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  1. We have tons of Eagles a few miles from me in the refuge as well as Ospreys. And by the way, The Vikes Blow!
  2. 520H Throttle cable freezing

    Well I unhooked the throttle end. A little water came out. Got the cable luber which sprayed lube all over who knows how much got in the cable. I wrapped the area that froze up with a layer of bubble wrap for insulation and wire tied it on. Then I slit some heater hose and covered the wrap. I put heat shrink on the exposed end at the carb. We'll see if this works. Too much trouble with the cab on to take the entire cable out. If there's another issue, I'll take the cable off when the cab comes off
  3. Don't overlook the handy placement of the towels!
  4. If I stepped foot in there, everything would fall!
  5. Rebuilt the carb (again) on the C-160. Got the Carbunkles out from sitting. Now it runs without the choke again!
  6. Tractor won't start

    I would replace the switch with the correct one for battery ignition.
  7. NGK or Champion?

    That’s great as long as you’re able to get the plugs out after all that time.
  8. NGK or Champion?

  9. Vintage Trucks

    I had an 05 Colorado. Nice looking truck but even though I'm a GM guy I was disappointed. AC wasn't effective. 3.5 engine underpowered,frt. brakes were a pain. I kept getting offers for extending the engine warranty for valve problems . Finally it got old enough no warranty was offered again. The fast idle went away and shortly after the check engine light came on . Took it to the dealer and it had a cylinder 3 misfire. They couldn't find out why except it had excessive cylinder leakage. Got quoted $3500 for the repair. I declined it and started the engine. Fast idle was back and check engine light was off. Drove it for 2 months with no issues but wondering if the engine would last. Sold it to a guy in PA. Telling him everything. He drove it 3 more years before he wrecked it on ice. He sent me pics of the remains.
  10. Newer year also means more complicated crap that can break. If it's a nice as you say it is go for it. a lot of the older stuff is going for more because a lot of people don't want to put up with the newer technology headaches. One reason why leasing is so popular. You turn it in after 3 yrs. and get a new one under warranty.
  11. brrrrrrrrrrrr

    It's the "Curse of the Evil Purple Empire"
  12. brrrrrrrrrrrr

    -13 this AM on the Sienna thrmometer. Ran out to get the cable luber for the 520. Got home and wanted to clean up the driveway and sidewalk. C-160 went 10 ft. and died. Electric fuel pump quit. Went and got a pump and finished up and almost got run over by a state plow. Now I got carb problems on the 160 as well. Maybe if I buy 5 more tractors I'll be able to plow once with out an incident.
  13. Went to Napa and grabbed one. This one pumps. Got the 160 running and finished up the driveway clean up but it's not right. I think there's some carbunkles in the carb. It sat pretty much since the show 2 years ago. Carb's been apart a few times already and it looks like it's going under the knife again. I need 1/4 choke to run it at full throttle. Then no choke at half. I use non ethanol in it but storing it with fuel in the bowl may have been an issue. I hate working with gas in the winter!
  14. Electric. It's been about 4 years. I noticed it was getting quieter. Started cleaning up the driveway and the tractor died mid push. Had to drag it into the garage. Fuel barely dribbles out of the line at the carb. Flows good down by the pump from gravity.