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  1. Well that's what I thought Ritchie but there isn't a crack in the metal it just flexes. The other crack flexes all the time.
  2. Skonk had to get into the act and carry the flag today. 520 as Honor Guard.
  3. Waterloo N.Y. is the "Official Birthplace of Memorial Day" It all started in 1865 when a group of villagers decided to honor their Civil War dead. In keeping up with this solemn occasion we have a 'Wheels on Main St. show on the Sunday before Memorial Day. There's a parade on Saturday, a Parade on Monday, a parade on the 30th which is the Official Memorial Day (at least around here), fireworks a few feet from my house, YOU NAME IT! Well today rain is threatening and turnout is way down but I managed to sneek my 701 into the IH space. Their turnout is so small this year they didn't move my tractor without my knowledge
  4. That tractor is "Hers" now!
  5. Looking for a good square seat pan for my 701. Mine is fine but for some reason it "Oil Cans" when getting on and off. Drives me nuts. I'm a fat slob but not that fat and the seat on my 704 did not do this.
  6. KABOOM!

    @stevasaurus may be able to direct you to a machine shop somewhat in your area. Good shops are hard to find and he found a good one in IL.
  7. My GT14

    All Ritchie needs is a front deck carrier and he could mount that portable AC on that!
  8. Bernardston Mass Show

    That will cut down on your prep time before the Big Show!
  9. What is this blade for?

    That Kinda looks like it's off a 200 series .
  10. A different horse showed up today

    Your never to old to ride a Horsie!
  11. Sunstrand oil type

    For engine oil hydro's Mobil 1 For trans oil models I think it was type A which was replaced by Dexron.
  12. 16 hp engine oil

    I use Rotella straight 30W all year long for about 20 years now.
  13. 310-8 plow

    If your 520 has the forward swept axle you'll need an extension kit
  14. hydro engagement arm needed 418 A

    I've had 2 fixed where the hinge pin wears out. Guy cuts off the old pin and welds on a new one. Weld the oblong pin hole shut and drills a new hole to fit the pin.
  15. My GT14

    Sure does but that clutch could use a little alignment!
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