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  1. PTO On/OFF

    BIG UPDATE!!! Problem solved! Well where to begin the finale? 1. The deck is bent but a big sledge hammer put the front wheel back down where it was, don't remember hitting anything that hard. 2. The deck mounting arm for the mid mount is a b***h to hang. Is it supposed to be in the single hole or the elongated hole? 3. The grand pupa of making it work!!!! The PTO arm to turn it all on wasn't tight enough to push the PTO flywheel back to make contact with the clutch plate. I tightened the "nut" 2 turns and put another nut on the end of the arm and a cotterpin on the bottom side and I can't get the deck to stop on 1.5 feet of grass. It just cuts it off so I can bail it up for the goats. I appreciate all the help guys! It was a simple fix but I wouldn't have been able to figure it out without getting all the other stuff out of the way and finding out when you turn on the PTO and push your foot up against the PTO fywheel it would take off again, that that was the problem. Add that to the useless information category when someone has a problem like that someday.
  2. PTO On/OFF

    I haven't gotten this fixed yet because I am out of town but can you send me the specs for the clutch adjustment anyways. I got this tractor from someone else so the more information I know about it the better I will feel and be able to troubleshoot future problems. Hope the weather is as good as it is here in Atlantic City! Been 85 all day!
  3. PTO On/OFF

    Well I believe you guys might have figured it out. I checked the fork this morning before work and it's pointed almost at the back of the tractor. To tell you the truth I don't think I have ever had it installed correctly from the beginning but the bolts are so tight on that arm that it doesn't allow it to move much. I just remembered one problem I had when kj4kicks mentioned front to back that I couldn't turn the tractor because the roller was hitting the left wheel, I would push the deck back by adjusting that bar with the fork down a little and it would be ok for awhile. You learn something new everyday here at Red Square! I won't be able to test this solution for a couple of days but I will get back to you all when I am able by the end of the week. I really appreciate the help in hopefully solving this absolutely annoying problem. I just hope I haven't broke or damaged anything along the way. It seems as though this is a very solid tractor to start with.
  4. PTO On/OFF

    There is a lot of questions put out there in the last couple of messages I will try to answer them all. 1. The hill involved is a "normal" hilly yard. A pitch enough to have to hold yourself back in the seat. It also does it on anything angled in the downward direction. Lets use it as an example. a. Go down the hill with the PTO turned on and running "right" from level ground. The PTO stays running until about 1/2 half down and then the blades slow and then stop. The PTO pulley is still on and spinning but "looks" like it's spinning about half speed. b. Get to bottom of hill and turn around to mow UP the hill. The PTO engages and the blades turn at full speed and it sounds like an electric PTO was turned on. The engine doesn't change pitch or try to catch up, or rev up in either scenario unless it's the bigger of the hills and then it will rev up to catch up. That works fine. 2. Motor mounts, the motor isn't loose, checked that. 3. With the PTO belt disengaged, no load on the tractor from the PTO the tractor runs great. Like I said I can stand it up on the rear wheels in 3rd gear on level ground if I am not careful. 4. How thick should the "PTO clutch" be? The bearings on the bell housing of the PTO look perfect, greased up nice and it spins true from watching it. If there isn't any belt hooked up and I turn it on and then back off while idling it will spin for 10-15 minutes freewheeling unless I engage it again. 5. Loosing the mule drive helps but doesn't solve the problem. I am wondering if it's a deck problem, level or bent or just not quite right because I have noticed lately that the center blade won't cut worth a damn and the problem started after I put the deck back on last time. The deck seems to float ALOT more then normal when in the raised position and when I set it down the front center roller touches the ground and the other rollers don't touch the ground. The deck is set at the highest position. If I put in the garage and look straight on with the deck lowered it looks like the "drivers side" is higher then the "passenger side" of the deck. Sorry for the analogy easiest way I could think to describe it. If check the belt tension when it just sits it seems alright. I also have noticed that it will not turn the blades if the belt is in the raised position, it used to! For the 1 foot and higher first pass grass. Appreciate the help guys. It's frustrating I know but if anyone can fix it, it's you guys! Everything used to work great and I have noticed the quality of cut getting worse and worse. Everything is greased up as well so there isn't any drag per say on the pulleys on the deck.
  5. PTO On/OFF

    It's a manual PTO. Little lever on the right side. I was wondering if the PTO "clutch plate" could be warn enough to cause a slippage? Is there a key inside the engine for that shaft that might be warn? It's acting like a gyroscope, if the PTO isn't spinning full out and you turn to head up hill, as soon as it "senses" the uphill it kicks in the PTO full out. This is the weirdest thing I have seen. I hope I am explaining this enough for someone to understand
  6. PTO On/OFF

    Ok, checked the PTO setup, everything looks tight, I took it all apart down to the engine shaft. I can't turn that without turning the "crankshaft". When I put it back together, I didn't tighten the mule drive as tight as I had it before, it makes it better but I noticed checking the deck that it looks uneven. Would this cause a problem? With the deck disconnected I can stand the tractor up on the rear wheels in 3rd gear but with the deck attached and the belt hooked up it takes a bit to get going. Normal? Any more suggestions?
  7. PTO On/OFF

    You said something that would probably help. I will try the other tip you suggested but when starting in 3rd, 2nd it doesn't stand itself up on it's rear. It takes quite a bit to get going in 3rd gear. I am headed to the garage to test the PTO test you suggested, will report in a minute.
  8. PTO On/OFF

    Hey Guys, So far everything has been great with my C-120. Loving this machine but now comes the bad part. Yesterday I was mowing along fine and then all of the sudden my PTO turns off, I get to a flat area and it kicks back on. If I am going uphill under a little load it runs fun. If I turn and head down hill it turns off. I have also noticed that if I have the tractor in gear and hear down hill without pushing on the clutch it will start to coast down the hill, it has never done that before, it would always stay the same speed. Any suggestions for the PTO, runaway tractor? I was thinking it's the drive belt but it's nice and tight. The deck belt and PTO belt through the mule drive is tight and it works great when the PTO kicks on. The problem starts at the PTO pulley.
  9. Spindle Keys

    That's what I thought and then it occured to me. Ask the gentleman I bought the pulley from, he has the right one and I am all set. It's a 5/8" shaft instead of the old 3/4". Thanks for the help Guys!
  10. Spindle Keys

    That is correct. The problem is I needed new spindles because the old ones were worn out, so I went to JacksSmallEngine.com and ordered the spindle which is round so I was just going to get a new set of blades as well. Is there an adapter or bigger spindle shaft I should be looking at?
  11. Spindle Keys

    Ok, So I bought new spindles for my deck and I also bought a new center pulley. The problem is the spindles don't have key's in them and the center pulley is almost a 1/2" bigger and keyed. Any suggestions for making this work? I still have one more spindle to buy so if I need to buy a different spindle please let me know. The center pulley is rounded obviously. Thanks in advance.
  12. 42" Deck Problem with Reassembly

    I was just busting about the rubber bushings. Thanks for the help with the deck. If that's all that sheet metal was used for then I will continue to put it all back together so I can mow my yard!!!! Wait till my neighbor sees this setup. He was already drooling over the plow attachment this winter. Can't wait till he sees the refinished deck.
  13. 42" Deck Problem with Reassembly

    Kevin, Just for curiousity, is your rubber bushings upside down? Arn't they supposed to be for when the deck comes up they don't smash the paint on the underside of the mower frame? Just curious, not a problem if it works. :thumbs:
  14. 42" Deck Problem with Reassembly

    WA LA!!! That is the parts break down I need, what deck is that of? Also kind of off the topic a hair... What is the part number, where do I get one and how much will it cost for #2 in that drawing? My deck never came with the sheet metal or covers. Thanks for help. That answers my question. :thumbs:
  15. 42" Deck Problem with Reassembly

    Second picture showing close up of tensioner and pulley. Attached Image (Click thumbnail to expand)