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  1. STEVEBO is FORTY FIVE (45)!!

    Senior citizens are not allowed to drive any 520HC tractors. Now you have to sell it to me Have a great day!!
  2. 4 WD tractor pics...

    1998 Model 2100 Kubota with a 5 ft Curtis blade that loves to stack snow.
  3. Eaton 700 Transaxle

    Hey Tony there is a whole 312A on CL for $425 in Fairfield
  4. Looking for a 3 series with deck

    He is interested in the 312 with deck. Can I give you his number so you guys can work out the details? Where in NY are you? Ray
  5. Looking for a 3 series with deck

    I will let him know and get back to you
  6. Looking for a 3 series with deck

    Not sure. Do you have something to sell? I will be seeing him later so I will ask what his range is.
  7. Looking for a 3 series with deck

    Looking for a 310 of 312 with a deck for a friend. Does not have to be a show tractor but it needs to be put to work now. Needs to be an 8-speed also
  8. M10 M12 Walbro Carb

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. 2 Keyed Deck Spindle Shafts

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. Let it snow !!

    The hot air coming from the cab heater is the best feature.
  11. 314H verses 2- Stage blower

    Now that's a good looking C160. Thanks for the info
  12. Let it snow !!

    My son and I brought this home today ---
  13. 314H verses 2- Stage blower

    Point taken Eric. Looks like I have to buy another 520 LOL. I have a better idea. I am going to buy Stevebo's 520HC but don't tell him
  14. 314H verses 2- Stage blower

    Nothing wrong with the single at all I love it. I picked up a 520 with a KT17 and the 2 stage attached. Was thinking about making it my plow machine.
  15. 314H verses 2- Stage blower

    THANKS for the fast answers gentleman. I normally creep along with my single stage anyway so going slow will be no problem. Hell I am old so slow is a daily event!!