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  1. Kubota Forum

    Is that the machine you broke the front spindles on? It sounds like the front axles are only 3/4 inch
  2. Kubota Forum

    Thanks Cvans. I don't have the machine yet but from reading about it I am going to enjoy it. It only has 800 hours on it so it has plenty of life left.
  3. Kubota Forum

    I won't be converting to orange. I love these red ones too much I just can not pass this one up. I will put it behind the red ones in the shed.
  4. Kubota Forum

    I am about to purchase a G5200 garden tractor. I am looking for the Red Square of the Kubota world which means I am looking for good knowledgeable people. Do any Kubota owners here know of a forum like that?
  5. Tractor lift

    I picked a used one up a couple of years ago. Can't live without it. I was tired of crawling on the cement floor.
  6. Two 8-speed brake bands

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. Wanted- Mag 10/12 or 14 hp Head

    Hi Steve I have a M10 sitting on my shelf if you are interested
  8. Seat Gas Strut

    In perfect working condition. It pushes back hard.
  9. Two 8-speed brake bands

    Both are used but in good condition. Price includes shipping.
  10. 520H Lift Valve

    THANKS Lowell. Let me take the valve apart to see how many rings I need then I will PM you.
  11. 520H Lift Valve

    I just got off the phone with him. He does not sell them for the 520's.
  12. 520H Lift Valve

    Can the lift valve be rebuilt and if so where can I find the internal O-rings? I also am looking for a source ( other than Toro ) for the O-rings that seal the hydro hoses at the valve body. It appears that they are 2 different sizes. I have the Toro part numbers but I prefer to find them locally.
  13. Oil or grease anything that moves. Change all fluids. Clean fuel tank and replace fuel shut off. Replace fuel hose and filter.
  14. STEVEBO is FORTY FIVE (45)!!

    Senior citizens are not allowed to drive any 520HC tractors. Now you have to sell it to me Have a great day!!
  15. 4 WD tractor pics...

    1998 Model 2100 Kubota with a 5 ft Curtis blade that loves to stack snow.