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  1. Good thing you missed me or I would owe you a new lense!
  2. Last I saw of Steve, he was having dinner with Brian & Jo.
  3. Don't hit any big bumps! Craig I have something special for you to see!
  4. HHHHOOOOOWWWWAAARRRRDDD made it and we had a great time at the Italian Kitchen and tailgating afterward. Steve just so you know I take no credit for your likeness showing up!
  5. 100 miles to go. Stopped for lunch. A squonk's gotta eat!
  6. I think he said " Invading the North! I'll be "Invading the South" shortly. We'll meet up like a hot and cold air mass! in Chambersburg!
  7. Checked the radar. Looks like a few small showers hanging around PA towards the west that I may run into.
  8. Went out to finish loading at 7:00 AM. Not a cloud in the sky and it started raining!
  9. Runs low on ripple so he blends in some Ginger Ale! People say you CT. guys are high rollers!
  10. I cleaned my truck and it rained! Cleaned it again! No pics, I was too busy cleaning!
  11. You bringing a canopy? I 'll have room under my 12 x 12 if you aren't. Or if anyone else needs shade.
  12. Is that umbrella packed?
  13. 100% weather forecast; light during the day followed by increasing darkness during the evening. It never misses!
  14. When you wake up!
  15. My 210-H certainly had a shorter left turn. You could see it in the wheels when you turned them.