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  1. VR to switch fuse

    @elcamino/wheelhorse make it 3
  2. Soda blaster question

    I use White vinegar to de-lime my water heater. 2 gallons in a bucket and pump it through for an hour.
  3. What have you done on your WH today?

    701 rear wheels just returned from the Powder Room! Started installing the rebuilt lift cyl from @wheelhorseman on the C-160
  4. VR to switch fuse

    OH NO!! Now 2 guys are calling me skonk! @stevasaurus
  5. Mini Wheel-Horse meets mini real horse.

    I'm surprised they let motorized recreation on the trails. Hard to find anywhere to even ride a bike lately.
  6. need some idea's

    I don't know about advertising in Unclehenry's, A couple of weird guys might show up trying to trade some old lumber from a porch they tore down for your horses!
  7. VR to switch fuse

    What model tractor? I don't think it was there from the factoy. What kind of fuse holder? If it was one of those twist open plastic ones with the glass fuse, I have seen those tension springs break and the fuse not making contact. If you need a fuse, put a nice HD blade holder on.
  8. Chevy S10 saves day!!!

    An older S-10 with a 4.3 would have yanked that boat off the trailer!
  9. A new pony comes home!

    Cool and a 6 banger to boot! More than enough power to haul the family plus run a 48” deck!
  10. We're all meeting at @857 horse house to celebrate!
  11. Loaded tires

    Dismount tire. Throw chains inside said tire and remount. What's the problem? Oh and hi HHHHOOOOWWWWWAAAAARRRRDDDDD!
  12. steering clicking-416

    I think the stouter hood stands on the older models have something to do with this phenomenon.
  13. Winter prep

    When I think of all that energy expelled chopping wood, it reminds me to go clean the spiders out of my garage heater's pilot burner. The little devils love propane!
  14. Got a "new" C120 Wheelhorse

    I prefer doo-hingis when I’m not sure of the proper terminology!