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  1. PM me. I have two rebuildable ones. Can ship, and I take PayPal.
  2. Lot's of growth in the last couple weeks. The eaglets are now 24-30" long with 4-5' wing spans. Their talons are almost full grown, and their beaks are as well. Just amazing how fast these little guys grow. https://hdontap.com/index.php/video/stream/bald-eagle-live-cam
  3. I don't think it's the carburetor. How do you know the battery is good? It sounds to me like a classic case of a battery with a bad cell. It has enough power to turn the engine over with no compression, but as soon as the plug is back in, it's not powerful enough. See if it turns over with jumper cables from a known good battery like the one in your car or truck.
  4. Nope. I like it as is.
  5. First rule of tractor electrical troubleshooting, check the grounds from battery to frame, frame to engine, engine to starter.
  6. Take the pump off and watch the lever as you put it in. Also, don't install it upside down. Lever needs to point upward.
  7. Could be the carburetor. If you haven't taken it apart to clean it, the float valve may be stuck closed. You can also take the hose off from the pump to the carburetor, have someone turn the engine over and see if gas is spurting out of the pump. If not, be sure that when the new pump was installed that you placed the lever on top of the camshaft and not under it.
  8. PM sent.
  9. I can do a lot of damage to plumbing, wiring, and nails. Drywall dust is in my blood. Let us know when the party starts. ... Oh yeah, I forgot, you are 650 miles away. All kidding aside, that's a great looking place you have there Bob.
  10. The drive belt is 114895. That is 5/8 x 83, fabric covered. Other belts would have to be for the deck, in which case you will find info on them in the parts list for the particular deck that you have.
  11. That's an interesting looking switch in that it has what appears to be two larger threaded screw-type lugs, and three slide-on Packard type lugs.
  12. As I said, it may be good for a temporary fix, but I would not trust it for anything that my safety depended upon.
  13. . Belt length should be listed in the decks owners manual. Info can be downloaded from the manuals (files) section if you don't have one. You will need the model number of the deck for accurate info.
  14. I always buy from eBay seller "cfamily10". His carbs always come with the correct choke linkage and have SAE (American) threads.
  15. Would not be an RJ35. A standard 5-spade ignition switch can be purchased many places including TSC and NAPA. Make sure that you know whether it is for a battery ignition or a magneto type. Pictures of the switch would help.