Straight From the Horse's Mouth - The final chapter

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  1. 2 Keyed Deck Spindle Shafts

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. Let it snow !!

    The hot air coming from the cab heater is the best feature.
  3. 314H verses 2- Stage blower

    Now that's a good looking C160. Thanks for the info
  4. Let it snow !!

    My son and I brought this home today ---
  5. 314H verses 2- Stage blower

    Point taken Eric. Looks like I have to buy another 520 LOL. I have a better idea. I am going to buy Stevebo's 520HC but don't tell him
  6. 314H verses 2- Stage blower

    Nothing wrong with the single at all I love it. I picked up a 520 with a KT17 and the 2 stage attached. Was thinking about making it my plow machine.
  7. 314H verses 2- Stage blower

    THANKS for the fast answers gentleman. I normally creep along with my single stage anyway so going slow will be no problem. Hell I am old so slow is a daily event!!
  8. Picked up a WH 2 stage blower recently to put on a 520 but now thinking about sticking it on a 314. Will there be enough power?
  9. 520-8

    Part #101850 Hood stop rod
  10. Not sure of the part number or the deck they came from. They are 7 inches long by 3/4 in diameter. One of them is better than the other but still usable. Keyways are good.
  11. M10 M12 Walbro Carb

    Just removed from a good running M10 Kohler. Will work on M12 also. No play in the throttle shaft.
  12. 1988 414-8

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. 108-5 Storage

    What do the experts think of storing a 108-5 on its tail for the winter? It has the bagger brackets on it so it stands up and is stable. Gas tank is already empty and battery is removed.
  14. I had clippings getting trapped above mine so I removed it before the deck shell started to rust away. The kit weighed more than I do
  15. 1988 414-8

    Great running 414-8 with 958 hrs on the clock. One fuse holder has been replaced. Everything works including the lights. The seat is not torn but has a permanent dent in it from something resting on it for a very long time (got it that way). Carburetor has no play in the throttle shaft. No leaks. I have more pics I can send if wanted.