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  1. Greetings from Spain

    Carlos, Welcome. I know that it is difficult to try to translate from Spanish to English and vice-versa, so if you don't understand what is being told, please don't give up. Keep asking. We will eventually get you an answer that you can understand. I wish that I had stayed awake in school during Spanish class. By the way, we have another member in Spain named Carlos. He is in Madrid. @carlosking450
  2. 314-H snapping drive belts

    I don't know if my eyes were deceiving me or what, but in the video, the idler does not appear to be rotating.
  3. 520H Throttle cable freezing

    After you have removed the water from inside the cable, and added some lube, try putting one of these cable seals on the end to keep water the out. Available on eBay and possibly your local motorcycle shop.
  4. The previous owner painted the hood for some reason, most likely because the original finish was either faded, damaged, or rusted. You might find that taking off the top coat may reveal a finish worse than what you are starting with. Having said that, I have used citrus based stripper on a rag, doing small patches at a time and neutralizing with clean water as the top coat comes off. Doesn't work with all paints, but most cheap spray can finishes are pretty easy to cut.
  5. Crazy Electrical Problem

    Brain freeze. I stand corrected. Thanks for the correction @gwest_ca
  6. Crazy Electrical Problem

    You should only have power to the negative side of the coil when the points are closed. Sounds like you may need to take a look in that department first. Points should be clean, and gapped at about .020.
  7. 314-H snapping drive belts

    what Mike says is true. Drive belts are made to be tortured, and if you are using genuine Toro/Wheel Horse brand of the correct width and length, you might see them last for the life of the tractor. I have an 857 that the original owner said is still running it's original drive belt. So, assuming that your pulley alignment is good, and there is no damage to either, that all guides are in place and the belt is routed correctly within those guides, your idler is correct and not binding with the correct spring tension, there is no binding in the transmission input shaft, then my only conclusion is defective belts. If it's possible for you to raise the rear end of the tractor, remove the belt cover, and carefully observe the belt while engaged and running, you may see something amiss. However, if all the above is correct, I doubt you will see anything. If that's is the case, and you have been using genuine Toro belts, try a Kevlar belt from your local auto parts store.
  8. 314-H snapping drive belts

    Take a look at this thread from April of this past year:
  9. 314-H snapping drive belts

    So up to about 1040 hours, you had no problems with belts snapping, then from that time on you've broken 3. So the question is, what is different now? What have you been doing in the last 15 to 20 operating hours that may be affecting your belts? 
  10. 314-H snapping drive belts

    So, something that hasn't been discussed... how many hours between breakage?
  11. K181S Does Flywheel positioning matter?

    Standard plug wire. Available almost anywhere small engine parts are sold. Also available on Amazon and eBay.
  12. CL something different

    ...or a C-111 Picture courtesy of an April 2011 post by @rydogg
  13. 314-H snapping drive belts

    How about showing us some pictures of the busted belts.
  14. CL something different

    I too would like to know what that tractor started life as. Could it be a 1982 SB-421? There were no B-160's to the best of my knowledge.
  15. 314-H snapping drive belts

    Can you see any wear marks or cuts anywhere other than at the break? Were there any unusual noises prior to failure? What brand of belt were you using?