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    wheel horse- a name you can depend on. :)
  1. Bagged another Wheel Horse C-121-Auto

    thats a nice lookin tractor you got, nice grab
  2. looks really good :handgestures-thumbupright:
  3. 1046

    i used to have one of those to, and sold it to jusjeepin.
  4. I want SNOW

    my snow tractor has been ready to go for a monthe.......................
  5. new adition comes home

  6. 857 rebuild

    looks great so far :bow-blue:
  7. wheel horse for sale

    it runs good, but the govener isnt working????????? it runs away from you when you give it any kind of throttle???? i dont know how you reset it or adjust it.??
  8. Wheel Horse shopping Black Friday

    nice lookint tractor.
  9. 2012 Red Square Calender Pictures

    that looks cool :bow-blue:
  10. wheel horse for sale

    ill try to get a picture later this week and the measurments. :banana-tux:
  11. Bad Day for the tractor

    glad your ok
  12. wheel horse for sale

    ittt runssss, started right up turned over bought 3 times and she took off. gues all the hard work was worthi it, it runs great. now its time to put it to work... :wh:
  13. Well Done

    excellent job on here guys :clap:
  14. wheel horse for sale

    yea sure is, im glad i finally got time to get back to it, im just tryin to figure out the wiring since its suppose to have a 18 horse onan on it and the guy put a 14 horse kohler on it, i cant remeber how everything was hooked up so i got a few wires im still not sure where they go, ill figure it out tomarow though i hope, i got it to crank over now :)
  15. wheel horse for sale

    well i know its been awhile but shes alost runnin i havent got to mess with it in a very long time something came up with vehicles and just got it put back together so this past week ive been getin back to my wheel horses, this one is almost ready to go, i got everything hooked up and i got the motor to crank over tonight, hopefully ill get it running tomarow, and the snow blade and tire chains and weights on it to. :handgestures-fingerscrossed: