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  1. Tail Light Lens Collection

    Changed Status to Pending
  2. Tail Light Lens Collection

    A mixed group of lens from various years. Included are 2 complete bases with working bulbs.
  3. Kubota Forum

    Is that the machine you broke the front spindles on? It sounds like the front axles are only 3/4 inch
  4. Kubota Forum

    Thanks Cvans. I don't have the machine yet but from reading about it I am going to enjoy it. It only has 800 hours on it so it has plenty of life left.
  5. Kubota Forum

    I won't be converting to orange. I love these red ones too much I just can not pass this one up. I will put it behind the red ones in the shed.
  6. Kubota Forum

    I am about to purchase a G5200 garden tractor. I am looking for the Red Square of the Kubota world which means I am looking for good knowledgeable people. Do any Kubota owners here know of a forum like that?
  7. Tractor lift

    I picked a used one up a couple of years ago. Can't live without it. I was tired of crawling on the cement floor.
  8. Two 8-speed brake bands

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. Wanted- Mag 10/12 or 14 hp Head

    Hi Steve I have a M10 sitting on my shelf if you are interested
  10. Seat Gas Strut

    In perfect working condition. It pushes back hard.
  11. Two 8-speed brake bands

    Both are used but in good condition. Price includes shipping.
  12. 520H Lift Valve

    THANKS Lowell. Let me take the valve apart to see how many rings I need then I will PM you.
  13. 520H Lift Valve

    I just got off the phone with him. He does not sell them for the 520's.
  14. 520H Lift Valve

    Can the lift valve be rebuilt and if so where can I find the internal O-rings? I also am looking for a source ( other than Toro ) for the O-rings that seal the hydro hoses at the valve body. It appears that they are 2 different sizes. I have the Toro part numbers but I prefer to find them locally.
  15. Oil or grease anything that moves. Change all fluids. Clean fuel tank and replace fuel shut off. Replace fuel hose and filter.