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  1. Predator motor swap on a 606

    How does the 6.5Hp motor compare to the 8HP kohler?? I was thinking about the 13hp motor to swap out on my B-80.
  2. 211-5

    I really don't need. I'll try for a lower price or let it go.
  3. 211-5

    What are the good and bad points of the 211-5? I may be able to buy one for 100 bucks It needs a starter 1 tire and some tlc. Just looking for info on this model.
  4. I got a "modern" horse

    I have always used one of my WH tractors for everything. I recently had an opportunity to buy a Craftsman lawn tractor with 50" deck and 20hp Kohler magnum for 100.00 from a friend that purchased it new. I am using it to mow with and the other WH tractors to do everything else with. The Craftsman mows good but it is just a lawn mower and i don't consider it a real tractor.
  5. K181 rod length

    After some investigating the known k181 has the hole in the crank. The unknown engine has no hole in the crank. The unknown engine has the longer connecting rod and smaller note than the k181.
  6. K181 rod length

    I'm going to do some investigating.
  7. K181 rod length

    I have an older engine that is .010 over and has a longer rod and a smaller bore than a newer standard bore engine.
  8. K181 rod length

    What year did the connecting rod length change on the K 181. I noticed the bore is different also.
  9. starter question

    What HP models will fit my 76 K181 engine?
  10. starter question

    My starter is shot on my B 80. Who has the best deal on them?
  11. VOTE

    I have voted in every election since I turned 18. It is about the only right that you have left and is your duty as a citizen of this great country. :thumbs:
  12. PTO thrust bearing

    I used a 2 jaw puller to get it off. It is just a press fit no set screws or keyway. I do have the later 2 snap ring style so I can use the bail to pull the clutch out.
  13. PTO thrust bearing

    So what is the secret to getting the bearing race off the motor shaft?
  14. B-80 4 speed

    I have done the 4 to 8 speed swap. The only thing I had to do was fab a different brake arm. It is fairly straight forward.
  15. PTO thrust bearing

    Looking to replace the thrust bearing, washers and stud on the PTO of my 1976 B-80. Does anyone know the number of the thrust bearing that is used? It appears mine is missing the stud that the spring goes over also.