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  1. I hear people say that they don't have the money to afford to become a supporter ($20.00/year or about 5¢/day) and I wonder, if you have internet to access RedSquare, how do you afford the monthly fee? If you use your cellphone, how do you pay for it? If you didn't have RedSquare to download free manuals, would you be buying them from eBay? If so, how much does that cost? How do you pay for the gas you put in your Wheel Horse? As I have said before, if your can't afford to be a supporter, you really can't afford to own a Wheel Horse. Just my 2 cents worth.
  2. Yeah Ed. I've got it. It's included free of charge with every set of chrome plated muffler bearings.
  3. For years I have gone to the Wheel Horse show where everyone is of course biased toward that make. But going to a show such as Olde Tyme Days, or Steam-O-Rama where many makes are represented, gives you a whole different perspective. Owners of Cubs, AC's, Deere's, Bolens, etc., will tell you what is best about their machines. You will walk away with a lot of information. Though we all love our horses, many of us have other makes in the shed as well.
  4. That should still be available. It's the Restoration Series that was discontinued. https://www.amazon.com/Valspar-4432-01-International-Harvester-Implement/dp/B000LNV5N2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1489967221&sr=8-1&keywords=valspar+4432-01
  5. Jim, If you wanted some time off, you should have just asked. You didn't have to be so dramatic. home.
  6. Go to eBay and search for a replacement for the K301 carburetor. I have used several of the Chinese knock-offs and they work great. Price should be around $75.00. I always buy from eBay seller "cfamily10". His carbs always come with the correct choke linkage and have SAE (American) threads.
  7. Okay, thought you had some new stuff. My mistake.
  8. Here is my shopping list: head gaskets; valve cover gaskets; exhaust gaskets; intake manifold gaskets; oil pressure/hour meter switch. PM me with availability and prices. Thanks
  9. Get yourself a pump that is bi-directional, then you won't have to worry about which way is correct.
  10. I'm pretty sure that you are going to have to make your own gasket.
  11. Good call Garry. The heaviest of the red wires there appears to be only 14 gauge. The black one at the bottom may be okay. As the picture below shows, the terminal at the bottom (B) should connect to the battery (+) terminal with at least an 8 gauge wire. The top terminal (S) should also have a minimum 8 gauge wire connecting to the starter. It also has a smaller gauge wire that connects to the generator light. The (I) terminal can use 16 or 14 gauge to connect to coil and the other side of the generator light.
  12. Totally agree with these guys, and
  13. Is the spark coming from the switch or from the connectors on your wires? Since the starter draws a lot of amps, a poor crimp could be the source of your spark.
  14. Wow, looks fantastic.
  15. As already stated above, the 1976 and prior used a 5/16" bolt and washer as a retainer.