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  1. Which horse is your favorite

    My favorites are the black hoods!
  2. C-175 electrical gremlin

    I wanted to update my post. I found the problem! It was the wire that goes from the starter solenoid to the ignition switch. It had a break that I couldn't find until I undid all the wiring cover. Runs great now since I went through everything else and cleaned and adjusted. Thanks to all who helped me with suggestions. Mike
  3. C-175 electrical gremlin

    I checked all three suggestions above but the problem still persisits 1) "For testing purposes I would suggest running a jumper directly to the coil "+" terminal from the battery "+" terminal and jumper the starter solenoid to see if it will run without this issue" The engine turns over while I jumper the solenoid but there is no spark to the plugs 2) "I would suspect the ammeter or the wiring to and from it. To eliminate the ammeter - Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery and isolate it so it can not accidently contact the (-) battery post. Take one of the wires off the ammeter and install it on the other ammeter post so both wires are connected together. Reconnect the (-) battery cable to the battery and see what happens." this had no effect on the problem. I still don't have any power to anything, lights, hour meter, etc. 3) "I had a 81 C-125. Same symptom. The fuse holder had started to break apart and it would lose connection. Check that along with the ammeter connections." I took the ampmeter out of the circuit as suggested but still had no change in the condition. Are there any other suggestions for me to check? I'm wondering if the regulator/rectifier would create this problem if it went bad? Miike
  4. C-175 electrical gremlin

    Thanks, I'll try these 3 responses and let you know what I find. Mike
  5. Hi folks, I'm having an issue with my Wheel Horse that has me stumped and I need some assistance with trouble shooting. It's a 1982 C-175 series II with point ignition. I turn the key on and everything works as it should, I start it (starts easily), it runs for 5 seconds and then shuts off as if I turned off the ignition. I try to restart it and there is no power to the solenoid. Also, no power to the lights. It's as if the battery is disconnected. Things I've done; Switched ignition switch with known good one from my 1984 C-125 checked battery voltage checked all 3 safety interlock switches cleaned all connections inc. grounds cleaned and set point gap checked fuses ot start I have the wiring diagram and was wondering if a bad regulator/rectifier could cause this issue?
  6. And just in case you're wondering, part #9 in the diagram is the replacement shaft you need if you add the electric lift option.
  7. I took some pictures of that lift lever and the open slot is where the L- hook attaches.
  8. It's been awhile since I've been inside my tractor but I seem to remember that L rod fitting into a slot at the bottom of the lift rod. The adjustment knob is used to limit the depth of the rototiller or the one-bottom plow/cultivator set. It probably also would be used to limit the height of a center-mounted grader blade. it's not for adjusting the mowing height, though.
  9. Hood Poll

    My favorite are the black hoods!
  10. I had a 1972 back in the mid-80's. It had a twin-cylinder Kohler engine and was a 2 stroke! I always thought it looked like an old locomotive.
  11. Do you own more than one "WORKER" Wheel Horse?

    My C-175 hydro is for mowing, snowblowing, and pulling my garden sprayer, (because with Matts hydro-foot drive, I can drive with one hand while holding the spray wand with the other). My C-125 8-speed is for snowplowing & rototilling, I find the gear drive better for rototilling.
  12. Road legal?

    I live in a small farming town and I drive my compact tractor on the roads occasionally with a "slow moving vehicle" emblem on the back, as required. I suppose I could put one on my Wheel Horse if I wanted to do the same.
  13. New England Blizzard!!!

    Just finished four days (about 60 hours) in the tractor/snowblower at work and still haven't had enough seat time! I've still got a few more days of work clearing the town sidewalks where I work. Luckily, the cab is heated and has a windshield wiper. not that lucky at home, I had to clear part of my driveway at 10 o'clock on Saturday night just to get my car back to the garage. I got covered in snow from that 3-point hitch, 5' snowblower! It used all of the 25 pto horspower that my Ford has. Here's a picture I took clearing one of the sidewalks over a bridge at work.
  14. New England Blizzard!!!

    I work for a town here in Ct. where 18"-30" is predicted. I'll be in a John Deere tractor from Friday 7 am till Saturday afternoon. I'll start with a plow but when it gets heavy, I'll switch out to the snowblower attachment. .JD attachments don't change as quick as a Wheel Horse does but the cab is heated! When I get home Saturday, I'll have to clear my 500 ft. driveway so I put my 5 ft. 3-point hitch snowblower on my Ford tractor tonight so I can get it done quick and go to sleep after. I can't wait to retire and be able to clear my driveway at my leisure.
  15. Snow Cab Compatability

    Here's a link that should work for a free down-loadable manual from Toro for the cab. http://www.toro.com/en-us/parts/Pages/PartsDetails.aspx?mybeid=23519&serialNumber=None&modelNumber=79911&searchTerm=9lzIRv+p5zdC6cU5MFGHm2pRKIcAG+KFMnmDFeuGGKv4abZDWc6CUGLo4yy4w6rk