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  1. How much is in this picture?

    No, not a tach-a-matic, and unless it's a transplant, it's not a 16hp model. Has all the appearances of a 1967 1077.
  2. Eagle Watchers

    Unfortunately, ground critters would get the chickens first. Lots of dogs, foxes, and raccoons in the area.
  3. in need of....

    The 1969 has a Tecumseh engine with no solenoid. The starter circuit goes directly from the battery through a high amperage switch to the starter. The 1972 has a Kohler engine with a solenoid to power the starter. Neither engine has a oil level switch.
  4. K321 to K341 upgrade

    The K321 is already bored to 3.5 inches. That's the standard bore for that engine. A K341 is 3.75 inches. Kits for a K341 will not work in K321.
  5. Eagle Watchers

    As the folks from the PA Game Commission have said, nature is sometimes not easy to watch.
  6. in need of....

    1972 with Kohler Engine 1969 with Tecumseh Engine
  7. in need of....

    What year is your Charger 10? On the 1972, it's only in the start circuit.
  8. in need of....

    Check the safety switch on the clutch/brake pedal.
  9. Snow Bowling

    It's rented quite often, but we do get up there fairly often. This one sleeps 14.
  10. Lug nut kits will be available again in about 10 days. Also will have them at the BIG show.
  11. Snow Bowling

    That's pretty cool. Looks like my daughters chalet at Deep Creek Lake, MD. Never thought about snow bowling, but the lay of the land lends itself to setting up a couple of lanes. There's always a stack of split firewood under the deck for the renters to use. All they would have to do is make they own bowling ball. Going to show this video to them when they come over tonight. Thanks for posting Ed.
  12. WH Factory Pictures in South Bend

    @gwest_ca Thanks for this link Garry. In the MANUALS section there are two instances of these files. The link to the one in "BROCHURES" is good, but the link to the ones in "MISCELLANEOUS" is broken. Broken: http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/files/file/4-wheel-horse-final-part-1/
  13. Happy Birthday Blue!

    Happy Birthday
  14. Holy horses, we almost missed it. Hope you had a nice birthday Rich.
  15. Happy Birthday Achto

    Happy Birthday