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  1. Time to unwind...

    Thanks, guys. I have had it apart. I cleaned off the scum and blew it all out. One of the contacts is substantial, the other is so worn that it's down to wires. Otherwise, it's in pretty good shape for its age. When I put it all back together, it fired up first tap. Now, not so much... I will check out the momnpop and see what they have. Thanks for the lead!
  2. Time to unwind...

    Hey gang, I'm not on here much, but I mentioned earlier that I got the 68 Raider running. Well, long enough to get it on to the trailer... The starter acted up, so I whacked it, and it fired. Well about two more times of that, and it wouldn't do anything. Now I'm looking for a brush kit to redo the starter. Again, the tractor is a 68 Raider with a hh100. The top plate of the starter is marked Tecumseh 32510, and it has 10 teeth - I think. When I run the number, I find replacement starters that look different, have 11 teeth, and are usually out of stock. I just want to replace the brush kit, and I found a site a while back, but don't remeber where. Any suggestions on where to buy the brushes, or (gulp) the right starter? Sorry for the long-windedness, thanks for your help. Dusty
  3. It's alive!

    Hey gang, just checking in. I finally got my father-in-laws Raider running, and no too badly either, for a first try. Thanks to those of you who guided me through with parts and ideas. I'm sure I'll be back, once I drop his tractor back off and he thinks of other questions. Dusty
  4. New from Michigan, too.

    OK, I'm trying to figure out this photo thing. I've updated my avatar and personal picture, so far. At least it's red, and could be pulled behind the tractor! D
  5. New from Michigan, too.

    All right, all right. I'm still wanted in four states, so enough with the location. As soon as I get home and clean the snow off, I'll get some pictures up. It's not pretty, but it has run. :thumbs:
  6. Walbro LME 29 replacement?

    Thanks, guys! I'll look into the Carters and see what I come up with. I have this idea that I can fix this carb, but I'll have to do cost comparison between rebuilt and replaced. He didn't pay much for the tractor, so figuring which is more cost and time effective is the key. Have any of you dealt with Pat's Small Engine? They have a Tec631304B (# from memory?) for around $90 shipped. Thanks,
  7. Walbro LME 29 replacement?

    Hi, gang. I just signed in, did my intro, did some searching, and now on to the questions. I'm trying to repair/replace the carb on my father-in-laws WH Raider 10, and have all but crapped out. I've researched and found, as far as I can tell, that the original carb is all but extinct. I'll give you some of what I know, and hopefully you can guide me down the right path - The tractor is a Raider 10, Model 1-6041. The engine is a Tecumseh HH100-1150958, with a Walbro LME 29(?) carb. The throttle rod is worn, which has scored the carb body-a little, and the intake flange is warped-a little. The bowl purge pin was replaced with a screw, and the bowl gasket is worn. If I can get all that fixed, I bet it'll run well enough to find out what else it needs. Sorry for the long first post, but hopefully it's enough to get some questions answered. Thanks for your time, Dusty
  8. New from Michigan, too.

    Hi, all. I'm in south-central MI, and have taken over the task of fixing my father-in-laws '69 Raider 10. From what I could see in the forums, this looks like a pretty knowledgeable group, so I signed in to ask a bunch of new guy questions. I don't much about these tractors, but I'm a general tinkerer with an imagination, so I'll help when I can. Dusty