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  1. That deck takes a lot of Hp. It has been my observation and experience that the 60” is just too hard on these tractors. You can always tell if a tractor has had a 60 on it. Excessive wear to broken frames. I will say this, that deck is built to last and does a good job of mowing. I am getting way off track here from the original question. I agree boovuc, I think you will have a little bit of exhaust issues. Not sure of the drive belt gaurd if it’s the same. I am sure there is someone on here that knows more than I.
  2. How much HP for a Snowthrower

    Type of snow is the biggest factor. Wet snow VS Dry powdery snow. Also I am assuming the snowblower in question here is a single stage. If we’re a 2 stage Blower then a 10hp would be severely under powered.
  3. 520H with 1750 hours

    The back cylinder can be tough to get into but it can be done. Yes, a compression test can tell you if a valve seat is loose. Sometimes though, a valve seat will stay implace and hold compression, then when it’s running it will loosen up. Then there are the times that the seat has beat the block so bad that you will find little compression. You are on the right track of taking compression test.
  4. Plastic Fuel Pump

    Starting to sound like you may have a faulty pump. Not unusual at all. A lot of the aftermarket pumps come out of the same place as OEM ones do now. A lot of people have switched to electric pumps. Myself I still go the mechanical. I can see where the electric pumps would be more trouble free though.
  5. Plastic Fuel Pump

    One of the reasons they went to the plastics housing ( besides manufacturing cost) was the metal pumps were known for warping then causing leaks. They used those metal ones for years. Did you check the arm configuration vs the old and if it is the same, check the travel of the arm on the new one vs the old. Maybe the new one is not traveling (up and down) as far thus not creating enough pumping action.
  6. Plastic Fuel Pump

    If it ran good I would assume you have it position right and you have the correct pump with the right length and shape of arm. Sometimes new pumps fail right away. I have had new ones junk right out of the box. It would most definitely not be heard of one failing right away.
  7. 520H with 1750 hours

    What Pollack Pete said is true. If you are having a hard time finding Wheel Horses then that will also play a part in your decision. Because driving a good distance to find one can get expensive, especially if unplanned problems shoe up on the trip.
  8. 520H with 1750 hours

    These motors are notoriously famous for loosing a rear valve seat. The main contributing factor is the engine gets over heated. Some people go with the thought it gets over heated because the drive belt guard blocks air flow over the back cylinder. This could account for some of the problems, but most come from operator error. Most everyday run of the mill home user did or does not pay attention to the grass screen getting blocked off by grass clippings. This motor has a huge air draw from the flywheel. It gets clogged real easy and real quick. So blocking off the air flow cause this engine to get good and hot. Combined with the belt guard blocking the already restricted air flow that’s why you see a high number of rear valve seat failures. Also most everyday home owners do not give the engine proper cool down time. The difference in materials of the valve seat vs the block. Each cool down at a different rate. Just some cool down time can make all the difference in the world. So it comes down to how well that tractor was cared for. If it was not cared for, it most definitely would not have made it to the hours on the meter. So it’s a buyer be ware situation. Go into it with some knowledge of that motor. Myself if you have no way of telling if that motor was cared for or recently been rebuilt, with that kind of hours on a Onan I would be very skeptical unless the price was one you can’t walk away from regardless of the unknown.
  9. Thanks for tip daveoman, I figured that could be done. I am restoring this one and would like to put original factory option on it. Even though that option came out a couple of years after the tractor was made. This tractors working days are basically over except for some trailer duty.
  10. To use on pre mule drive tractors to add a mule drive attachamatic. I need a set for a 69 Raider 12.
  11. If Wheel Horse part prices go up from where they are now, and more than likely they will. Then I would have to seriously decide which would be more beneficial, purchase parts to keep a 30 plus year old tractor going or invest in buying Gold. As I see it prices would be about the same. Maybe Parts might be a tad more then the Gold.
  12. replacing magnum 14 piston

    I sent you a PM
  13. New C195 owner

    No relief valve. Push it at a snails pace.
  14. Kohler stator

    I have forgotten how to ID from outwardly appearances how to ID what amp is a Kohler stator. I read it once but can’t find it. If I remember there is a 10, 15 and 30 amp. Also I thought the electronic ignition ones had 3 wires. Been awhile since I messed with them. Brain power is fading. It’s true “ You it or loose it.” Did not have much brain power to start with.
  15. Switching Back

    cafoose, thank for the link. That’s what I was after.
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