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  1. 69 Raider 12

    69 Raider 12 I bought this as a Restoration project. I just don’t have the time. It ran when I loaded it. It will need a battery. The deck is a good candidate for the scrap yard. It appears to be all there and good metal all around. $225.00 obo cash sales only, no trades
  2. 3 Pt. Tiller

    Anyone know who made the 3 Pt. Tillers? I don’t believe Wheel Horse made them.
  3. Points

    Was just curious as to what brand of points the members are using. Like everything else out there things are becoming more cheaply made. It’s getting time for point replacement in a couple of engines. I have used a Kohler branded points and have had good ones and junk ones. Same with some off brand ones. Best luck I have had was the Blue Standard ones but even those have gotten cheaper. So what say you members, what brand of points you ya using?
  4. What's the correct location for these decals?

    This tractor is not mine, I don’t know who’s it is but here’s a pic.
  5. Best mower for 10 acres?

    farmer had the best idea. That’s what my neighbor just did. Plus he gets some of the income from the hay. If your set on mowing it then you need to drop the Wheel Horse idea and get something that is designed to take care of that amount of mowing. If not your just wasting time, fuel, wearing out equipment, but if that’s what you want go for it. I don’t see any laws that states you can’t use a Wheel Horse. Do what’s best for you.
  6. Sickling

    Sometimes you can have too much RPM on the sickle. Does not give the grass/weeds a chance to get in between the knives. Plus ground speed has to match the cutting action.
  7. My only experience with Hi-Runs is I have a set of fronts. I have not had one problem with them. They are a fine tire. As far as the number of plys go, it comes down to how much weight you need the tire to carry.
  8. Attachment Tuesday guys!!

  9. Can we discuss the C-171 again?

    That’s not the original decal, look on the hood you can see the darker red area of the original decal that would have had the more squared corner. Now question is where did that decal come from? So now you know the decals existed.
  10. Hydro Foot Control Kit

    I believe member " Doc in kentucky" was reproducing them. Not 100% sure on that. They are made to exact spec. as originals.
  11. That deck takes a lot of Hp. It has been my observation and experience that the 60” is just too hard on these tractors. You can always tell if a tractor has had a 60 on it. Excessive wear to broken frames. I will say this, that deck is built to last and does a good job of mowing. I am getting way off track here from the original question. I agree boovuc, I think you will have a little bit of exhaust issues. Not sure of the drive belt gaurd if it’s the same. I am sure there is someone on here that knows more than I.
  12. How much HP for a Snowthrower

    Type of snow is the biggest factor. Wet snow VS Dry powdery snow. Also I am assuming the snowblower in question here is a single stage. If we’re a 2 stage Blower then a 10hp would be severely under powered.
  13. 520H with 1750 hours

    The back cylinder can be tough to get into but it can be done. Yes, a compression test can tell you if a valve seat is loose. Sometimes though, a valve seat will stay implace and hold compression, then when it’s running it will loosen up. Then there are the times that the seat has beat the block so bad that you will find little compression. You are on the right track of taking compression test.
  14. Plastic Fuel Pump

    Starting to sound like you may have a faulty pump. Not unusual at all. A lot of the aftermarket pumps come out of the same place as OEM ones do now. A lot of people have switched to electric pumps. Myself I still go the mechanical. I can see where the electric pumps would be more trouble free though.