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  1. Sounds like it will look cool. Leaving the Milwaukee emblem? Oh yeah. Re-nu, Re-use, Re-purpose.... Works for me. Good Luck.
  2. You can also " lightly heat" them with a small torch. I mean "lightly", that works to loosen the crusty grease that may be locking up the ball.
  3. Too wet to work here. 2 weeks ago it was dry enough to plow my big garden. I like spring plowing, really controls the weeds. Unfortunately, I tried to work a piece behind my little woods and hooked a large root. The D-250 didn't give up and neither did the root. The plow had to. I bent the main beam and twisted the moldboard almost straight sideways. I patched it up so at least we are ready for when it dries up. I planted the straw bale Potatoes last Monday night and have had 2 straight days of rain since. The bales should get wet enough. I guess we will see if this experiment works. Started Tomatos and peppers 3 weeks ago and they are out in the greenhouse. I also started pie pumpkins and some summer squash as well. My corn seed should be here by Friday. So, we should be set to hit it when it is time. I will be planting Onion sets and Peas this weekend if it is dry enough.
  4. I just use my C type small engine compressor (KD). One tip I like to share. Put a piece of paper towel or something in the bottom of the valve pockets over the drain hole. Those sneaky valve retainers find a very quick route to the bottom of the governor case... I don't know how I know that . Good Luck
  5. Ok. Getting the equipment ready for garden work. I have the D-250 in for its service. I was looking at the front tires. I really hate those factory "Implement/golf cart" tires it has. They are 18X8.50-8's. I would like some tri-ribs on the front. But, it seems none are available. I do not want the Deestone 4 ribs either. So? here is the question. What will fit? Is there a size I can use on these factory rims? Any help help is appreciated. Pat
  6. I'll second that........
  7. And the kids are going to have to" Splain the sitiation" to ya. "What we have here? Is a failure to communicate". . Looks like fun though.
  8. You need the swept forward front axle on a 520 or you won't be able to steer it. The front tires will hit the deck. You also need the proper Mule drive for a 60" deck. They are different than the rest.
  9. . I can't decide. Therefore? I think you should probably just go and buy another tractor to put them on. See how simple that was? And that folks? Is how I seem to end up with more tractors ...
  10. You are going to really like that tractor. is my multi-use garden tractor. I have a 36" RD deck that mows between the squares in the square foot garden. It pulls the water trailer. Also does the cultivating between the rows. Very good on gas. Handy machine. Maybe you could fabricate a hydro-hammer for it. Looks like you need to hook up with a concrete guy.... Good luck with it.
  11. Nice garden. Now that is a fence. I would need several fences for my gardens and by the time I was done? I would be fence poor. The rabbits and squirrels around here? Go well with the veggies I grow. I agree with using grass between the rows for weed control. I however, cannot do that. I cut and rake and bale my grass for bedding for my chickens. Covering the carrots is a great idea too. I use straw to do that and it does work very well. As an addition this year? I am also going to try planting potatoes in some old straw bales to see what happens. From what I understand? I would just place the seed potatoes into the bale (while it is still tied) and water. One plan I read, uses 5 bales placed on the sides, with 4 surrounding the center one. Then, plant the seed between the books on the inside bale and close to the inside of the surrounding bales. I will get a picture up when I make it when it is time. I am kind of excited about this. If I am guessing right? I may be able to basically compost the straw over summer. Get the spuds out and then push the compost into the corresponding garden and work it in.That should get away from hilling, and keep the right amount of moisture for the potatoes. Plus, compost to boot. It seems to me though? The bale may be too tight and the spuds may be deformed. But? There is only one way to find out, right?
  12. Umm, That sounds familiar. I used to work at an elevator in the fertilizer dept. They bought an 88 Ford f-250 for a sprayer truck. I pushed it in the shop because it wouldn't start. Figured out the wiring problem and reached in to hit the starter through the open door? Apparently the PO had disabled the neutral safety switch. Because, it was in gear(4spd.) and, lo and behold? My repair was spot on. She fired up like a brand new truck. And, proceeded to take off across the shop. Running into and over the tire machine. Whereby, lifting the rear end so far off the ground? It couldn't go any farther. So, Question? Did you stand there and say "what the F just happened"? And then laugh? Or laugh first?
  13. Yep, it's confirmed. Wearing headphones and listening to heavy metal music will make you lose your balance...... Looks like you needed your . Sorry for the pain Jim. It really sucks when the ground jumps up tp meet your feet when you are not ready.....But, you were going to the doctor anyway. Might as well make it interesting . Get well soon.....
  14. Looks like you are getting the welding down. Myself? When I weld I really don't care what it looks like. My beads aren't always perfect. But, as long as I get good penetration? I am happy. The welds don't look perfect. But, the part doesn't look broken anymore either . As far as a drill press goes? Get one. I have an older Sears benchtop model that I bought at an auction for $85.00. Best money I ever spent. I am even thinking of replacing the standpipe for a longer one and make it a floor standing model (since my old one crapped out). The one thing? No matter which brand you buy? Is a drill press vise. Saves alot of wear and tear on your fingers and hands. You don't want to be featured in the "Bumps and Bruises" section . Keep up the good work. Pretty soon you will be fabbing and fixing every thing in sight . Good Luck. Pat
  15. Hi all. Just finished up some preliminary plans for this years 3 gardens. I was wondering though? This year I am planning to move the rows farther apart. First is for the sweet corn. I am thinking of planting the rows at 48". That would make it easier to cultivate, even when the corn reaches canopy. The only thing that worries me is pollination. We used to plant all our field corn on 38",s when I was younger and it did well. I tried 38",s last year and though the corn did well? It was hard to go between the rows even with the 312h and cultivator narrowed down to 32" overall width. When I asked my corn supplier about wider rows? He said," Well, there is only one way to find out". Has anyone planted sweet corn at this spacing? I would like to do it with the popcorn too. As for the tomatoes? 60" spacing is the plan. Peas and beans will also be on 48",s. Squash will be exclusively in the west garden with nothing else in there. And new for this year? The south garden will become a square foot garden. The square wil be 4'X4' with 60" between each square with a total of 24 squares. My wife tried a smaller version of this in my grandsons garden last year and I was impressed how well it produced. Anyone else planning yet? I know you are.