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  1. 523dxi

    i have a 523dxi also and mine does the same thing until the oil is warmed up in it as well
  2. Got me another Toro/Horse

    Looks like big brother protecting the little ones.
  3. New toy in the shop

    i hve one of those and the problem i found is the low range is still to fast for lager size bits and pops the overload in the machine itself, and yes the bits are sharp. i like the machine, it does a great job
  4. Cushman truckster

    i have a truckster like that with a title, it was something i had to have, i figured it was a good eyesore that i can title and just park on the road in front of my house for the neighbor that dont like my tractor hobby, hehehe i dont like him either.
  5. I bet you don't have one of these....

    i shouldnt say it was free buy the time i put a hitch on my car and trailer rental and extra fuel.
  6. I bet you don't have one of these....

    I have one in my back yard. price? Mine was free
  7. Steering gears

    not sure if you can do that on them, there just gear to gear, yours might be worn enough (lack of grease) to where your getting play between the meeting points. only option is replace maybe the steering shaft or the fan gear,
  8. Wasn't Looking But Had to Buy It !!

    sweet, matches the scooter in the back ground
  9. Need a favor for my little brother

    got it done good luck with it
  10. Need Some Garage/Shed Advice

    i didnt read everybodys ideas and thoughts but here are a few things to think about. if its a pole shed they put concrete pucks under the poles and concrete goes in last. also is you plan on having it insulated ask about the liner kit for it, when you upgrade to that it will allow for greater roof strenght (snow load) as far as drains go, put them in and cover them up so your inspector dosent ask for a drainage plan. as with the water you will want in there
  11. Need help getting off rear wheels...

    when you use your puller MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SPACER BETWEEN THE BOLT HOLES, otherwise your puller wont do any good, if you need a hub send me a pm i have some extras, good luck with removal,
  12. The state of "Made in the USA" engines.

    boovac i have to agree with you, i am a proud member of the operating engineers and myself i have to agree with what you say, i have different views of what it stands for and i have to say im happy with my wage (who wouldnt be right) but what upsets me is the guys who got in the union right out of high school!! i came from a place where i made 12.00 an hr running a rock crusher, wash plant and fixing and hauling equipment, yes 12.00 an hr. i now make well over double that doing pretty much the same thing (running an asphalt plant) so when the boss comes to me and says we cant go on like this yes i will be willing to take a pay cut just to keep my job, here is the real kicker, my employer puts 9.75 an hr into my pention (yeh who wouldnt like that?) but i only get 1% of that. that is what the unions is doing for me. that really sucks
  13. My Bad - Anyone Using 15W-40

    ok, i thought 15w40w was for diesel engines, not sure if what you have is or a gas engine? i know they are formulated differently, i have ran diesel oil in my junk cars and had no issues, but like i mentioned before i wouldnt use it during the winter months due to the thickness of the oil.
  14. Anyone use 10W-40

    the 10w40 is a good summer oil, it gets thicker and that is a bad thing during the winter months, i try to use the thinner stuff in the winter as my tractors might sit outside overnight.