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  1. Electric clutch

    Hi everyone, Its been a long time. I'd like to report on the Honda install on my 520-h. The Honda has been running very strong the past 3 years. But lately the manual PTO is stalling the motor out. I don't know if something let go or what. Runs fine with out the clutch engaged. So I'm trying to find an electric after market clutch to install. Any Ideas out there?
  2. Cab glass change over

    Its way easier to see out of. No cloudiness at all. All you have to do is unbutton and unvelcro the old one and drop the new on in under the roof. Now I need to find a universal wiper on Ebay. I'm not paying $175 from the original cab company for a universal wiper!
  3. Cab glass change over

    After being on order for a month it finally came in. Before After
  4. Honda Horse finished with snow

    The new chute design works very well. Heavy snow build up slows it down a little bit. This is a picture when I was dry fitting everything with out paint and covers. Even with a cover on a little water froze in the motor when I left it outside after blowing that day. Brought it back inside works fine. Not having a turn stop is Very nice!!! I can blow snow to the left or right almost directly behind me nice for tight spaces.
  5. Honda Horse finished with snow

    This muffler is from northern tool. item # 601099 I didn't want to cut my hood so I cut the muffler and extended the two small tubes.
  6. Honda Horse finished with snow

    Pto is adjusted down pretty hard. I might take the clutch apart and knock down the glaze with an aggressive scotch bright on an air grinder. Something does need to slip though!!
  7. Sorry no video but here is a still. This is the GX690 Honda. The limiting factor now is the clutch and belt. The motor never slows down. so you either smell burning belt or the squeal of the clutch slipping. Or a little of both.
  8. Remotorizing the blower chute

    The motor was called a globe motor. I measured about 60rpm timing it. Then I reduced it 9 to 1. The chute turns roughly 6 rpm with friction. The motor is around 150 in*lbs http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/2034
  9. Remotorizing the blower chute

    LOL no hard stops I want to take the top half of the chute off and make a video blowing the snow over the cab and label it Polish snow blower. The motor is call a globe motor. I got it from doing high school robotics competitions. I did fab it all myself. That is the exact reason I did this was the worm gear screwing up and not engaging the ring gear. Drives you nuts. As for a kit I'll talk with Matt and see if he wants to do one.
  10. I got sick and tired of the worm gear loosing engagement with the blower chute gear. So I modified it a little heeheehee And here is a video!!
  11. Honda Horse

    Second, Yes I was hand delivered a foot pedal conversion from Matt. But, I wasn't crazy with the cast reverse pedal. So here is my version out of 3/16 sheet metal. I expect a text from him any minute.
  12. Honda Horse

    Alright guys its been a hot summer now that I have a chance I'm finishing up some details that' I left hanging. First off a corrected pto bracket.
  13. PTO bracket for honda 22Hp

    Hi everyone I'm at work right now and I need a dimension to finish up a design on a PTO bracket I'm working on for my Honda 22Hp motor. I've been using the wheel horse bracket all summer long and now I want to make an improved version now. I need the dimension in the picture to finish it up.