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  1. WH Factory Pictures in South Bend

    There were videos of the production line from the last year of operation on here in the past 10(?) years.
  2. Another What Is It ?

    Isn’t that one of the ‘thin’ Wheel Horse wrenches especially designed/made to fit the nut above the blades on decks like the late 80s early 90s 42” SD? For removing these blades for sharpening, etc.
  3. 37" deck refurb

    Yes those 37” SD decks are tough. I have hit so many things over the 25+ years I have had this deck. And it still running well!
  4. Towing a Car Without Anyone Guiding It

    And I thought it was bad last week when I saw someone towing a car down the shoulder of I-55 south of St Louis with a driver in the towed car. Your video is a lot worse. Using the tailgate for tow hitch would be the first hint of not knowing what would happen.
  5. What pays for your Horse addiction

    Cleat I don’t think most people on here can appreciate how “nasty” this stuff is!! I am truly impressed that you have made a career of handling HF. As a lifelong chemist this is the type of chemical you were glad you didn’t have to deal with!
  6. “My dad worked in sawmills all his life, and they used circular saws, but I don't know if they moved the log around.” Stationary circular saw mills that I have ever seen or watched videos off here in North America turn the whole log. Swing blade mills seem to be concentrated in Australia and New Zealand.
  7. Rear Bagger system

    Might not work as well unless you bring the deck along also. When you say bagger from 310-8 I assume you are talking about a non-power assisted system which then implies that you have a 37” SD. The 37” SD apparently was designed to throw further than other WH decks and so can fill the bags w/o power assistance, especially if equipped with the optional “high lift” right blade on the deck. Now if if you were using something other than the 37” deck on the 310-8 forget all of the above. There is a bracket needed to mount the bag hanger. It is located behind the gas tank.
  8. Cedar Hill, Mo Tractor Show 10-21-2017

    And I was sitting at home doing nothing! (For those not from these locals, I was 10 miles away from this meet.)
  9. The time has come.

    God luck Jim. You are obviously at the right place for this type of procedure. A person has to be very thankful for having access to great hospitals like you have in Cleveland or I have here in St. Louis.
  10. Cleat I usually stop after the left bag fills and switch bag positions. My thinking was I got a bigger load of leaves since the left position gets packed so well. So I opt for filling the left position twice before dumping.
  11. I "mulch" my leaves with my 310-8 by 'mowing' 2 or 3 times. Then connect the 37" SD to the bagger and collect the leaves, dumping the collected leaves on my compost pile. The "mulching" allows for heavier loads and less stoppage to unclog the fill tube.
  12. I would just do double (or triple) cutting. Use your 854 first to break down the leaf size. When they are noticeably smaller use your Toro bagger to pick them up. I do the same thing with my 310-8. Mulch first by mowing 2 or 3 times and then picking up with my bagger attached. A little extra seat time (not necessarily a bad thing), BUT your save a lot of time by not having to dump your bag as often and not clogging the fill tube as much.

    I have had need to monitor BP on several occasions the past couple of years. And I have always taken multiple readings (usually more than 3) and then reported the average. I pretty much follow the Bob Maynard directive as given above, other than I don't rest 2 minutes after sitting. If a person will do multiple readings per BP check they will see the variation that is present in this measurement. The MD's office is aware of this 'uncertainty' when they use single measurements.
  14. Guess I need to start watching the Neb CL again since Tyson's trip.
  15. No Idea What I'm Doing!

    Geez that is a very good tractor and attachments you are parting with. Only 380 hrs on the tractor. Mine from the same era are at 900-1000 hrs and still going strong. I know the attraction of new is very strong, but unless you bought a high end JD or Simplicity prepare yourself for buying another tractor while your FIL just keeps on rolling with the 314 hydro.