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  1. SW MO 420 LSE

    Ad is no longer there. Hopefully someone got a dream Wheel Horse.
  2. SW MO 420 LSE

    I think it was $3500. I was looking at pictures, not paying attention to $s.
  3. New Member, Retiring my C-195

    One of the members here has a C-195 with 3 pt and rear PTO with 60” deck for sale locally for $1800. Don’t know what he will get in the end but you would think that must be pretty reasonable. He sells a lot of good tractors.
  4. SW MO 420 LSE

    This has been listed on CL all summer. They want a lot of money; but it is a 420-LSE. Sorry can’t get this pic to stick.
  5. Rear tires ???

    Careful hitting on your wheels. Most of the WH rear axle assemblies discussed on here are held in the “transmission” with clips that will come off with hammering. Then the rearend must be opened to repair.
  6. Name change

    Seems like there have been stringent warnings posted here about putting anything on these plugs that could end up in the hydro mechanism. I think thread sealant was supposed to be really bad. Am I wrong on this??
  7. C-81 cutting issues

    You will need to get a new belt. The current belt has been stretched and this has been compensated by adjusting the trunion.
  8. Last Year for Hydrostatic

    For that time frame I think there are more 520-Hs out there than other automatic WHs. Just from reading these forums I get the feeling there are more 520s than any other 300-400-500 series tractors. I assume that is a factor of 20+ years of people selectively saving the top end WH from that era.
  9. 36in deck on a 310-8

    Do you have 8” front wheels? The 37” SD deck was designed for use with 6” front wheels to alleviate the kind of issues you are having.
  10. So, I married a science teacher

    Tell her to mix the fat with generous amounts of dish detergent BEFORE putting it down the drain. The soap wiil solubilize the grease/fat (that is how soaps work) and should carry everything to the septic system. It has worked for me for 30 years.
  11. For you 300 Series lovers...

    There are corresponding videos for 400 series and 500 series WHs for that year.
  12. Questions on buying 1987 312-8

    There have been multiple testimonials on this site about 312s being favorite worker WHs.
  13. mule drive

    I know from my 310-8 37"SD mowing combination that when you adjust the tension all the way out as you have that you are quite probably rubbing the back of the belt on the metal cover for the mule drive pulleys -- And that doesn't last too long -- That is a different angle than the whole thing was designed to operate at -- I think you will have to get the custom shorter belt prescribed by Peter or get the correct 60" mule drive with the correct 60" belt
  14. 308-8 42” deck

    For what it is worth. Complaints about WH decks cutting too low have been ever present since I started reading this forum. I assume 3”(?) was the designed maximum grass height.
  15. New to Wheel Horse

    D-250 was German. The other Ds were domestic is my understanding.