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  1. 520

    Is the coil good? Price?
  2. Mid Mount Blade for sale

    PM sent
  3. 1277

    pm'ed yoy.
  4. Looking For Wheel Horse Hood Ornament

    AZ Tractor hooked me up. See them in the vendor section!!
  5. I Have not modified or ventilated my belt guard but I will get to this sooner or later and retest to see how close we can get the temperatures. @Cee245 you can certainly bring your machine my way and I will test it with you!!
  6. I decided to bring home the infrared camera tonight and check out CEE245's findings I did a quick therma scan with pre set settings tonight after mowing. Approx one acre with 520H and 60" deck. Take a look at the attached file Wheel Horse Temps.pdf Disregard the time and date stamp we take the batteries out of the camera and I didn't take the time to reset it. The actual date is today around 7:00 PM EST
  7. The readings you get from the the infrared guns can be skewed very easily by reflective energy hence giving you the big difference in temperatures. The key is to shoot the laser at an area that is similar to a matte black area where you wont get the reflectance. Find a spot on the front and rear and spray a dime to quarter size spot of high heat flat paint and shoot the laser in the same spot for your continued testing. I do Infrared thermal scans as part of my work in the electrical field for maintenance and problem solving. The expensive cameras use a wide range adjustment factors to accurately measure actual temperatures. Quite a science!! I will follow this thread to see where the readings end up.
  8. 520H Backfires under load

    Just a quick thought, Sadie coon mentioned it runs great until under load? Could a safety switch be making and breaking like PTO, Seat or neutral safety? This would shut it off turn it on shut it off and cause extra gas in the carb then combustion with a back fire through exhaust!! Try eliminating the safety circuit with a jumper to test,. 2 cents!!
  9. 1277 Parts

  10. 1277 Parts

    Do you have steering wheel and steering shaft Available?
  11. 308-8 What would you pay?

    Don't underestimate the 8 HP Kohler. I had a 308I just parted with that was a very capable machine. I was able to till no problem with it. I also ran a 37" deck with a bagger for fall clean up. The best part? It uses so little fuel and is relatively quiet running. Good luck with it, IMHO You got a great deal!!!
  12. Added a '59 Farm-ette Model 45 to the Collection

    Looks great Matt!!
  13. 1967 ???? Parts

    Started out looking for parts specifically steering wheel and upper steering shaft for my 1077 project (4875,6943) I see they are only 1967. Also need hood ornament and hood latch hardware. Could use wheels with less rust with for less work. Reaching out if somebody has a roller or units with bad drive gear for possibly whole unit that is ready to be a donor.. Close to central CT if you have a whole unit. I will entertain parts as well. Thanks for the time, Ed
  14. Wooden cab

    Bosco, Really nice job!! That blower looks like it was made for that machine!!
  15. Wheelhorse 419XT

    I have one of these that I owned for about 4 years now. It is true it is not a Wheel Horse Classic but it is one of the most dependable mowers I have. I don't use it with any ground engaging accessories so I can not comment on how the rear would hold up. It is fast and turns on a dime compared to my other wheel horse's. Always starts every spring without fail and mows nicely with its 48" deck. Its comfortable with a foot pedal Hydro. The classic plow will fit with the right accessories but I have never mounted it. Mine has about 600 hours. I remember others on here have similar models (417xt)