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  1. Bonfire night

    You can buy all the wood you want. Just can burn it in the village
  2. Bonfire night

    Years ago I bought my wife a fire pit thingy. We live in the village so I'm not as fortunate as some of you. I have one of the biggest lots in town but am still surrounded by houses. A neighbor 2 houses away owns a convenience store and I bought some firewood from there for the first night. I get the fire going in the backyard. We have our living room window open and have a police scanner on in there. We hear it go off about a complaint of a nuisance smoke smell in the area. Sure enough, the guy I bought the wood from called the cops!
  3. With enough time and effort you can make anything work. I mounted this horizontal shaft Allis- Chalmers snowblower onto this vertical shaft 200 series Horse.
  4. spark plug treads stripped in head

    Get the style insert with the serrated teeth. Once inserted you expand the insert with a special tool that with along with loctite will lock the insert to the head, Make sure the insert is in all the way so the plug will be at the correct height. If it's in too far the plug may hit. If it's too shallow, you can burn a piston.
  5. Keep fighting or sell?

    What kind of pump are you buying? Have you checked the actual voltage to the pump? Are you running the pump dry? Fuel actually lubes the pump internals.
  6. Electric Fuel Pump Issues

    I had one of those Facet pumps fail last winter after 3 yrs. of use. Bought another one though as my Napa stocks them and they are 10 min from my house.
  7. Quality electric motor brands?

    They almost all use cheap bearings in them nowadays. Baldor,Marathon,Century ect. I haven't gotten anything with any oomf that would last at all but that may be due to being on speed drives. The EMF seems to eat the bearings out Unless you install bearing protectors.15 years out of a Dayton anything is good. We used to joke about anything with a Dayton name on it at the hospital I worked at. But we did get about 12 years out of a Dayton shop vac. Put that thing thru hell!
  8. 700 prices

    That's a Workhorse700 not a more desirable 500 Special. Looks like a rattle can paint job.A few pieces wrong or missing. Not sure of your location but I'm thinking no more than 4
  10. GT Graveyard

    The cam plate and cam wear a lot! Doubt you'll find good used ones.
  11. Seafoam. Your thoughts

    I could go on for hours but I'm sure the only person who would appreciate that would be @elcamino/wheelhorse. Added to fuel I have seen it stop pinging in a Caravan, stop surging in a 520, stop an O2 code in a Subaru. Added to oil, I've seen it stop a lower engine knock in a GM 4 banger and stop a lifter tick in the GM Truck I had.
  12. I like it! There a holder for either a BBO tank to start a quick fire or a reefer tank to put it out! Bob, looks like some nice dump trailer wheels and tires on there!
  13. Jim I'm thinking your thinking of a phase converter. Running 3 phase equip in a building that only has single phase feed. I'm thinking that box is a transformer converting 120 to 240 and along for the ride are some caps and heat sinks in the boxes to smooth out the power. @Sparky prolly knows for sure.
  14. wheel Horse 855 Belt change help

    Get lots of rags! You can get the belts at Napa. They are made by Gates and with today's manufacturing technology they are within thousandths of each other. Get lots of rags!