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  1. Is This A Good Idea.....or AM I JUST CRAZY!!

    yes, i do on my vehicle to cover the radiator when it gets that cold. i would just think it wise to keep the cardboard off of the exhaust. chris
  2. no problem...YES HE IS GOOD...fun to see what some of these guys come up with. :thumbs:
  3. try Duke's method on for size...at the following link...chris Duke's motorized snowblower chute
  4. Olive Oil...works great. chris
  5. Snow Blowin Video

    Maybe he should have blown all the snow he could find onto his driveway and then cleared it... ...heh. That would have been much more dramatic. chris
  6. 1974 D200 with ark 550

    Very Nice! She looks like a work horse. Hope it's still in the same shape since those pictures are almost 6 years old. chris
  7. My 2 stage Christmas Present

    Very NICE! But...do you have to walk around to get in the house? heh...it looks like both doors are blocked by your horses. chris :notworthy:
  8. Snow Plowing

    with any light plowing vehicle the Faster the better as it will keep your momentum up. if it isn't heavy wet snow you shouldn't have a problem as the snow will blow away from the blade. just keep your speed up so the the snow pile will not stall your momentum cause then the pile of snows resistance will overwhelm your traction and stop you so keep it running and ram through the drifts. sleet makes for good traction so you won't have a problem like freezing rain or ice would give you. if the snow drifts are too much for the tractor to even ram through (going the length of your driveway) then you will have to do the "blizzard shovel" which is pushing from the center or one edge of your drive to the other edge of the drive. this is alot of backing up and going forward to eat through big piles a little at a time so hopefully you can power through the drifts all the way down your driveway. (just in case you didn't know since your a southerner-push the snow in the direction of the wind which is usually to the East or it will just blow back and fill in your driveway)heh have fun...wish we had some here in NW Illinois. looks like we will get mostly rain. chris :notworthy:
  9. Hey Upper Midwest Guys

    Down here in Western Illinois were going to miss out on all the fun and get mostly rain depending on how stalled it gets when it tries to go east will determine how much snow we get...no Blizzard for us. chris
  10. New Member Saying "Hi to All"

    thanks for the Welcome. at least i can come here after mines gone and look at some great machines. chris "You never know what you have, til it's gone."
  11. 953 Restoration

    Can i "borrow" that motor? (heh) nice!!! SANTA, I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!! chris :notworthy:
  12. New Member Saying "Hi to All"

    Bitten...i wish it were that simple. The "yellow thing" is next to be sold.
  13. New Member Saying "Hi to All"

    Thanks Vince....i think. (heh)
  14. New Member Saying "Hi to All"

    :notworthy: Hi All- It's been great to look through a lot of the posts and pics here from everyone. You guys do GREAT WORK!!! I'm a 2nd owner of my 1967-867. i've owned it for 20 years and mowed with it until the motor died some years back. a friend installed new valves and then never got it back together for me. I wanted to restore it, but i'm not an engine guy. i'm layed off now so having my engine rebuilt is not an option. (this has been one of those "torn" things in life as i really liked this mower) But i came to the conclusion i would rather see someone restore her and use her so she just doesn't rot away so i'm going to sell her. (and i need whatever $ i can get) love watching the restores in pictures and learning from you guys with some jealousy and awe. glad to see some people do not take these machines for granted since the newer stuff is junk in comparison. so keep the pictures coming. chris More Pictures