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  1. 1996 Toro Wheel Horse 312-8 anniversary edition

    Changed Price to 925.00
  2. Tall chute blower wanted

    Looking to purchase a single or a two stage blower for my 520. I am located in SW Connecticut but will travel a bit for a good blower.
  3. 266h Rear Wheels

    If you also have a 8-speed tractor that needs tires the wheel will work. I have a set on a 416-8
  4. 1989 310-8

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. Nice running 312 with 940 hours on the clock. No smoke or strange noises from motor. Rear tires were recently replaced and front tires are perfect. All lights work and trans works as it should in all gears. recent tune up with Royal Purple oil installed. Original paint with no dents. Comes with a 1997 48" deck with no rust, good blades, belt, scalp rollers, and gage wheels. Seat is taped
  6. 1989 310-8

    It is a 310 with a working electric lift. I was using it with a snow plow and it worked great. All lights work. Trans works as it should. Front tires are newer and the backs are older but have no cracks and hold air fine. Recently serviced with new fuel lines filter and shut off. Headlight bezels are not cracked. The paint is not that nice but there is no rust. It does smoke a bit at start up but will clear up. It is being sold with no deck.
  7. Wheel horse

    I believe you will find that the tie rod to spindle arm is different
  8. Cub Cadet Branded Tires

    Thanks for the response gentlemen. You guys were reading my mind about the $100.00 value
  9. 60" Deck Scalp Roller

    I am looking for the long center anti scalp roller and shaft that sits in the center rear and front (front and rear are the same) of a 60" deck. My rear one is missing.
  10. Cub Cadet Branded Tires

    Reaching out to the Cub guys to get a value on these wheels and tires. They are 23x10:50x12 and have a couple of very small cracks just starting. They hold air fine with no tubes. The wheels look to have original paint
  11. What's in His Mirror ???

    Don't worry boys I took my son out back and kicked his butt!!
  12. What's in His Mirror ???

    Great thread idea Steve and happy we were able to contribute to it! Also thanks much for the hospitality and for the tour of your amazing shop. I'm looking forward to shaving time off my mowing time so I can free up time for my true love....John Deere collecting! Ray Jr. (my father should change his password)
  13. Having a blast mowing with the 310-8 then.....

    I have a set of Lowells tie rods. They are high quality
  14. Hub Puller

    Looks like a super puller. Thanks for getting back to me. I may me ordering one and I will let you know.
  15. Hub Puller

    Thanks to all for the replies. I may have a junk hub around here some where. That 3 jaw puller looks like it came from the monster truck world. Hey Lynnmor I might be interested in one. PM me because if I haven't built one by then I would be interested. Ray