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  1. Try to see where I can store it.
  2. Steering Wheel for 520 HC

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. transmission issue

    Check the axle keys?
  4. Onan Performer Help

    When cleaning the carburetor was the idle jet #5 removed and cleaned? The hole in the bottom can be plugged up to the point that one would not think there is a opening there. Behind the welch plug are three holes that meter in fuel in stages as the throttle is opened. Any one plugged will lean the fuel mix and lead to surging. The main jet #6 is fixed so any of the idle circuit plugged will lean the mixture. Just my
  5. Smaller trailer = more seat time, .
  6. Steering Wheel for 520 HC

    Need steering wheel for 520, center cap not needed. Price shipped to 65202.
  7. Looks good, but what is the studded thing hanging on the wall?
  8. Wheel weights for Christmas!

    This just can't be, go through Craigslist twice a day and didn't see them. for you!
  9. Some new rigs in the garage

    I bet you could shoehorn a 670cc V-twin under that hood.
  10. My dad always ran the tires backward on the combine, where you couldn't go you could back out of.
  11. Have several places here that refill, but wont touch any with plastic valves.
  12. 12HP Case.

    You can go to Salem Power Equipment's website and use their catalog section to get a part number. Order from them or interchange the number at your local parts store.
  13. HH 160-170019

    Do you still have the plug that came out of it? May have a helicoil that came out with the plug.
  14. Can you post a picture of the whole tractor. Is it a vertical shaft engine?
  15. 8 speed in an older tractor?

    Not a big deal, I've got on in a Lawn Ranger.