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  1. 8hp 4 speed not charging battery

    Just thinking, your model may not have an ammeter.
  2. 8hp 4 speed not charging battery

    Do you have a multimeter? First step is to check the battery voltage without the engine running. It should read 12+ volts. Then check it with the engine running at about half to full throttle. You should be getting about 13.5 to 14.8 volts DC. If you aren't getting this voltage when running, then you need to start working back to see where the charging voltage stops. Many times the problem is in the ammeter. The voltage from the rectifier goes through the ammeter. If it's bad, it stops there.
  3. C101 Mysterious Part

    That clevis hitch is made and sold by one of our members right here on RedSquare, @wheelhorseman
  4. Happy Birthday guys, and a special Happy Birthday to my old Coast Guard buddy John. Hope you had a great day!
  5. wishin4a416 birthday

    It's Your Birthday! Hope you have a great day!
  6. This place is awesome ! Newbee here.

    If it runs with starter fluid but dies in a few seconds, make sure that you have fuel pumping into the bowl. A carb cleaning may help. But if it doesn't, you may have a fuel pump problem. Also, be sure to use fresh fuel.
  7. Need a Belt

    You have a 1976 C-120. The deck appears to be a 42" rear discharge. The Toro part number listed for a 1976 65-42MR01, 42" Rear Discharge Mower Deck is #108834. 1/2" x 98"
  8. Need a Belt

    What year is the C-120, and what is the model number of the deck? If you can't find the model number, what size is it? Is it side or rear discharge?
  9. C100 NO START

    The Bendix is the gear assembly at the end of the starter shaft. It has a spiral spline inside that causes the gear to be moved in the direction of the flywheel when the starter is spun. A small spring at the end of the shaft pushes the gear back when the starter stops spinning. If the spline is gunked up, (say with mud), grease or other contaminant, it won't move. Remove the starter, then remove the plastic cover if it's still there, remove the clip holding the spring, remove the spring, and gear. Clean everything. Do not lubricate with oil or grease, but use something like graphite, or nothing at all.
  10. C100 NO START

    The C-100 should have a clutch safety switch, and a seat safety switch which will prevent starting if not in the seat with foot on the clutch. But if you are getting a noise from the starter, you must be getting power to it. With that model, when you turn the ignition switch, the solenoid should engage (making a click), and provide power to the starter. If the starter is turning but not engaging the flywheel, you may have a problem with the Bendix on the starter.
  11. 8 speed tranny fluid mixing?

    Go for it. Mix away. It won't do any harm.
  12. Kohler k91 not starting (update #2)

    Trying to read 20,000 volts set at 20 volts is a good way to fry your meter.
  13. Kohler k91 not starting (update #2)

    How are you checking it? Most meters won't read spark plug voltage without a high voltage adaptor like this.
  14. Wallingford, CT to Big Show

    Cancel that @stevebo but thanks for the offer.
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