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  1. Biddenden Tractorfest in the UK

    I think It had something to do with what was on the grill! Great pics and loads of laughs!
  2. Gifts in the mail

    There's a guy in the flea market every year at the same spot at the pageant. He has bins of smaller toys. One is filled with Dino's. No price on them so I grabbed 3 of them plus a lttle plastic bear my son had when he was born and a "Winne the Pooh" Piglet dude to go next to my Marvin the Martain. He says is $3 too much? I say no and pay him. Then he asks me to help him with his canopy.. Took 5 min to get it up.. He was so thankful I probably could have gotten another dozen dino's. So tell Chris she dodged a bullet!
  3. If they allowed you to open a window on a sub, you wouldn't have needed a chiller!
  4. I'll be busy working during the eclipse. Maybe a lawn chair on top of the cooling tower will need fixin!
  5. Grader blade, 7-1114

    It will fit any of them. But it won't fit a Volkswagen!
  6. Maybe Bob's helmet needs a battery?
  7. What have you done on your WH today?

    Yep those 1100's are HEAVY!!
  8. Bought new piece of trash AGM battery

    Perfect timing. I took my 10 % off coupon to TSC and picked up a new 360 Tractor battery for my Power King. The old one is 5 yrs. old and still working. It's going into the 701 for a few months to replace the one in there that's almost 6 yrs. old.
  9. I used to work with one of those too. Problem was it never went back together. If he couldn't fix it with a hammer, well it wasn't fixed!
  10. Had a blast in Baraboo!

    That 2nd pic looks like someone stole my canopy!
  11. Bought new piece of trash AGM battery

    I don't know the details of the AGM's but here was my experience. I had an 84 Goldwing. Lousy reputation for starting issues. I replaced the starter and added HD custom cables and installed an Odyssey AGM battery. Used it for 3 years before it started to give any further issues. Then I read I think on this forum not to use a AGM battery because tractors bikes ect don't charge them correctly. WT....???? I think it was SOI who was discussing that. Anyhow I got 3 years out of it not charging it right!
  12. No, it's a HVAC Engineer job in the Wayne-Finger Lake BOCES system. Yes it's a mess. Then you add in Siemens controlling TRANE equipment & TRANE controlling Daikin equipment , you have some headscratching moments!
  13. 1 week to go on the old job. This is for @WHX12 & @ACman ! 90 + degrees today with the dewpoint over 70! we had a big power outage in the morning and even the transfer switch breakers tripped so even some of the emergency power didn't happen. Took a few hours to get it all back up and running. Enjoy the short videos. Be sure to wear hearing protection! TecoChiller 150 ton natural gas chiller powered by a 454 Chevy marine engine: McQuay 350 centrifiugal chiller. Trane 350 ton absorption chiller with 2 Cleaver Brooks boilers feeding steam: Music to my ears! Trane 200 ton RTAA Roof chiller: Old Tank: Trane RAUD 100 ton chiller: @stevasaurus Here's a pic of the thermometer near the donut table in the boiler room!
  14. 2017 Dover Olde Tyme Days

    I don't see a cupholder on that pic! Hey Brian! I keep checking the bushes!
  15. Auction Day

    WE COULD HAVE HAD A PLOW DAY!!!! Good luck ED. Amish can be great neighbors or a big PITA. A guy I work with has a big clan on his border. They keep cutting down his trees and plowing up his property. He's had the law and lawyers involved but they just act all innocent and as soon as backs are turned the're back at it.