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  1. Hi, I am having problems switching from a newer style k301 ( with a starter to the flywheel ) to an older style k301 ( with a starter generator ) the Kohler with the starter generator will do nothing but spark when you put on the key, you can hear and feel it through the spark plug. This tractor is a charger 12 the old motor had a major gouge in the cylander and the newer / older engine was free ! On the ignition switch I have: 2:00 Goes to starter 3:00 Battery 6:00 Empty 9:00 + side of coil 11:00 Empty On the starter generator from left to right 1: Empty 2: Battery 3: Goes to ground on starter Red wire from under box goes to starter bolt with wire from 2:00 ignition switch Coil +side 9:00 from ignition switch -side condensor and points Battery is grounded to the block on the extra hole on bottom of block sanded well for good contact. Please help this is driving me crazy
  2. Weird holes under 36" RD deck

    The holes are placed so that it seems that would be the only reason that they are there, to catch grass and debris to rot the deck. It just seems really weird for them to be there, you would think those things would just be sealed solid unless I am missing something.
  3. Hi, I was replacing the deck belt on my 36" rd deck and was in the process of scraping under it when I noticed 2 holes on the triangles on the front one on each side. The hole does not go all the way through the triangle just on one side. It was full of crud that I got out. I am wondering if anyone knows what these holes are for, they look like they are supposed to be there
  4. Nuts and Bolts

    Hi, I am in the process of restoring a 701 ( beginning ) and am wondering if anyone can reccommend a "all in one kit" for replacing all the bolts. Many have been painted or are rusty and look nasty. Other than going to tractor supply or a hardware store and getting a few here and there, does anyone have a kit that has most in it. Thanks
  5. C-81 simple wiring diagram

    Thanks Martin I think that is what I needed, I will let you guys know how I make out
  6. C-81 simple wiring diagram

    Thanks, but this is not what I was looking for, it seems that this one has much more than the c-81 had. The c-81 had the key switch, battery, amp gauge and I think it's called a rectifier. The rectifier has 3 wires comine out of it, 2 white or red ones ( can't really tell what color) I think those 2 are on the bottom and go to someplace in the engine. There is an orange that goes to the key switch. One of the white / red ones was disconnected to a wire that goes into the engine, I spliced it back togather but it did not work. I hate electrical problems, I just do not have enough experience.
  7. C-81 simple wiring diagram

    forgot the year it should be around 75 or so that this rig came from
  8. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I took the engine and wiring off a C-81 and put them on a 607 and had it running. A week or so later we went to start the tractor and it's like there is nothing there, totally dead. I did cut some wires to make them shorter but the splices are in good shape. I tried jumping the selenoid but there is no spark. Does anyone have a wiring diagram that I can take and make a new wiring harness, this one is a mess !!! Any help or suggestions are appreciated Thanks Tom
  9. Oil Rub-Down Questions

    I have to add my 2 cents to this thread, I have never used this method on a tractor but have used it on several cranes to make them look nice. First to clean grease and bring some life back to the paint I spray everything with WD40 or something like that whatever is handy and let it sit for about 5 min. Wipe off. Second mix simple green 1 part to 3 parts water, spray everything to help clean off the oily residue from the WD40, and wipe good. After it dries buff the simple green with a dry cloth, like an old t-shirt ( needs to be very dry or it will have hazy spots ) That should make the tractor shine, if you want to add some wax to protect get something like Lucas slickmist, nice part about this wax is you can use it on everything, it does not discolor hoses, seats etc. I hope this helps.
  10. RJ 35 Rear Hitch

    Thats what figured. I may work at it tonight. Should be fun. Thanks
  11. Hello I've begun disassemble on my parts RJ 35. On my complete one the rear hitch is destroyed so i would like to swap it over. I see how they are put together. I'm looking for a tip on getting it apart. So far i have hit it a few times with PB Blast. Any insight on seperating the two parts would be deeply appreciated.
  12. RJ35 I think, Please verify

    I did not think it was too bad of a score for $50 each, did I get beat up bad for that price ?
  13. RJ35 I think, Please verify

    Thanks VinsRJ any idea on the year and possibly a source for the owners manual
  14. :dunno: Hi, I scored these 2 tractors, I think they are RJ35 but would appreciate some verification. On the rearend it does have POND stamped in it. Also if anyone has anyplace they think I can get a recoil and possibly the gaurd for the right side pullies. Here it is Thanks in advance for any input
  15. Engine shaft wrong size

    Hi, This is not for a tractor but thought someone would know here. I have a leaf blower that the motor went on. I think it has a 1" shaft. (I have to measure if you guys say what I hope you will say) I scrounged a botor that has something like a 7/8 shaft or something smaller that what I need. Do they make an adapter or sleeve that I can put on this scrounged engine or is the search on for a different engine? If they do make this links to where I can get one would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any guidance