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  1. First Haul of 2018

    Yup 67
  2. First Haul of 2018

    Craig, did you see that Suburban with plow near you?
  3. First Haul of 2018

    I have contacted my PK group with your number Steve. Maybe someone can come up with something.
  4. Now that's funny!!!! i already have A so B for me
  5. Measure and thread of alternator nuts

    I keep important papers in the oven in case the house catches on fire
  6. Measure and thread of alternator nuts

    You keep tools in the fridge?
  7. Soggy Sunday Agenda

    Well I had ribs for dinner!
  8. Halogen Lights

    Google par 36 LED tractor lights
  9. Measure and thread of alternator nuts

    My eyes are metric
  10. Read RS: See 2 feet of snow in Wisc. Look outside and see 35 deg and freezing rain. 80 degrees everywhere else Ed Dog with his fleet out. Pack clothes for trip to NYC. Make sure RS mug is in bag Go get newspaper to read while driving Pack whoopie pies and cookies to survive the coming ordeal. Wait for departure time.
  11. 20 years and 182,000 miles

    The cables usually rot and they end up dumping the spare as you're driving. One night I heard a thump in the rear on my way home from work. A few weeks later I got under the truck to fix the trailer wiring. No spare to be found!
  12. Stick the cooler in the yard and see how much you can get in it with the blower. Might as well make a game of it!
  13. Measure and thread of alternator nuts

    Replace that lead wire while you're at it.
  14. The New Truck

    I see Craig's secret formula for preserving patina. Tide and fabric softener then the Johnsons Paste Wax!