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  1. Sounds great, but remember that that engine should not idle below 1100 RPM's. Doing so will cause lack of lubrication.
  2. Depending upon what year your B-100 is, the correct muffler is either a 105915, 106918, or 102258 (plus pipes and clamps). The latter two show as still being available from Toro, but expect to pay a bucket of money for them. If you are not interested in keeping the B-100 true to original, a pepper shaker style like the one shown in post #2 above is cheap, and will suffice, but will become loud after a short time.
  3. Maybe he would have caught up with it, jumped on, and just waved at his neighbor like "what? I meant to do that. Where's my beer?"
  4. The amount of time and effort that it takes to make a gasket is not worth it to me when I can buy a new one (Toro 3912) for about $4.00.
  5. If the only reason you are using Photobucket is to store photos for posting on RedSquare, why not just upload your pictures here?
  6. And that is the reason that we discourage the use of "text talk" here on RedSquare.
  7. Mike, See the next to the last sentence in his first post. I was going to ask the same question until I re-read it. Quite a bit of handy work. I just can't say enough about guys like rgrottk who can fabricate.
  8. As far as I know, the only parts diagram is what is on the last 4 pages of the manual.
  9. Is this what you are looking for?
  10. LUG NUT KITS are back in stock.
  11. I think we have a few members who might consider that model in the future when climbing ladders to trim trees
  12. Make your list of parts that you think you will need, and I guarantee you will go home with a lot more than what's on your list. Also, if you are planning on booking a hotel/motel, now is the time to start thinking about it. That time of the year around Gettysburg, rooms book quickly due to many events in the area. If you are thinking about camping, you will be fine. They never run out of places to put your tent at the fairgrounds, but there a limited number of sites with electrical hookup for large campers/motorhomes.
  13. Just to add to that, my wife and I were Christmas shopping in December, and a group of teens came out of the store ahead of us. The door went closed and as we approached it, one of the girls in the group turned around, walked back to the door, opened it and held it for us. I think there may be hope.
  14. Great post. I think we need one of these every now and then just to remind us of what this forum is all about. And oh by the way, if I have ever forgotten to thank any of you for your advise or assistance, THANK YOU!
  15. I've always been tech savvy, and I've had a computer with internet access since 1993, but I've always said that I could walk away from my computer at any time and be just fine. That was then... Now, I'm never more than inches away from a computer what with a smartphone in my pocket all day long. When I plan a hotel stay, the room has to have Wi-Fi. When I go to the WHCC show at South Mountain fairgrounds where AT&T coverage is poor, I take a throwaway Verizon smartphone with me. So Jay, I feel your pain. It's good to have you back.