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  1. AJ's Garden Tractor Jamboree May 19 , 2018

    Why would you want to get cold and wet?
  2. What is this?

    Hood stop rod. ?
  3. Caption This one?

    Have any of you seen my cup?
  4. Nice Rear

    A motorsports shop near me always said they could bill for it.
  5. 520-HC

    The 520 HC is geared for higher speed than the 520 H. Just
  6. Or get a pair of these and they all sound pretty much the same.
  7. Case 224 allmost

    NICE!!! With all that plumbing there has to be leaks. Actually it's just sweat from working too hard.
  8. New rear tire recommendation ...

    This one can be had in 23 850 12 TRAC CHIEF
  9. New rear tire recommendation ...

    Carlyle IND TRAX and can get in 23 1050 12 B rating Sorry my tire source had the forklift tire picture instead of the IND TRAX
  10. 1973 no name wheel horse

    or just see if you have battery voltage to the coil + terminal when cranking. If you have a test light you can check the point operation by the - terminal. Light on points open light off points closed. I like to check for a steady blinking light when cranking. Random blink dirty or corroded contacts.
  11. Kohler k301 wont turn over

    Starter drive moving into flywheel when your starter is spinning?
  12. Not a Wheel Horse but "they" said its ok!

    With an adult sized booster seat.
  13. You could buy a new Chinese one on $bay for the price of a kit and shipping one to you

  14. Looks like progress from here. Need to get the floor broke in. Just dump some oil close to the center and see which way it runs before cleaning it up.