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  1. Wheel Horse C195 tractors for Sale

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. Wheel Horse C195 tractors for Sale

    Changed Status to Pending
  3. Three non-running 1982 C 195 tractors for sale. Fair condition overall. Previous owner stated they did run at one time. '82 C195 - KT19 Kohler engine - 3 pt hitch, new fiberglass seat pan by Adam94, will need seat - 05-60SC01 5 ft side delivery deck and really good condition - complete! Sold as is $ 650.00 or best offer '82 C195 - KT19 Kohler engine - NO 3 pt hitch, ag tires - sold as is $ 300.00 or best offer '82 C195 - Kohler 20 hp Magnum engine - 3 pt hitch, comes with crack/break free original wheel horse plastic seat pan - sold as is $ 450.00 or best offer 4 - 60 inch wheel horse C195 mower decks. Sold as is at $ 25.00 each. All items can be picked up near Wabash, IN. They will be available Friday pm and Saturday am if possible. Other arrangements could be made. Payment - Cash on pick up is best - Can use Paypal as well. PM your interest - all need to be gone. Thank you for interest. They are great tractors.
  4. Package Deal - C195s and stuff

    Thank you Red Square members for all your words of encouragement. We are truly blessed with great guys! Edwroy
  5. Hi all, Here is my story. I bought a package deal of 3 1982 C195s from wh500special in the fall of 2016. Tractors are fair to rough but complete. I also have five 60 C195 decks as well. This was a retirement move as I just retired. The units have set over the winter and I now find I have a health condition that will no longer allow me to follow my restoration dream. So, I plan to post on the "classifieds" in the next couple of days for these C195s as well as other wheel horse equipment and parts. My goal is to price so items will go. Be on the look in "classifieds". Edwroy Greensburg, IN
  6. 18 Automatic & Rear Blade

    Nice looking blade - Brinly I believe
  7. Hi, I haven't worked anymore on them. Will let you know. edwroy
  8. I am in the process of replacing the plastic seat pan on my '82 C195 Wheel Horse. I am using the fiber glass replacement seat pan sold by Adams94. Its a really nice fit. I believe a small spacer will be needed under the seat pan to bolt the seat pan to the tractor. Yes I plan to paint wheel horse red. Edwroy
  9. Hi RMaynard - I clompleted an order for a gas shutoff valve. I paid for it through PayPal on July 26th. I have not heard from you. Did you get the order? My Paypal says they paid you. Appreciate a response. Thank you, Edwroy
  10. More wisdom needed 😃

    I've added 520H gear reduction to my '82 C195. I also added thrust bearings. Makes a difference in steering. Edwroy
  11. Need some wisdom 😆

    I recently added a 520H steering to my '82 C195. I used the C195 axle with 520H spindles, tie rods (had to be shortened [shortened out of the middle because of left and right thread]). Steering shaft from 520H (had to be shortened to fit) and the vertical shaft from the 520H. The gear box will bolt to the frame(will need to drill two holes) if you get the horizontal shaft the correct length. Measure 2x cut once. Good luck Edwroy
  12. 1984 C195

    Good looking C195. Would be a great restore project. Edwroy
  13. various motors for sale...

    Hi, You and I conversed before about the KT19 for the C195. If I remember correctly it was missing some parts. So what parts would I need to find to get the KT19 running? Thanks ed
  14. Reproduction C-195 fenders

    Bought two this past weekend. Well built! Looking forward to using them in a restoration built. Highly recommend. Thanks Travis. Edwroy
  15. Wheel Horse 36 inch Tiller

    Changed Status to Closed