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  1. 1951 Ford 8N - low oil pressure

    Kurt & everyone else who has chimed in, The oil pump was rebuilt by the same machine shop that did all the other work. Yes I opened the pressure relief valve to see what I can see, maybe some gasket rtv is blocking? the first test was to disconnect the pipe to the oil pressure guage...nothing came out. I verified that all pipes were clear before reassembly to preserve the bearings, as much as I can, I have removed the spark plugs and only spin with the starter. Is it OK to prime the oil pump with gear lube...I have a bottle of Amzoil 85W-?? FYI -- the tractor sat, uncovered with a vertical exhaust, in the woods for 10 years. Thanks Francis
  2. 1951 Ford 8N - low oil pressure

    All, This engine has new: pistons, rings, bearings, valves, ground crankshaft, milled block, milled head, rebuilt oil pump, new gauges, new oil pressure relief spring and lots of other things. I did poor some oil into the pickup while the engine was inverted on my engine stand. I also squirted lots of 30W into the opening at the rear of the engine where one pipe goes to the oil gauge and the other goes to the oil filter as it looks to me like oil is pumped from the front main bearing/oil pump assy through a tube that runs length wise feeding the bearings and then exiting this port. See the photo with the exhaust port. I have included some other photos that you can refer to with reply's. I have spent lots of $ and time on this; this is the last major snag (and its critical)
  3. I rebuilt the engine for a 1951Ford 8N tractor for a friend. MANY new internal parts and lots of machine shop work. It started up no problem but no oil pressure????. If anybody has any experience with this kind of project then I will go into the details of what was done -And- ask how to troubleshoot this problem. Thank You in advance Fracis
  4. Bad Fuel Pump

    I sprung for a new one from Kohler for $156 (OUCH) but even though the engine now runs it acts like its not getting enough fuel if the engine is under heavy load for more than 3~5 seconds? Is there a fuel flow test? I replaced the fuel filter the same time as the pump. Turning the main jet (which was fine before) a 1/2 turn rich made no difference. How much fuel should this thing pump at what RPM??? Thanks Francis I will be looking at http://then-now-auto.com/kohler-fuel-pumps-2/
  5. Bad Fuel Pump

    My 1988 312-8 quit running today. Before it quit completely I got it to run weakly with full choke so I suspected crud in the carb. I took the bowl off and removed a fair amount of crud, squirted cleaner thru the main jet and figured my troubles were over but it would not run at all with out starting fluid. I removed the line going from the fuel pump to the carb and cranked the engine and nothing came out. If I lower the line below the tank level fuel pours out so the line from the tank is OK. I removed the fuel pump and worked the lever with my finger over the inlet and did not feel any suction. Is there a rebuild kit? Is there a diagram that shows how it is assembled? All suppliers say "no longer available" Any Ideas?? Francis
  6. 1951 Ford 8n

    A friend asked me to get his 1951 Ford 8n running again after it sat outside with fuel in the tank. I drained the tank, sprayed an entire can of carb cleaner in it, shook it, let it sit for a couple of days and dumped it out. Still crud and bits in it. Can I get this "boiled out"? What other solvents can I use? Thanks Francis
  7. Ford F150 help

    I will look at these ideas... Thanks
  8. Guys, I have a 1993 F150, 302 V8 , 2WD pickup truck. It has the standard instrument cluster without a tachometer. I found a 1993 instrument cluster with a tachometer is a junk yard for $50 and thought I might install it into my truck but the connectors are different. Is there a detailed wiring diagram that I could use to make this mod or is this a lost cause? fyi my truck is 2WD and the instrument cluster is from a 4WD. see the attached pic Thanks Francis
  9. What is this for

    Magnum 12HP from a 312-8
  10. What is this for

    What does this do?
  11. M12 cyl head torque

    Ok, how do I identify metal or graphite for certain? and is 25 ft lbs enough? Thanks Francis
  12. M12 cyl head torque

    I user a Kohler head gasket
  13. M12 cyl head torque

    I removed the head from my 312-8, that has a Kohler Magnum 12HP engine, and I am now ready to reinstall the head with a new Kohler head gasket. The Kohler manual says 25~30 ft lbs of torque. A friend says torque to 5 ft lbs, then 10, then 15, then 20 and then 25??? I say say torque to 10 ft lbs, then 25, run till it’s hot, cool down an re-torque to 25 ft lbs. Recommendations? Thanks Francis
  14. Asparagus??

    I have only about 7 tiny sprigs??? where are the others???
  15. How would you fix this deck?

    Ready to re-assemble.