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  1. You got little ones. I get them from just walking thru air. Maybe at the show we can play "Top This"
  2. I have seen those ammeter leads get crappy and melt causing all sorts of issues.
  3. Unhook the governor, get it going as fast as you can and crank the wheel! Let me know what happens!
  4. That wear pattern is pretty common to what I have seen. I think turning the gear would work but the gear is worn to the side gear and it may be quite noisey. Rule of thumb on the gear drive decks is get lots of rags!
  5. I like the part about minimize the noise. What can she do about the daycare across the street?
  6. Funny battery charger story: I was working at Napa and an old guy comes in. The other counter guy waits on him and the fellow wants to order a solar battery charger. We had an outside source for tools and eq. so he orders the guy a Solar brand charger. Guy comes in a few days later for his charger. Counter guy whips out this nice Solar 2/10/50A charger. Guy says, no I wanted a solar charger that runs off the sun!
  7. I have a K341 that the fuel pump lobe wore off. Had to go electric pump.
  8. Changed Status to Closed
  9. Same with Napa
  10. That recycler deck. Take out the litle tri-angle shaped thingys in each chamber. Then take the main insert out of the deck (4 bolts) and clean out all the dead grass. I got one of those decks last year and it's the best money I ever spent on anything Wheel Horse. No more raking up dead grass every week in the spring!
  11. Someone with too much free time got a hold of that one!
  12. An electrician works on it and the first thing he attacks is fuel!
  13. I tried that. Kept trying to get a quiet deck for my 704. Didn't find one. Sold the 704 and found a deck! I retrofitted my 1267 to a modern deck but the engine is so loud my wife throws stuff at me when I mow close to the house.