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  1. Wheel weights & tiller

    Ok my next question is about the 36" tiller and the lift. I do not have the lift cable on my tractor. I have one ordered. I just cannot really see where the direction the cable goes from the lift point to the back of the horse. I see where it attaches to be pulled. The question is which Clevis do I need the long or the short?
  2. Wheel weights & tiller

    Ok guys now I'm looking for some wiser opinions. You have a concrete driveway, you live where there is snow. Your driveway is approximately 3 years old would you or would you not run chains with wheel weights? Driveway is not sealed as of yet. Tires I'm running look like automotive tires. My snowblower is a single stage blower. This is on a C-145 automatic. Photos attach of my horse.
  3. Correct Tiller

    As promised here are the photos of everything for $350. Don't think I did to bad!!!!
  4. Wheel weights & tiller

    Here is the pics of my find. All for $350 don't think I did to bad!!!!
  5. Wheel weights & tiller

    Just to give an update I found a tiller and wheel weights for $350 will load pics after I get them picked up today 9/15/18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Correct Tiller

    Thanks Garry, the info you posted will be extremely helpful. Thanks again.
  7. Correct Tiller

    I have a C-145A that I have inherited from my father after his passing. I'm just know realizing what kind of tractor it is. I looking for a tiller and need help with knowing the correct one for the machine again it is a C-145A. Sorry I don't have any pics of the machine at this time. Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Wheel weights & tiller

    Thank you will do that
  9. Wheel weights & tiller

    Thank you. I really like this mower and the versatility I didn't realize it had.
  10. Wheel horse tiller Model RT366

    Is it sold?
  11. Wheel weights & tiller

    Hi, I'm new here. I have inherited my dads C-145A and I'm looking for a set of wheel weights and a tiller. Any info would help.
  12. Looking for Wheel weights and a tiller for a C-145A