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  1. Don't worry boys I took my son out back and kicked his butt!!
  2. Great thread idea Steve and happy we were able to contribute to it! Also thanks much for the hospitality and for the tour of your amazing shop. I'm looking forward to shaving time off my mowing time so I can free up time for my true love....John Deere collecting! Ray Jr. (my father should change his password)
  3. I have a set of Lowells tie rods. They are high quality
  4. Looks like a super puller. Thanks for getting back to me. I may me ordering one and I will let you know.
  5. Thanks to all for the replies. I may have a junk hub around here some where. That 3 jaw puller looks like it came from the monster truck world. Hey Lynnmor I might be interested in one. PM me because if I haven't built one by then I would be interested. Ray
  6. Is there anyone on the forum making hub puller that that members can purchase? I checked the vendors section and came up empty.
  7. The 314 came with 9.5 tires. A 42 inch deck will not fit with the 10.5 tires. Been there and tried that already.
  8. Changed Status to Closed
  9. Changed Status to Closed
  10. Changed Status to Pending
  11. Bag rims measure 20" x 17" x 25"H They have no rips or holes in them. Came from a model 79102 bagger. I believe they will fit the 79104 79160 79161 and the 79163 baggers but please check that I could be wrong.
  12. Still in tractor so You can see it run. Starts easy with no smoking. It will need a wire harness due to some cutting by the PO and there is a little oil seepage on the side. Numbers on tag are P216G-1/10976D K913858099 Part #795210 Changing tractor over to a Kohler
  13. That is the one I needed. THANKS
  14. I must be old because I did that too. This base gasket seems thick. I don't think I could find the correct thickness of the material.
  15. Thanks John I am in no rush with it. Still have to get intake gaskets and check the wiring issues Ray