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  1. Coffee cup??? Don't you mean his Rock & Rye cup? Somewhere tonight in Biglerville, there is a liquor store owner wondering why his Rock & Rye shelf is still filled.
  2. Mrs. Maynard says "You're Welcome. Anything to get Bob out of here for a couple of days."
  3. This year was a different experience for me. Having been to the WHCC show each year since 2010 as a "displayer" and an observer, this year I was set up in one of the buildings as a "seller". It was my intention to clear out all my extra parts, tractors, and accessories, as well a sell my Brake Linings, 9-Pin Connector Kit, and Lug Nut Conversion Kits. Among other things, my major sales included the following: Suburban 401 Suburban 551 1969 WorkHorse 700 1967 607 One half of an RJ-58 4 Engines 32" Snowblower 2 42" mid-frame snow plows 2- bathtub carts 48" mower deck RJ deck and several other 1960's decks and parts too numerous to mention. Thanks to one and all, including all the RedSquare members who stopped by to see me. I had a great time, made a little bit of pocket money, and went back home in one trip rather than the two it took to get there. Special thanks to @wheelhorseman Lowell, and @Vinylguy Terry and their families for being my helpers. Any time that I needed coffee or food or ice or someone to just watch the booth while I had to make a nature call, they were happy to help. I'm counting down the days until next year.
  4. I was working a "flea market" this year in one of the buildings (by myself), and never even had a chance to walk around the show much less organize a group picture.
  5. Any Anniversary model.
  6. Craig, is that the Dobbin House? The tavern there is one of Mrs. M's and my favorite spots. Did you get a "gil" of onion soup and a hot buttered rum?
  7. Well, we had some rain, but overall the show was great. It's now Saturday at 11:45 am and the weather is perfect.
  8. You can pay your membership at the show. No problem. As far as pricing, I walk around quickly on Thursday and look to see what others are selling for. However, for the most part, you have an idea of what you'd pay for them, just use that as a guide. Remember, you are selling to fellow Wheel Horse alumni, and most of the time they are trying to find a good deal to be able to get a project done, or a worker back in service. Typically C-series hoods go for as little as $10 and I've seen them for $60. Fender pans $20 to $30. Engine vary based on running or not, rebuilt or refreshed or not.
  9. Dave, Sorry to hear about your health issues. I too wish you well, and will miss the line "please contact me via direct email: daveoman@windstream.net" In a similar vein, I understand your situation. Since my spinal surgery, I have been forced to look at most things in a different light. I've looked at my stock of parts and tractors and come to the realization that I just can't do what I want to do any longer either. Full restorations are out of the question. I decided that this is the year that all my parts, all of my unrestored tractors, and even a couple of my restored tractors will be coming to the show to find new homes. It's not a fun decision, but one that I knew was inevitable. I'm not giving up the hobby, and I will still be active on RedSquare, as well as coming to shows, but just pulling stuff out of the shed and loading it on the trailer has been quite the chore. Please look me up at the show this week end.
  10. Man does that bring back some memories. My dad bought a 1947 or 48 (never was sure of the year) back in 1962. I was 12 years old and thought I was Mario Andretti when he taught me how to operate it. As a young teenager, I plowed snow, plowed the garden, used the sickle bar, and anything else that my dad wanted me to do. My brother still has it and had plans to restore it, but like many other projects, life gets in the way.
  11. I can't tell you the model number, but I'm sure others will jump in with the correct info. However, I'd suggest that you just go to eBay and search Onan P220 starter. You will find lots of choices, new, used, rebuilt, etc. with prices to fit any budget.
  12. There is a pin that goes through this arm. Could be sheared.
  13. 3/4"
  14. @Amcwheel85 are yours not adjustable? I'm not sure what year Wheel Horse started using the adjustable ones, but the C-101 that I owned briefly had them, and they looked to be original. Like Eric said, first check for damage to the spindle arms or spindles themselves.