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  1. detergent or non detergent oil?

    Rotella T 15w40 for the last two years with a cap of MMO in the fuel in my 310-8. I change it every 10 - 15 hours and the M10 motor doesn't burn a drop with 875hrs on it. so far, so good.
  2. Electric fuel pump revisited

    So I installed an inline primer bulb I bought at West Marine for $20. After one or two squeezes the machine fires up immediately. Success!
  3. Electric fuel pump revisited

    I thought about installing an electric fuel pump (Posi-Flo 610-1051) to eliminate the long cranking when starting my 310-8 for the first time every week. Once it fires, it runs great. My two questions are: what are the disadvantages of wiring one without a relay (direct)? Has anyone tried an inline primer bulb like they sell at a marine supply?
  4. ag tires air pressure with a loader

    You'll need enough air pressure so that the tires retain their shape under max load without exceding the max PSI rating of the rim and tire.
  5. New tractors vs. old. . . some thoughts

    There was some sort of class action lawsuit years ago that the lawnmower manufactures were inflating the actual HP numbers. I think that is the reason they now only list the displacement instead of the HP. http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2010/04/lawnmower_settlement.html
  6. Marvel Mystery Oil

    For the engine oil I'm using the Rotella 15w40 HD so I don't add anything to that. But, I started mixing a couple oz of MMO per gallon of gas in my 310-8. It seems to start faster and run stronger. I don't know why, but it definitely does. I'm not a believer in additives for fluids either, but there is something about this stuff that works. Hmmmm
  7. 3 SPEED #5003 RJ 58-59 rebuild

    Outstanding photos and videos! Thanks. That drive gear is massive.
  8. the use of modern oils in old engines

    Shell Rotella 15W40 diesel oil is a very stout engine lube. I use it in my 310-8 with the Kohler M10. Today's modern motor oils are far superior to the products of even ten years ago. EPA regulations that engine manufacturers have to meet today are quite strict. Engine oils have to perform in much, much tighter tolerances at higher bearing heat. Yes, the ZDDP has been reduced, and next year it will be reduced even further (including diesel).
  9. Toro to Stop Making Parts

    Pure silicone grease (polydimethylsiloxane) is an excellent rubber preservative. Make sure there is no petroleum in it. Plumbers silicone grease is one example.
  10. 417A Repair

  11. Cool pic

    Wow!! According to the EXIF data embedded in to the image, he used a Leica camera w/R8 digital back coupled with an 800mm lens! I think that lens alone is like $15k! Now that's impressive.
  12. tires made in the USA

    Tires on your car are made of high tech synthetic polymers and petroleum. They wear like iron and last over six years++. The ones used on trailers and farm are made from a high percentage of natural organic rubber (latex). Unfortunately, farm and industrial tires do not have a DOT plant code that list the MFG date. UV, salt air, ozone (nearby power lines) and dust wreak havoc with tires. To be honest, I'm not even sure what kind I put on my 310-8. Some no name ones that were $60 each.
  13. tires made in the USA

    Carlisle is listed as an importer. They do have some molds from Titan Corp but are outsourcing their smaller lines like AG's overseas in China and India. They have to, otherwise these tires would be $200 each and couldn't compete. AG and turf tires like the ones on the WH tractors are made by forming the bias ply's by hand. There is no automated process like in passenger tires. Remember too that rubber compound is organic. They are a perishable item and do have a shelve life so sooner or later, they will harden like a pencil eraser and crack. I work with tire plants all day long.
  14. blown tire

    Unlike radials, bias tires have the reinforcing cords run at an angles to the bead crossing over each other. With radials, the cords are run at 90 degree angles to the tire and they overlap instead of crossing over. Because of this, any fatigue or failure of the bias cords may cause the tire to fail while under torque. Sometimes ripping or tearing will sound first (but not all the time). Radials will hold up well from the torque twisting, but tend to hold weight better at higher pressures. I have some photos of larger AG tires (28" and 33" rims) with the belts and cords coming apart like this. Crazy stuff
  15. Fuel shutoff valve

    The carb float was stuck on my Simplicity snow blower (Briggs Intek Snow engine) last year and started to leak all over my garage. The machine is only three years old and is a big $$ top-of-the-line model, not a cheap-o box store one. Any hoo, I've been spooked since and always shut the fuel off when any machine I own is shut down.