt, new gas line and a fuel pump. Also the dipstick for the transmission is broken and it looks like it may need axle seals. The plow is rough but usable.
  6. Need Advice

    There is an add in the local CL for a 418-8 that has sat outside for about 10 years and hasn't been started in about 10 years. The seller was asking $300 and has dropped to $200 should I buy or not. It looks decent in the photo and has a mowing deck, it looks like a 42". It is located in Southern NH.
  7. 1987 416-8 safety switches

    Thanks Garry everything else checks out I will check that tomorrow. Ed
  8. 1987 416-8 safety switches

    Thanks for all the replies, I have checked all the switches involved with ohmmeter and all are good but it doesn't shut off when the PTO is engaged and the seat is lifted.
  9. My son's dog managed to disconnect the wiring from the PTO safety switches and break the wire from the solenoid to the ignition switch while trying to get a chipmunk that had taken refuge in the tractor. I have the wiring diagram and have been able to get the tractor running again but can't get the seat switch to work. I've checked all switches with a continuity meter and all are working and all the wires to the seat switch are good. I admit I'm not sure if I have the wires for the switches going to the right switches by that I mean there are two switches and I may not have the right wires on the right switches but if I have the PTO engaged the tractor won't start. Any ideas why the seat switch doesn't work. Snowhound PS the chipmunk got away
  10. Wheel weights for 10" rims

    I'm looking for wheel weights for 10 inch rims within a 90 min. drive from Springfield MA Snowhound
  11. 418 power collection system

    I have a 418 and am looking for the mounting brackets for the grass collection system. They are for mounting the collection bag frame. Ed
  12. Eaton 1100 Help needed

    Thanks for the reply Cleat
  13. Eaton 1100 Help needed

    Thanks clem
  14. I recently picked up a 1986 417-A and want to change the oil in the Eaton 1100 but couldn't a drain plug. Could someone help out a Hydro transmission newbe?
  15. 417A transmission oil

    Thanks for the reply 953 nut