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  1. 520XI won't go up hill

    But wouldn't it free wheel all the time on any slope, checked the hydro it was a little low added some oil it will go up the hill but starts to free wheel on way back down. its about 20 degree slope on one part of yard, its ok on gentler slopes up and down now but wants to free wheel on steeper part of yard. well guess we'll change oil and filter and see what happens.
  2. My son just bought a 520 XI loaded on trailer ok, got it home went to try on his hill went up about 5-10 feet the rolled right back down. runs really well has little over 1000 hrs on it great shape, is there a hydro pump that could be the problem or are these trannys designed to be worked on or replaced. Are parts still available? Could there be another problem. Thanks, Tim
  3. B-100 not starting

    Thanks for the reply's guys, I cleaned all the connections hooked everything back up and it fired right up and restarted again and again with no hesitation, a couple of connections had a little oxidation which must have been the problem. Thanks, Tim
  4. Ok last summer semi restored b-100 started and ran good every time, battery date was 2006. Charged battery couple times over winter it was stored inside, went to start tractor last week it wouldn't even click had to put starter charger on to start, put charger on 50 amp mode for a minute,got a click. Left starter on 50 amp start mode for 5 minutes and it started right up putted around yard little bit parked it tried to start again right away and it started, figured battery was just low. Couple days ago went to start it again, nothing not a click. Went and bought new battery at Tractor supply huskee brand, figured old battery from 2006 lasted that long although tractor sat for a couple years with broken rod till rebuilt engine last summer. So I bought another huskee battery 450 ca 380 cca. Old battery was like 350 ca.amp and like 280 cc amp. Installed battery turn key, nothing no click. Get starter/charger out put on 50 amp start mode click, leave sit 5 minutes come back fires right up. leave idle for 3 or 4 minutes then shut it down, try to restart, nothing not even a click. Starter charger reads battery is charged but it seems It needs that extra boost to get it to start. Could it be the solenoid or starter shorting out causing this. All electrical connections were cleaned last summer when tractor was being rebuilt. Any suggestions would be appreciated, I will probably take new battery to get checked but I'm beginning to think the old battery was still ok.
  5. Seriel number

    Looked at this tractor in the back of a crowded shed there is no hood I had called the owner back to get the spec # he probably misread the 5 for a 6 he told me it was an 8 hp, until he read the engine tag. he also had a c-100 fairly good condition it runs but smokes a little he has a front blade and 2 snow throwers cant see the tags there buried in another shed. One looks in nice shape pulleys turn okay, the other is in fair shape no holes little rust, Pulleys turn hard can't tell if something is rubbing somewhere or not so much junck in barns and sheds it's hard to crawl over everything. C-100 is in good shape with some surface rust mower deck is in fair shape a few holes it's kept in garage. Assuming the other tractor is a 701 with no hood pretty rusty from what I saw he said it ran a year ago is a 701 worth trying to save or part out he wants 450.00 thats an old 701, c-100 pretty good shape with 36" mower deck, to snow throwers (can't see the tags to buried) and a snow blade.
  6. Seriel number

    Spec 28522E K 161s
  7. Seriel number

    Can anyone tell me what model tractor by the seriel number, it has an 8 hp kohler with ignition switch start. number is 51222 the hood is missing. Thanks, Tim
  8. B-100 brakes

    I think the model is 71-10k801. How do you tell how far it is worn without something to compare it to is that in the manual. Thanks,Tim
  9. B-100 brakes

    The brakes work facing downhill but facing uphill and start to coast backwards they don't grab tires turn, are they wearing out or is it the design. Are there specs on the brakes to check for wear? Thanks, Tim
  10. another nubie question

    Update on motor, connecting rod lock washers he showed me were backing off, (I should say nuts were backing off) very thin and didnt' have the slight offset they normally have looked flat like a regular washer, replaced those and been running the tractor for 15 to 20 minutes a day now for about a week now everything seems good now. what a smooth running little 10 horse motor it is now, mower deck is on and cuts nice, man I love it.
  11. another nubie question

    The old rod broke I acquired the tractor through trade same piston new rings and gaskets as far as I know. The crank was polished, he turned the crank on a 341 I had him do on an old cub and it's still mowing an acre of grass from 2 summers ago, Can't tell about the knock weather it's single or double knock.
  12. another nubie question

    Trying to post pic https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-l85Ngy-A..._w/s144/006.JPG
  13. another nubie question

    Hello again I posted this back in november and just got the tractor late april had a local retired machinist rebuild the motor, after putting around the yard to break in it began to knock. took back to machinist said fly wheel nut worked loose retightend nut. Started back up putting around the yard again 5 minutes knock is back and getting louder heavy knocking like hammering, check fly wheel nut it's TIGHT loosing confidence in machinest he did a cub 341 for me 2 years ago it's running fine everyday mowing tractor, can it be anything else but the connecting rod. TIA, Tim
  14. Is there a way to tell a garden tractor from a lawn tractor by sight or other means, will be getting a b-100 in a couple of weeks for my first horse.