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  1. Tiller for 312-8

    I have one near Ft Wayne Indiana
  2. 1055 drive belt guard

    No not the same. 1055 is short frame tractor 1056 is long frame
  3. Is this REALLY original?? 1973 8 4 speed

    Yep factory wheels
  4. New to me 867

    Here's another 867
  5. 520H engine blew out valve seat

  6. 754

    I do know this much about them. All the ones I have looked at including several at the big show all the serial numbers begin with 48
  7. Raider 12 trans issue

    Also the 1968 Charger models had some with starter gen engines. Have one of them too. Here is the Raider
  8. Raider 12 trans issue

    That is the factory engine. Have one just like it.
  9. NGK or Champion?

    Been using champions for 40 years
  10. C195 new tires and seat ordered today

    Yeah I had a set of those rear tires.Was not happy with them either. The lugs are too close together to get a good bite.
  11. Earliest I have seen was 1974 C series was not located on dash but on top plate of transmission.
  12. Suitcase Weights

    pm sent
  13. Air Filter for K301s in c120

    kohler 235116-s
  14. I have some NOS  D pulleys I will check size tomorrow and get back with you.