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  1. C145 engine problems

    :scratchead: Hi again guys. Got a c145 with 14hp kolher and i cant get it to run right. When i brought it of ebay i took it for a run at the guys yard and it run fine. Brought it home left it on the trailer for the night, again was running fine next day. Then it started mis fireing like fuel starvation so took the carb off and cleaned it no better. Ajusted the mixture screws and away we go. Ever since then its been messing about, now im not sure it is fuel problems. Somtimes it starts and runs fine, other times it really coughs and splutters and kicks back. Checked the points there fine and keep re asjusting the mixture screws etc no luck. Im wondering if its a worn crank But it was running fine Any ideas Thanks
  2. Finally, I bought one..

    very nice mate gotta love your fergies
  3. wiring diagram

    anyone :banghead:
  4. wiring diagram

    Im tying to re wire my raider 14 but im not at all good with electircs, where can i find a good wiring diagram for it? Thanks :banghead:
  5. What engine

    Thanks, brillant :banghead:
  6. todays rainy day haul

    sounds like you have found yourself some good uns there :banghead:
  7. What engine

    What engine was fitted to raider 14, i no its a 14hp kolher but whats the model number? I want to order some bits for mine but the model number plate is missing. Is there any other numbers i need to no to order bits for the engine, not the tractor its self thanks :banghead:
  8. Countax

    Countax are really common over here, good uns but have a habit of blowing gearboxes :banghead:
  9. Garage Update

    Looking good. wish i We that bigger garage to work in. Although we do have a decent size one as Dad does a lot of engine work
  10. Gt14

    Um thats the one, i could get if for
  11. Gt14

    I no where there is a Gt14 wheelhorse forsale, i just wanted to no some info on them, what horsepower etc. Its very straight just wonded what it would be worth roughly. Im in the uk so im sure prices differ over here than the usa. Sorry if this is in the wrong section Thanks
  12. what paint

    Thank Mate :banghead:
  13. Hi guys, i registard a while back and then didnt come on here much, but im going to come on here more now i think Any way, im looking for paint for a wheelhorse commando 8, being in the uk its hard to find genuine paint, but after some searching i found some and couldnt belive the price
  14. clevis hitch

    Hi, is there such a thing as a clevis hitch to fit my commando 800/b80 and if so where could i get one. Sorry for my lack of nolage but is that how you attach a plough and a cable runs through to the mower lift thanks
  15. commando 8 problems

    After sitting for about a year due to needing a new cylnder head i finaly got my commando 8 running, i changed the oill and after a few momnets if became very hot and is running rough. I think it is the ignition timeing what do you think any ideas how to solve it as my dad cant be bothed to help me :thumbs: