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  1. Got a "new" C120 Wheelhorse

    Sounds like a "Johnny Cash" special.
  2. Got a "new" C120 Wheelhorse

    There is no shift pattern plate or parking brake lever either. Looks more like a '73 frame with later model fender pan.
  3. just saying hi

  4. Kohler K Series / Magnum Crank Failures

    The K-series engines are designed to run all day long at 3600 rpm. You can do impeccable maintenance, but if the engine does not get enough oil to the rod bearing, this is what will happen. I didn't read enough of the thread to see if he was cutting on a slope or not. Long term running with the engine on an angle will prevent enough oil from being slung to where it is needed, resulting in catastrophic failure.
  5. battery for 702

    The batteries that I use are usually 300 CCA (cold cranking amps). You don't need that much for a 702, but having more than enough power is better than not having enough.
  6. The time has come.

    I hope all goes well for you Jim. I still bring an extra chair to the big Wheel Horse show each year in hopes that you make the trip.
  7. New here from Greencastle IN

    Glad to have you and your 312-8.
  8. Help... my shift lever pulled out.

    It's a shame that Photobucket has become so greedy and is holding everyone's images hostage unless they pay $399 to upgrade.
  9. Front Wheel Bearings

    Send a PM off to @wheelhorseman Give him the dimensions and see what he can do for you.
  10. Front Wheel Bearings

    If the O.D. is 1-3/8" and the I.D. is 3/4", and you are not planning on installing a front end loader, I don't see any reason why you can't use the light duty bearings 110513.
  11. B80....Rear axle maintenance

    I remove the shifter and pour the oil in through there. To vent, I remove the dipstick. I there is no dipstick, I take one of the bolts out that holds the fender or seat bracket to the top of the transmission.
  12. My lawn is always thin to non-existent in the front of the house due to the enormous oak trees drinking up all the available rain water. I have tried leaving the mulched leaves in the bare spots, but the prevailing wind is from the west (from the road toward the house) and all the mulched leaves end up in piles on the good grass.
  13. c-160 clicks when started

    Take a jumper cable and bypass the solenoid. Go directly from the battery to the lug on the starter. If the starter runs, then you have either a bad cable (or connection) from the battery to the solenoid, a bad solenoid, or a bad cable (or connection) from the solenoid to the starter. I had that problem on my 1977 B-100. It turned out to be a bad end on the cable from the solenoid to the starter.
  14. Is the gas draining back to the tank?

    Invest in a couple 1/4" check valves. They go inline between the tank and the pump.