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  1. throttle return spring

    oh well, they dont ship to Canada. Will have to find it somewhere else.
  2. throttle return spring

    thanks a ton. received the new carb today. shiny. waiting for gasket material roll. Just need to decide how to hook up the choke cable and get it installed.
  3. throttle return spring

    should I be able to find studs ? my search for far didn't return anything worth mentioning other than the part number and a picture of them. thanks
  4. throttle return spring

    ok, my current carb has 1inch bolt that go through the carb ears, the spacer and then screw into the block. The spacer is not attached by itself on the block in my case. pictures are worth a 1000 words in this kind of situations
  5. PARTS...PARTS...PARTS 30+ Years accumulated

    looking for the following for a raider 10: drawbar one or two front wheel spindle (left at least and possible right) parking brake lever possibly belt guard if you have them. thanks
  6. throttle return spring

    just making sure I understand this correctly, some of the tecumseh 8-9-10hp engine have studs on the engine block side and only nuts are used to fasten the carb/spacer to the engine ? as I have no idea which HH100 engine I have, looking at the parts diagram of HH100-115202D I can see the threaded on both end stud that goes into the block and the nut & lock washer to go with it. I find this to be a better approach as it's easier to align things. seems like that "stud" is no longer available (tecumseh 650587). will look around.
  7. throttle return spring

    Yeah, I'll have to think about that one. I'll try and see how they are normally used but maybe a nut and bolt in the slot and drill a hole sideways to hook the cable. Which would make it somewhat adjustable by sliding the bolt in the slot Wondering if this area gets too warm to 3d print something in ABS that could be used.
  8. throttle return spring

    I ended up ordering this one. A few dollars more but this one wasn't shipped from China and looked a bit better. AUTOKAY Adjustable Carburetor for Tecumseh 8HP 9HP 10HP Snowblower 640349 640052 640054 https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0751CGGLV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_aVeOBb11ZHG0H Also ordered a roll of gasket making material. Using gasket maker in a tube right now and I find it too messy for this size of gasket Now I hope this one has better space to tighten the screws because my current one is just a plain nightmare. Can't get Phillips in line enough and I also can't get a socket or normal wrench. Pair of long nose plier is pretty much the best I could do. Just dont like when I can't tight to my liking. What do you guys use ? Thanks
  9. throttle return spring

    nah, not that, the one to the right of the idle screw
  10. throttle return spring

    what's the tiny silver hose hookup that we see on this pic, lots of new carb seems to have that, overflow protection ?
  11. throttle return spring

    this one is in Canada .. but very cheap if it works compared to anything else that mentions hh100 https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01LCPBQWC/?coliid=I14I0US2TJ1EML&colid=2H4KV6TA35S23&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it wondering how while looking at it, the choke side butterfly has a chunk missing at the bottom + 2 holes punched. would such a difference be "adjustable"
  12. throttle return spring

    mine plate looks similar to yours, but I'll measure it. I can find tons of aftermarket carb for hm100, not many for hh100, is there a difference that would make this incompatible ? thanks
  13. throttle return spring

    Hi, my throttle return spring is basically useless. 3 questions; - if I remove the throttle butterfly screw that holds the shaft in there, do I need to use loctite or similar when putting it back ? - I cannot find any reference online or anywhere to the model of carb I have; 676794 or 676704 (attached pic), are those springs normally standard (any link to a replacement would be great) the rest of the carburetor is not in that good of a shape, I see all bunch of cheap carb around on ebay but again, none that match my part number. Other than the throttle/choke/fuel line, can I safely replace mine with another model assuming it's built for the same engine size (10hp). my current block is a sbh-225 (hh100) installed on a raider 10 (69-70) thanks
  14. who am I, help

    just noticed the throttle butterfly is not where it should, not sure if I did it removing or not, just moved it back (that's how much slack there is in the exterior part). would explain why my idle was so high