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  1. Visiting Silver Springs Maryland & DC

    You can try the other Air and Space Museum. I like it better than the one in DC. It is out by Dulles Airport. The museum is free but it does cost to park. http://airandspace.si.edu/visit/udvar-hazy-center/
  2. Sears FF20 restoration in progress

    I like the look of your tractor. It sit well and looks awesome. I think you did a spectacular job!
  3. Piston Movement

    Thank you! That is great to hear. I will probably put it back together by this weekend since I don't have to tear it completely down. Now I need to find a short piece of bronze to make my throttle shaft bushing. Thanks again! Chris.
  4. Piston Movement

    I am working a C-160 that seemed to be down on power and rpms so I decided I would pull the carb and head so that I could clean them up and inspect the engine some. I found a leaking head gasket and a worn throttle shaft and a little carbon build up. The head ended up being warped but I ran it back and forth on a piece of sandpaper on my surface plate and in no time it was back in spec. I checked the bore and there is minimal wear. There is no ridge at the top of the cylinder either. The tractor does not smoke or use oil. When I was cleaning the top of the piston I noticed the piston will move back and forth with in the cylinder with some pressure. My question is this normal? I really don't want to take this thing apart to measure the piston and see if it is within tolerance with the bore. It has been awhile since I have rebuilt a engine so I can not remember if that happened before or not. I figure that it has to have some movement to compensate for expanding when it warms up. Long story short is this normal? Thank you, Chris.
  5. New toy to play in the dirt

    Thanks, I wish it was on a JD400 or something cooler than a Yardmachine.
  6. Onan with no spark until I quit cranking

    I just found that muffler. I sure hope it is not going south. I will try what you said about the choke. I did clean the the carb when I was swapping engines and cleaning the tractor up. It really wasn't that dirty. I thought maybe it was running to rich on how much gas it used but what you say about running lean makes sense.
  7. Onan with no spark until I quit cranking

    I tried the coil and it did not work, the test results were the same as the one that was in the tractor. Then I found a topic about 16hp Onan that SOI posted on that talked about diagnosing the problem and figured out with a couple of quick tests that it was most likely the trigger/ignition module. So I tore the flywheel off the extra Onan and stole the trigger from it and replaced it. Now it is running well. I have mowed about 1hr on it so far. I am surprised at how much fuel this thing drinks. It does seem to get get louder as I mow. When I first fire it up cold it seems to run smooth and quiet. After a few minutes the exhaust starts to get a little louder and then a little louder until it is almost uncomfortable then just levels out. I think it might have a little more shake when it warms up also. If you have a idea I would love to hear it. If it bothers me or makes me worry to much I will start another thread, Thanks, Chris.
  8. Onan with no spark until I quit cranking

    Thanks for the suggestion. I had forgotten there was a separate area for electrical.
  9. Onan with no spark until I quit cranking

    I did check out the switch. It seems to be ok. I took the plug off and cleaned it up some. I was surprised that it only had something hooked to 4 out of the 5 terminals. Doesn't look like there has ever been anything on the 5th terminal. I am not real sure on what to do next other than start swapping out parts. I will swap out the coil today and if that doesn't work I will pull the flywheel and replace the trigger.
  10. Onan with no spark until I quit cranking

    Hello. I have a 91 520 with a Onan. The tractor was running well then it just shut down. I checked and it lost it's spark. After it cooled off it would start and run for a few moments and then shut down again. Now it will only fire right when I quit cranking and fire then die. I first ran a jumper from the battery to the coil and it still didn't spark. I checked the coil per the instructions in the Onan manual. It passed and measured as it should. I replace the condenser and still no spark. When I check the voltage on the coil it is +12v in and out until I crank and then the negative drops to +10v. I would think that it should drop more than that but I really have no idea. I also did the ignition module check and I would rotate the engine by hand and I would get 1.5-2.3v - +12v the manual states that it should be 1-1.5v - +12v voltage but I only got under 1.5v once on the many revolutions that I tried. I am not real sure what the coil voltage on the negative side should be while cranking and I am not sure if the variance on ignition module is significant. If you have any other suggestions to try please let me know. Sorry the post seems to ramble.Thanks for reading, Chris.
  11. Which tire should I order for my loader tractor?

    Here is some pictures of the tractor with the new shoes.
  12. New toy to play in the dirt

    My golden is loving it. She now has a ton of sticks/roots that are hanging out of the ground or around the holes in the back yard.
  13. New toy to play in the dirt

    I probably could but the D is not my favorite tractor. If it didn't have the 3 point and tiller I would probably get rid of it. It takes quite a bit to drive the D around the yard(wide turning radius). I think you are correct. It is a nice tractor but it is just so ugly. Yea, I started digging up the yard. I have small stumps 1-2" in my yard that I was pulling. Unfortunately when I went to digging I found 4-6" roots right at the surface of the yard. We are getting ready to grade the yard and plant new grass but all the roots may make that a much bigger chore than we had anticipated. We had around 60-70 trees taken out 3-4 years ago to make a yard for the dogs. I am going to leave it for the time being and see how it goes. I do like the White 1855. There is a picture on Kwik Ways web site under the downloads and it does look bad ass. Thanks, it is fun. When I get into clean dirt it just digs and digs.
  14. New toy to play in the dirt

    I made a road trip today for a new toy today. I am not real excited about the tractor that it is on but i am excited about what is hanging off of it. It is a Kwik Way loader with a backhoe. It is on a Yardman 998 tractor made by MTD and is the same tractor as White 1855. It runs well and is actually a nicer tractor than I thought it would be. The backhoe and loader are in decent shape but the loader bucket is pretty bad off. I am playing with the idea of moving it to a 520 that I was putting together for the Ark loader on my C-160. I am a little worried about the size of the 520 vs the yardman. The yardman is physically larger and weighs in at over 900lbs I believe. Here is the required picture.
  15. Todays Craigslist Steal

    So did you trade or did you pay for it? I saw the add and he had a price which seemed really low but was wanting to trade. It looks like you really scored if you got it for the price he posted on c'list, congrats!