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  1. 2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    What a great place to explore.
  2. send photo to ACYtower@hotmail.com



    waitin on a photo!!


    S Jersey.

  4. waitin on a photo!!


    S Jersey.


  5. Rest in Peace JimD

    I met JimD at the first WHCC show that I went to in 2010. He sat under my canopy on one of my chairs. The following year I told him that I'd bring that chair for him if he came. I've continued to bring that chair in hopes that his health would improve and he'd be able to return. Sadly, I won't need to bring the "JimD" chair anymore. RIP JimD
  6. It’s Wheels and Tires Wednesday!!

    Just now put a new set of Deestone turfs on the 416-H. Ordered them on Sunday, they arrived Tuesday morning. Great service from simpletire.com
  7. Hello, new owner here.

    If you are in the mood for a little drive the weekend, come to the annual Wheel Horse Collectors Club show in Arentsville, PA. Any accessory you could dream of should be available there. Otherwise, check out our classifieds. Most all accessories from 1973 on will fit your horse.
  8. It’s Motor Monday!!

    Couple of K91T's
  9. #4 in the 2012 pictures.
  10. Happy Father's Day!

    Thanks. Happy Father's Day to all our dads. As is one of our traditions, weather permitting, the four grandsons all get their picture taken on one of "papa's" horses. So here are some horses waiting for riders. More to follow...
  11. Oil sensor switch

    Should be located on the oil filter mounting flange.
  12. I didn't really look closely until today, but my 416-H needs new shoes. I would be interested in the purchase or trade of a set of 23 x 9.50 x 12 turf tires. Would prefer new, but nearly new would be okay too. I will be there all weekend starting Thursday.
  13. Hours meter

    If you are working on a520-H, let us know. I am assuming that is what it is by your previous tags. The hour meter runs through the oil pressure switch. When the engine is running, oil pressure trips the switch and completed a circuit to ground that runs the hour meter.
  14. K341 Engine - What Wheel Horse model

    K341AS would indicate "special oil pan". How is that engine mounted onto the Charger 12?
  15. Help/Ideas

    How 'bout "keep 'em sunny side up" Sunday. Here's an example.