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  1. Lets see the snow rigs!

    These Pics are various past winters. Same equipment though.
  2. Got the loader mounted today!

    I have never noticed on the Onan that there was auxiliary mounting holes for the pump bracket. Is that what is mounted to?
  3. Original Cab question.

    Little late on a answer here for you. But here it goes. The cab you have there is of the style they used right before they came out with the bigger cab they use now. The top of that cab is fiberglass as compared to plastic top that is now used. The current top is quite a bit larger. The safety glass window is a piece of glass that is set in a molded plastic frame that is designed to fit the frame of the cab. Thus the window offered today is much larger than the window that would fit the vintage of cab in your picture. Every now and then old cabs or parts pop up for sale but the roof is usually rare to find it by itself. There was one on eBay a while back but that’s the only one I have ever seen just by it’s self. Now also look for other brands of tractors. Orginal cab used the same roof top and window for other brands as well. Samething today the roof and window is used for a lot of other brands. Ok, on further investigation, the cab you have there is NOT the older smaller cab that I originally thought it was. It looks to be one that does have extended back. I am not sure that the current top would not fit. If not it would be darn close.
  4. New to me loader

    It's just my personnel preference, I like the 8 speed for the loader over the hydro. I have had it on both. Currently it's on a 414-8 with the 520 front end with steering reduction. Again it's just my personnel preference.
  5. New to me loader

    I was wondering if the front bracket that bolts to the frame that holds the two side support bars will work with the black hood style of the 195. That hood protrudes a lot farther forward of the pivot than the old C series it was designed for. The hood from the 300,400 and 500 series works just fine. It’s that black hood that would be of concern.
  6. New to me loader

    You definitely need those upright braces to the front. That’s where it gets it’s stability from.
  7. New to me loader

    It’s a Ark 550. Not sure on the sub frame fitting on the 195 with out modification because I think the 195 had a tad longer frame on it. Not a 100% on that maybe someone else will chime in. The 550 is a good loader. The bucket curl back could have been better. For what it is though it performs well especially if you use it as intended, a small garden tractor loader and not a major earth moving piece of equipment. That particular loader is of a 78-79 era. A very nice fine and in very good shape. A most sought after attachment that’s getting very scarce. That top support bar needs to be straightened back to flat. That occurred when someone hoisted it up for removal. That caused the uprights to be pulled in at the top throwing the alignment out slightly.
  8. Picked up a tall chute blower

    Denny, I spy a mysterious looking box in the background. Almost looks like a cab window box. lol
  9. First time in 18 years

    Well Bob, your warmed up now. Just keep it running we got more coming today and tonight and into tomorrow. Make sure you make room to put it .

    JAinVA is right, the cost can climb real quick in trying to obtain reduction parts. I would do what wallfish suggested. First check that fan gear for to tight on the far left then right. Make sure that fan gear is staying centered in the steering block and not getting pushed over because of the lower bushing it rides in is too wore. Then check what was mentioned. Check axel and spindle for bad wear. Something is a miss somewhere. Steering reduction is nice, but parts are getting harder and harder to fine.
  11. I am not 100% on this, but I believe any headlight buckets from 79 on back through the 60’s square hoods should fit.
  12. C-145 Auto engagement lever

    Yep, that's where my C145 Auto rides to, now I suppose I need to go out and check it's belt. There is also a service bulletin on these concerning the vibration and rattling.
  13. Kohler balance gears.

    This is what I have found, but there again there is a exception to every rule. 10hp-16hp K series and Magnum’s had balance gears, in some cases the 10hp came without them. I believe the Wheel Horse spec for the 10hp K’s we’re without. Now another variance was some of the 16’s and possibly the 14’s came with 3 instead of the standard 2. I have never seen this in person. This is not writ in stone. There were so many motors made and to individual specs that there could be all kinds of different versions out there. This is just a basic knowledge that I have researched.
  14. Happy Birthday brother Marines. You remember those yellow foot prints. From the day you stood on them, your Birthday became Nov. 10. So here’s to you and are Corps. Happy Birthday. Semper Fi
  15. Happy Birthday Duke

    Happy Birthday Duke, sure hope it’s a good one. 🍻