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  1. Happy Birthday brother Marines. You remember those yellow foot prints. From the day you stood on them, your Birthday became Nov. 10. So here’s to you and are Corps. Happy Birthday. Semper Fi
  2. Happy Birthday Duke

    Happy Birthday Duke, sure hope it’s a good one. 🍻
  3. The wider the tire, the less traction you will have. Ever seen a VW bug go thru snow? I would stay with stock tires and go the rubber chain route.
  4. K301 leaking oil out of head.

    Should not have that much oil, check for stuck or broke ring.
  5. Cab is on !

    Word of warning, the flap over the hood will actually wear and scuff the paint. Especially when it gets cold. The vinyl will become real abrasive. Also the zippers on the flap will scratch up the hood decals. Using “Mothers Back to Black” helps keep the vinyl soft and ply able when it gets cold and does not attract dust.
  6. 314H verses 2- Stage blower

    One thing to remember is that hydro on the 314 will take 2 or 3 hp’s away before you even add the 2 stage. That blower was mainly designed for the 520. Even though the 314 will run it, you will be tasking that motor the whole time your running it. It will put a lot of wear and tear on it. Also that 2 stage is designed and meant for big snows. It works best with big snows. Big snows translate to more hp’s. Yes you can put it on a 314, but I would not suggest it.
  7. Until a Trac-Vac or similar shows up, this is what is used.
  8. Freshly cut grass clippings, especially damp green grass have a acid like property to them. That’s why the aluminum is eating away, plus as already said the mating of the two different metal caused oxidation. This is also sped up by the grass clippings. Wet grass when left stuck to the bottom of a deck for any length of time just eats away at it. That’s why I scrap mine often and at the end of mowing season they get power washed before being put up. Good looking lathe work. I’ve been making my own spindle shafts for some time now.
  9. Firestone Tri Ribs

    Tri-ribs were originally designed for farm field use in dirt. The center rib or ridge was there to provide bite when turning sharp when coming to the end of the field to be able flip around and head back the other direction. They provided bite so the tractor had less tendency to slide or skip. That’s the reason they are tough on turf. If you turn hard and fast like in a field, the rib will dig in and can cut like a knife peeling up turf. Now on a small garden tractor maybe not as bad. With th the advent over the years in large field implements the need to be able to turn sharp in a field had drop dramatically. That’s why your seeing larger wider tires on two drive farm tractors. Plus the wider tires offer less soil compaction, and that’s a good thing. Out in the garden I have yet to need tri-ribs on any of my garden tractors. I did put the V61’s 6 ply on my loader tractor. Made all the difference in the world. So I guess it’s up to you. Both are nice tires.
  10. New tires and weights

    I put 6ply V61’s on my tractor with a FEL. It made all the difference in the world. Can’t believe how way more steady and sure footed it made the front end.
  11. Picked up a tall chute blower

    None last year, so this year we will get it. I took the cab off my 520 for some needed repairs to the tractor and have to replace a pulley on my snowblower that I sole off of it for another project. Since I won't have the 520 done and have dillydallied around about replacing that snowblower pulley, probably will get a blizzard or two. You can thank me later Denny.

    Toro made a what they call a leaf baffle for the 42" SD to help with 'this problem. Part # 79-7300-03
  13. Happy Birthday, hope you have a good one.🎂🍻
  14. Happy Birthday Steve

    Happy Birthday, hope it's a good one. 🍻🎉
  15. Happy Birthday Tim!!

    Thank you all for the B-Day wishes.