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  1. Can we really "shift-on-the-go"

    Just to clarify, I was actually referring to "Shift-On-The-Go" which is exactly what it is called by Wheel Horse themselves in their spec sheet. It would appear that on the newer Lawn Tractors (mowers), the shift lever will de-clutch for you as you move it out of gear (if they are specified as "Shift-On-The-Go"). That is probably not the case with most (if not all) of the Garden Tractors. I am happy that I now have the information that I was seeking, and although it has drifted slightly off topic, I have certainly learned loads and would like to thank everyone for their contribution. :thumbs:
  2. Can we really "shift-on-the-go"

    Hi Jim, I checked out the service manual you mentioned. Spot on the nose with the advice, looks like these really can be shifted on the go. Many thanks, you are a star! Giz.
  3. Can we really "shift-on-the-go"

    Hi Jim, That sounds like an accurate description, but I wasn't aware that there was a de-clutch cable on the shifter. That's good to know. So it is sounding like it can shift on the go now unless anyone else knows different? Thanks Jim.
  4. Can we really "shift-on-the-go"

    Thanks Duff, that probably answers my question but anyone is welcome to add their 2p worth. Hi Scot, as I posted, I don't actually have mine yet, but have downloaded and read the manual. From what I understand, the Clutch and break are on the same peddle, so you cannot open the clutch without applying the brake. I don't know whether this is the same on all Wheel Horses, or just mine. Thanks so far.
  5. I have bought (and will be picking up this weekend) a 1996 12-32XL. I read somewhere on the internet that despite what the manuals say about being able to change gears whilst moving, this should NOT be done as it will trash the transmission really quickly. I would like to ask the experts what you think about this. Is it safe to "Shift-on-the-go" or not? Do you do this and have you had any problems? All opinions welcome as I am a complete newbie. Thanks Giz.
  6. 2010 RedSquare Calendar

    That should be Michael's 1964 654. Many thanks TT. :banghead:
  7. 2010 RedSquare Calendar

    Hi everyone, Total newbie here and just getting into horses. I love the picture for November, could anyone tell me what model and year it is? Please forgive my ignorance. Many thanks. Giz