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  1. Root rake

    Old Iron, that's not exactly what I was thinking of, but more along the lines of what can whlvr posted. can whlvr - that would likely work (especially if angled forward at the bottom, or if the tines were bent to a slight forward hook). Sadly, I have no such fabrication skills! LOL! Wade
  2. Root rake

    Does anyone know if there is such an animal as a root rake that would attach to my 520h via clevis hitch (or a sleeve hitch)? I have tons of grape vines (bullis) growing that I want to clear out and rip up. I'm thinking a root rake would be perfect for that (a lot better than doing it by hand, as I did last weekend). I've done some light Googling, but haven't come up with anything.......except for lots of 3pt stuff. <_< Wade
  3. What is/are a good online source/sources for an OEM belt? I just shredded my deck (engine to deck) belt on my 520 today. (Found this thread while searching the forums for a source) Thanks, Wade
  4. Tiller question

    Also, does yours have the large helper spring running from the tiller to the rear of your tractor? When that was on mine, it was getting in the way and not allowing the tiller to drop all the way down (hard to explain). If you can, post a few pics of what's going on.......
  5. Custom Trailer comments

    Nice trailer, but I was diggin the Fox GT in the background just as much!! :scratchead:
  6. What is this?

    Thanks Chuck! I did not know that (the part about airflow in the stock install position). I did some cleaning yesterday (addressed in other similar post) but will look more closely at the regulator itself, and check its attachment point to the shroud giving that a cleaning as well. Thanks!
  7. What would cause this - 520 dying

    I took a VOM home yesterday and checked the battery. I'm a little puzzled though - Now, this is ASSuming that I was using the meter correctly; With the ignition off, across the battery I was getting a reading of ~15.6v. I started the tractor, and the reading went to 19v. I looked down at the gauge, and it was pegged high. After 5sec or so, the gauge dropped to 10-12v, and the meter was back to reading ~15.6v. I shut it down, and pulled the connectors from the regulator. There was a little corrosion (like in Save Old Iron's pic in the link). I used some elec contact cleaner, and cleaned those terminals and conectors, put a little dielectric grease on them and re-connected. I pulled the fuses, hit them with shop air, elec contact cleaner, and then reinserted the fuses after giving them a cleaning and a *light* coat of dielectric grease. It was at that point that I got called in to supper, and from there on to my son's football practice, so I didn't get to check on things afterward. I may not get to get back at it today (there are NOT enough hours in the day!), but will report back as soon as I do. Thanks guys - thanks for those links Save Old Iron!
  8. "Custom modification" - LOL! Definitely not a desirable modification though! Oddly enough Mike, I didn't smell any burning rubber! And yeah, thankfully, I was able to get the belt tightened. Wade
  9. What would cause this - 520 dying

    I charged the battery overnight, and put it back on this afternoon. I ran it for about 30min or so worry-free. I did notice the charge gauge a couple of times reading very high (16), and then 2min later, it was reading between 10 and 12. I'll pull those connections at the VR and clean them. I'll snag a meter from work to check the voltages of the battery - thanks for those ranges to look for Raider. Wade
  10. What would cause this - 520 dying

    I was running about 3/4 throttle....3000rpm. I've also noticed strange charging fluctuations (according to the gauge), so I don't know that it was charging good anyway. Edit Just d/l'ed the manual - Thanks!! Thanks
  11. Yep - in a hurry. I remember being in a hurry last time I put the deck back on...... That's one mistake that now, hopefully I won't make again! And yeah Coach, surprisingly no smoke - I did notice the belt jumping a little bit which had me wondering..... Uh, now I know why that was happening!
  12. I was using my 520h yesterday cutting some grass. I had been running it for probably 45min or so. I started cutting in the back yard, when after 20ft, it died just like it had run out of gas. I checked, and it had plenty..... The battery was very dead - (I had used a charger to get it started initially). I brought jumper cables over and jump-started it with my golf cart. I continued mowing for about 15min, and it did it again. Jump-started, and it ran for 2min and died again. Lather, rinse, repeat - this time, it ran 30sec. I let the battery charge via the cables for longer this time, and it started and ran long enough to get back to the shop - 2-3min, where I parked it and shut it down. Could a stone-cold dead battery be causing this? I have it on the charger now, trying to get a full charge back on it. I hope that's it - otherwise I have to try to figure out exactly what it is..... Thanks
  13. What is this?

    First question - what's the correct name for the piece with the three wires attached? Secondly, does it simply look like the previous owner installed a replacement without removing the original, (in the background - which I would presume must have been faulty)? I was nosing around the tractor today when I found this situation which had me wondering...... Wade
  14. So, how long does it take to see what's wrong in these pictures? Sheesh.... I don't even know how long I'd been running it like that. I do know that it put a hurtin' on the belt - it looks kinda melted. It also has a couple of bad cracks in it - don't know if they're a result of the misuse, or a result of normal wear - probably the former....dangit. It's back on correctly now though. Wade