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  1. Options For 16x5.50-8 Tires?

    There are a few somewhat sawtooth tires avaliable in 16X6.5-8 avaliable on that popular auction site.
  2. Hello from Maryland

    That Techy will handle that deck well. Sharpen the blades and level it up and you'll never mow with anything else.
  3. Testing the Waters

    I'm thinking closer to central Missouri would be a better location.
  4. New Governor Gear or is this one ok?

    Trash can it.
  5. Lawn Sweeper

    Couple flicks and your almost done.
  6. 6-12 no es el mismo tamano neumatico que 6.00-12. El 6-12 sera mas pequeno.
  7. 6-12 is not the same size tire as 6.00-12. The 6-12 will be smaller.
  8. Porch Find

    Found these on the front porch a couple weeks ago, cleaned up well.Still don't know for sure who left them.
  9. Don't do it. Find someone to soda blast it.
  10. GT-14 Tires - 1" + ?

    IF you can find them BKT's LG306 in my opinion are the best match turf tire.
  11. Seat wheel horse 702

    Like em blue toe nails.
  12. 701 solenoid and regulator

    No muck at all. The 701 used a solenoid that was controlled by a push button switch that grounded the solenoid to engage it. Finding a solenoid that needs to be grounded to energize is a task, but a little change in wiring you can power one to make it work.
  13. The lighting makes the paint look pink.
  14. Tire style seemingly ignored?

    They require a few extra clams $$$
  15. GOVERNOR K161

    Disc with holes should rotate, cable should be in the lever on the disc not the governor lever.