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  1. Onan P220 Flywheel issue

    Thanks John. But, that is pretty much how I wrecked my puller. I tightened it up some more, hit it some more. Split it in the threaded part...... Onan 1.... OTC Puller 0...........
  2. Lake affect Snow Storms

    And to think. We only have about 2 inches of snow here. Too cold to snow. This morning? - 15 degrees f. A little breezy but not too bad. Not as bad as it could be. My folks live 225 miles northwest of me and they have about 10 inches of snow and it was - 28f. this morning....... At least the sun is out.
  3. Onan P220 Flywheel issue

    Hello All. I am having an issue with a P220 that I haven't come across before. I am trying to remove the flywheel to rebuild. I cannot get it off. There was some previous work done on this engine (not by me). I am thinking that the P.O. or, whomever worked on it, over tightened it. So now? How do I get it off. I already wrecked one puller. Pretty soon ? It will be the blue wrench and a different flywheel. Any Ideas, short of dynamite? All help will be appreciated.... Thanks Pat
  4. Another update on my C-175

    I stand corrected. Sorry Richard. I was working on something else and looking for a part. 5/8 ths was stuck in my brain. I still take the 5th
  5. Another update on my C-175

    Both the external snap ring or C-clip will work. Incidentally, a body style washer with a 3/4" hole over the spindle and clipped can help finish a job without the wheel falling off. Taking the 5th on why I know that . If the hub didn't get too chewed up? Again, Taking the 5th . The bearings are easy to replace. Good Luck Pat
  6. Showing the boy some culture today

    I don't know who is luckier. I would say both of you. I drive a concrete truck. And, every time I am at a jobsight where children are present? They just get awestruck by the BIG trucks. He had to have a ball. I bought my first semi in 79. The same week I graduated high school. I love trucks. Old ones are the best. Those pics of those DM-800's and that Superliner were awesome... i also really like that GMC Astro 95. I had to rent one of these when my IH had to go in the shop. The windshields were so low on the bottom? You could see the drivers knees. I try to go to every truck show in my area. Old Macks and Internationals are my favorites. Thanks again.. Take the little man to more shows. Pat
  7. Trip to Toro Headquarters

    A few years ago a very good friend of mine passed away. He was a prototype engineer for Toro. He worked there for over 20 years. As a matter of fact? I have a prototype hood for the 300 series tractor that he got from there. It has measurements written on it from the first year of production. I went to the Bloomington headquarters once with him and he was allowed to show me around. It was a great experience. He was a good source for info. as he helped design them. He could find any part too. I guess it would be easier, if you made them. Nice pics.
  8. Toro Groundsmaster 220-D

    I hadn't viewed this thread. Did you get the Groundsmaster? For $500.00? You stole it. I have a Groundsmaster 72 (77). It has the same engine as my D-250. Once you get used to the rear steering and working the left /right steering brakes? You can mow like a wild man. As with our WH's? All parts are available. However, You cannot buy them from the Toro Parts store. Even though you can find them on the Master Parts Viewer? These are commercial mowers. You have to go through a Toro commercial service center. Not all Toro dealers sell/ service commercial equipment.
  9. Chili with or without beans?

    I like red kidney beans and black beans in mine and not overly spicy. We also put in mushrooms and potatoes to thicken it. Beanless chili is a definite must for chili dogs or on burgers. On a side note? We had a chili contest at our local Eagles club a few years ago. A southern "white" chili took 1st place. My "chocolate" yes, chocolate chili got 2nd. It was good. But, I haven't made it since because after some of it? Unlike other chili's Ive had? I didn't want more. And, if you like cornbread with it? Try some Ho-cakes.They are like cornbread pancakes. You can butter em' roll em' and, dip em'. Oh yeah.
  10. C-160 Automatic Question

    Problem solved. Thanks Daveoman1966. The C-160 will live......
  11. Hi all. I have a question about my C-160. I am putting a clevis hitch on it and found out the rockshaft is different than the ones I have. Mine are 6" long and this would need to be at least 7 and 1/2" at least. Were these different? Or am I missing something on the seat/ fender mount? Any help would be appreciated. Pat
  12. Truck Drivers Beware

    I would agree with this question. What I do know is, Most ramps are on an 8 percent or greater slope. It also depends on length of descent. I have been in many places in this great country that I thought could use runouts. Sometimes there just isn't anywhere to put them due to terrain or City or County ordinances. I can guarantee that if some of these folks ever needed one? They would be everywhere. Unfortunately, it takes several incidences to catch the attention of these entities. But, with all of the newer equipment and tremendous strides in braking ability ie; engine and transmission braking, along with disc brakes and ABS systems? Trucks are much better than they were. That may be the very problem. There may be a false sense of security that these new upgrades will solve the problem. But these systems are relatively new to the industry and are still experiencing operational troubles. Since I have come off the road and am a local only driver now? I can see that Class 8 vocational trucks like Concrete Mixers, Dump Trucks, Milk trucks and the like are finally starting to get some of the upgrades that alot of the road trucks have. When the systems work? They work well. However, they still cannot defy gravity. Though I am not familiar with the area that this accident occured in? Perhaps the local entities there may take a look at the info. about past incidents in this area and take the appropriate actions.
  13. Small tillers

    Hi all. I need some advice on a purchase that I intend to make. We are looking to purchase a small tiller. I am not a fan of tilling. But, my wife wants one for her square foot garden. The reason I am not a fan? Tilling tends to pulverize the soil. This can destroy alot of the micronutrients in the soil. Any way. There are alot of choices out there and some are cheap. But some are very expensive. I am interested in the Mantis tillers. Have any of you had experience with these? Or opinions on other brands? We are looking for something in a 10", that is easy to start and operate. Any help is appreciated
  14. Truck Drivers Beware

    Thanks for posting that Ed. Being a driver. I can definitely attest to the runaway issue. Believe me, there isn't a good driver out there that doesn't think of that scenario. It doesn't always have to involve a mountain road either. Ice, snow or wet roads can and do create an "out of control" truck. I am sorry for the congregations loss. But grateful that only minor injuries were sustained. Always give trucks plenty of room. Don't adopt that " I gotta get in front of that truck" attitude. We leave that 4 or 5 car cushion in traffic for a reason, so we can stop 80,000 pounds before we crush something........ If you have to dive in that stopping area? Just to get in front of that truck? You could be under it. Put the phone down and drive.......
  15. New to here (with adopted Wheel horse)

    When you get the lift pin in place? Then make sure the deck is set to its lowest cutting position and drop the lift arm all the way down(ie; lower manual lift arm or hydraulic lift). Then you should have enough "slack" to "aim" the fork on the rod. Then, keeping your fingers out of "Bumps and Bruises" spots? Lift up on the deck, using either the Man. or Hyd. lift while guiding the fork. It doesn't take much lift to get it high enough to start the fork. Then it will guide itself so you can move your hand away and lift it to lock. Make sure both sides are hooked into the Tach a matic. And, that the lock clamps are fully locked. Once that is done? Tighten the Mule drive adjustment knob. Sometimes, the belts can be stretched. Especially if it is an old well used one. Good Luck...