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  1. Garden Tractors OR Compact Utility Tractor???

    I think Kubota has 5 year 0% loans right now, an you can get a new scut with 60" mower an frt loader at about yer top end $ you want to spend
  2. How to tell a 301 from the outside

    Thanx Guys, I'll just hafta wait until I take the head off sometime. Its on my 112 JD that the guy lied to me about everything. Says he rebuilt the engine too, but it could be a 10 hp for all I know.
  3. Somtimes I wish...

    Bowtieguy will make ya a deal, He has been good to me on all the stuff I needed for my horses. Really a nice Guy.
  4. How to tell a 301 from the outside

    Besides the blower cover tag. Thanx
  5. Simplicity 728 Broadmoore

    Didn't buy it for $300, offered $250 an wouldn't take, so I said bye bye.. Carbs leaks terrible, batt bad, rear end whines alot, mower deck missing, decals look like heck in real life, looks like head gskt is leaking a little, but the engine did sound excellent for its age when they finally did get it running. The only thing I found restored on it was the gold paint, and not a very good job at that. If anybody else is interested I'll sure give ya the CL ad or his phone #. I am tired of buying other peoples c**p. Ronnie
  6. Simplicity 728 Broadmoore

    Yep, thats the one I'll probably buy tomorrow. Not the one I wanted, but this will do for the time been until I find the 9 hp monkey wards squire like I had. This is a Gilson made tractor from 1976. When I was young an my brother bought the new 9hp simp from Wards, I tried to get my Dad to buy the cheaper/ smaller vert shaft one, like the one above on the trailer, but I got stuck with a new monkey wards simp rear engine "Wonder Boy" UGLY but it did do a heckuva good mowing job. Ron
  7. Simplicity 728 Broadmoore

    Well, all I can tell ya is that my 9hp old wards horiz shaft simp was a 64-65 and I would have swore it did. But that has been 42 years ago that I had it. Heres a pic I found of exactly what it looked like. I could be wrong, but I swore it swiveled in the middle right under the front of the seat or the rear of the dash. I had a tiller, mower, sickle bar and a yard trailer for it. I always had to go to AC to get parts for the sickle bar. I found this a few days ago,(its not a Simp, its a Gilson I think) that he wants $400 for it an I believe he will take 300 for it. Its not what I had, but a nice one to finish filling my trailer to take to the tractor shows.
  8. ottawa ks Power of the past

    I was there...........If you met Dexters, you must have seen me at the other end of their trailer with the 2 WH's and 1 Deere. Larrys trailer is right behind me in one of the pics here. Look real hard an you can see me settin' inside the trailer out of the sun. It gotta little warm that afternoon I couldn't convince Bowtie Guy (AKA Frank the Crank) to bring his tractors to the show. I think he had a grandkids B-day party he had to go to that day. Frank is actually a really nice guy if you'd meet him, and the Dexters too. Their places are not very far from me here at the Lake.
  9. ottawa Kans. 9 08 12 010

    1981 A-81 R.E.R. for the little woman with a sulky that was made out of an old sulky for a 2 wheel walk behind tractor with spring loaded seat for easy riding on the bumps
  10. ottawa Kans. 9 08 12 011

    1979 c-101 View from other side
  11. ottawa Kans. 9 08 12 002

    79 C-101 Paint is all the same color. Either sunlite or cheap camera makes it look 2 colors. Came out of the same can an was both painted at the same time
  12. green machine

    Thank Ya Feller.......
  13. green machine

    Yeah I live down here at the Lake of The Ozarks on the west end. All those people down by Bagnell Dam are rich an eat steak, we are at what you would call the bologna/poor peoples end of the lake....hehehe Coupla other members live this way. Bowtie guy/man has a big spread down here an my other friends, Larry an Judy live a stones throw from me also. I can't remember what Larry goes by on here. I live right at Warsaw, an the others live just a few miles from town. I can get to either one of'ems in 10 min. or so. Got a front blade the other day, but might be interested in a tiller. Mine has the electric lift an would take several parts to get a lift rod to/out the back end for a tiller. I'm getting ready to start hunting or buying new, the rod an small parts for the front blade/thrower lift. But later this winter I would be interested in the tiller. I luv my little 4 banger 5 speed Ranger, if ya go for a short drive 5 miles or less it'll leave its mark on the drive overnight. If ya go on a long trip an get the oil really hot it'll never leave a spot the next morn. Doesn't smoke or use any, except when it leaves its mark. You know a teaspoon of oil will spread out to a 2 ft. round area. I think the cold oil is running back down the inside back of the block an oozing out somewhere, but not at the valve cover. Anyway, I wouldn't trade it for nothin' no rust anywhere, somebody took good care of it that owned it before an probably put all highway miles on it. Got it for next to nothing because a highline had fell on it during that big ice storm in Springfield a few years back. It just put a small crease in the back edge of the top. $250 later an it looks like it was never there. I have a 99 4 banger auto for the little woman also. These little suckers are hard to beat IMO If yer ever at this end of the Lake, email me an let me know. Bowtie an Larry both have quite a collection of Horses to look at. I had to get a Deere to put between my Horses to keep'em from fightin' I forgot, yes I am a fairly new WFM Guy, just a few weeks
  14. green machine

    Heres a pic of the Deere frame after I stripped most of it. I had removed a coupla the cross braces here and the whole back end that the rear end bolts onto. Most everything was 1/4" steel on the frame with a part of the frame being 3/16" The engine cradle (gone in this pic) was all 1/4" steel an helps tie the frt an sides of the frame together. It uses the same engine style as mine, rubber mounted and the oil pan with the hump for the rod dipper sticking out the bottom. I can see why they are high priced if they are all built like this one
  15. green machine

    I know, slip a 302 in it....., I think I'll stick with it like it is for now. Back when I owned a shop I shoe horned several small block chevs in s-10's. Gas mileage was just as bad as when they were in the full size truck. But ya could twist the frames if ya tried real hard....hahaha