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  1. 520 xi deck 52" assembly questions

    Those two tractors would have 42” or 48” if they are side discharge decks. I am not sure what size rear discharge decks are available. Both would be great tractors. In general the only advantage would be for the 414-H if there are lots of obstacles to cut around. You can change directions a lot quicker with the hydrostatic drive.

    Doesn’t the table on page 2.4 give you the settings you need?
  3. Well mine is sitting waiting for me to find the fuel delivery issue and the electrical gremlins and replace the steering wheel I bent when I rolled it (dumd ass me) and putting Matt’s foot control on!
  4. owner says

    For what it is worth this tractor has a better hydraulic transmission combination than a 516-H. The 516 had Eaton 700s which are NOT rated for “ground engaging” attachments. The mid ‘70s Cs had Sunstrands or maybe Eaton 1100.

    My wife drove my 310-8 into our concrete garage wall the first year I owned it. She thought it was in Reverse, had it in First instead. Nice dent in the hood and she has been hesitant to drive it since then even though I have put worse dents in it doing the same thing.
  6. Mower deck

    And Zenith. Do you realize what you “inherited’?? There were 500(?) 420-LSE made (I believe the numbers are engraved on the plate on your hood). Most of us reading this post are just envious of your tractor. Congratulations on owning a 420!
  7. 300 series attachments?

    There is a non-power assisted bagging system specifically designed for the 37” SD deck which was compatibile with the 300 series equipped with 6” front wheels. It works well. 42” SD decks have bagging available but require a belt driven “booster unit”.
  8. 417 H

    Isn’t that picture of a 416-H?? I am guessing 417 was a typo in the original post. Golden, a 417-A is s late 80s tractor with a Kohler engine. What is in the picture would seem to be a mid 90’s tractor with an Onan engine and would be a steal if operating correctly for $250.
  9. Fighting the "Creeper"

    No one interested in those logs? I know single trees aren’t worth the effort, but I thought 4 might have been enough $s to get some ‘bites’.
  10. Mower deck blades questions

    Your blades don't need to be replaced from what I can see -- From my view they look to have almost all of width still there; i.e. haven't been sharpened much -- Take them off, sharpen them (angle grinder with sanding wheel will do a good job), give your deck a good cleaning while you have the blades off including the top (I think there is a spring loaded tensioning slide for the belt under those belt guards, lube everything (should be at least 5 zerks; 2 for the wheels and 3 blade spindles); put everything back on and off you go -- Your deck looks to have a lot of life left in it
  11. I concur with Bob’s assessment of these holders. They work well.
  12. Mowing deck discharge preference?

    I destroyed a set of French Doors in our family room 3 years ago by NOT having the chute on when cutting grass and leaves in the fall after the acorns had fallen. My 37” SD shot an acorn across 20 ft of deck and up 3 steps shattering the windowed door. Spent $700 replacing it. The chute forced stuff down to the ground and is now used every fall. 42” SDs do NOT throw stuff as far as the 37” SD.
  13. Deck id and service

    Blades are DEFINITELY made to be sharpened. I have been cutting with my 37” SD deck on my 310-8 more than 25 years. I have approx 10 years on my 2nd set of blades.
  14. The 37” SD is supppsed to be the only deck to have “clearance” issues with the 8” front wheels. I was under the impression that 8” front wheels were more common on 312s.
  15. 520 pedal kit install instructions

    Aren’t there instructions here on his vendor page??