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  1. Losing It OK?

    That's great she looks awesome.
  2. Cleaned the gas tank out. New fuel and no gas at the carb. Took fuel pump apart someone had it together wrong. Now it runs like a watch .Thanks for everyone's help !!! What a great forum.
  3. Gas tank clean out

  4. Gas tank clean out

    Thanks was thinking about stones but was not sure. Put some carb cleaner in it seems to start breaking it down. Thank for the help.
  5. Gas tank clean out

    Started working on the commando tonight . Have good compression ,good spark . Inside gas tank looks pretty bad not a lot of rust just a thick goo on the bottom. Any thought on what to clean the inside with.Thanks
  6. Commando 8

    Do you know where engine numbers are
  7. Commando 8

  8. Commando 8

    Not sure how to post pic yet but it looks good i think for the year hood is good grill a couple small dents all guards there deck has been repaired in front paint is pretty good
  9. Commando 8

    Picked this tractor up at auction yesterday. It has a Kohler motor and it is pretty much all there. Just wondering what it's worth and what year it is. Model is 1-4831 and serial # 395060 New to this site thanks.