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  1. Air Filter for 310-8

    Napa # 702226 or 2299 Foam filter # 702287
  2. Poor, neglected, and abused horse!

    I worked on enough Renault cars to keep away from them. And if you see anything with the word "Lucas" on it you run!
  3. As Mr. Krabs would say. "EKK EKK EKK EKK EKK EKK EKK
  4. And which model. Make it a good one!
  5. I got a new toy at work today

    I coulda used that today to lift a couple of compressors.
  6. Rylee’s home!

    As Barney Fife would say " Kerosene Cucumbers "
  7. Trailer tuesday

    Small dogs would chase me. I may get it out for the steam pageant.
  8. Trailer tuesday

    Trailer been here since the show 3 years ago.
  9. Help—to buy or not to buy

    The hood scoop alone says yes!
  10. Maybe you need this!
  11. Stayin hydrated John? I spent a day on a black roof Thursday. Have to go up and down 2 straight ladders to do it which means lots of roping equipment. I was so whipped the only thing that got me down the 2nd ladder was knowing there was a drinking fountain and an ice machine below.
  12. C160H Crank no start

    You used it to try to jump start another tractor. Something might have heated up. Check you ammeter connections. I have seen them start to melt.
  13. It's going to quit on you again in the middle of your yard with a storm minutes away. Check your ammeter connections now. Takes 10 minutes.
  14. What size Battery is needed?

    No such thing as a $ 39.99 car battery anymore. $50 is the cheapest I can find.