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  1. Both of mine had Tecumseh's in them.
  2. 416-8 or D200?

    Thanks for the straight-up honest feedback C.D. I do appreciate it! I found the chipper specs. Total weight: 1600 lbs, Tongue weight: 220 lbs. I have been using my Kubota to move it around by a ball mounted to the bucket since it has a backhoe where the towbar would be. Was hoping to find something smaller / more maneuverable. Maybe I'll just keep using the Kubota and consider it $$ saved and one less tractor in the shed. :thumbs2:
  3. 416-8 or D200?

    That's what I was looking for. :thumbs2:
  4. 416-8 or D200?

    Hi Folks! I'm in the market for a tractor with enough power to pull 8" capacity woodchipper trailer around the yard and on a trail into the woods. I think it weighs somewhere around 2000 lbs. I also may want to do some snowblowing wiht it in the future. I found a 416-8 and a D200 on CL. Both are selling for around $1200. Is there a clear choice in terms of value? Which one would you rather have to pull with?
  5. Mike / Garry, The knowledge here is amazing!
  6. Would anyone have a parts manual for a 5-7361 mower? It came mounted on a 1969 Commando. Thanks! (I did find the diagram at partstree.com, but am looking for a .pdf version)
  7. RJ58 Transmission Parts

    When I rebuilt my 5003, I found SKF 9815's on eBay for the axle seals and SKF 7627's for the Input and Brake Shaft seals. Axle Seals: http://cgi.ebay.com/SKF-CR-Chicago-Rawhide...=item1c0eb87c4e Input Shaft Seals: http://cgi.ebay.com/SKF-CR-Chicago-Rawhide...=item1c0eb87c4e I made my own side gaskets from material found at NAPA. My local Toro dealer said I should use 1/16" to provide proper spacing.
  8. I saw that same ad a couple weeks ago. Was thinking of grabbing it for parts. Now I know why I didn't get a reply with my offer. :)
  9. Hi, Was wondering if anyone can tell me more about my transmission pulley brake . One of my Commando V7's has a (extra?) brake band that stops the trans pulley from turning when the brake/clutch is engaged. This is in addition to the brake drum band. My other Tractor does not have the pulley band - just the brake drum band. I don't see the pulley band shown in the parts diagram. I will admit that the tractor that does not have the pulley band grinds into gear, since the pulley keeps spinning. So it would make sense for it to be there - I'm just not sure since I don't see it shown in the parts listing. Any thoughts? Is there a Part number so I can try to get one for my other tractor? Thanks. Here is a pic showing the pulley band.
  10. When I rebuilt my 5003 a few weeks ago, I found SKF 9815's on eBay for the axle seals and SKF 7627's for the Input and Brake Shaft seals. The shift boot is still available at your local Toro dealer. The Part Number is 3577 and will cost about $6.
  11. RJ-58

    Thanks John. I was lucky that the roll pin at the bottom of the steering shaft came out without much of a fight. Exactly. Glad to see I'm not the only one. . Got the hood and fuel tank mounted today. I'll probably wait till spring to start the stripping/painting process. In the mean time, I'll try to find replacements for some of the 'aftermarket' parts.
  12. Hi folks, I thought I would share where I'm at with my (first) resto project. I obtained this RJ58 from Vince. So far I have rebuilt the transmission and carb & obtained a few of the missing tractor parts. I know I have a long way to go But, so far it's working for me. [Hood and fuel tank are in the garage]. A big thanks to Wallfish for the plow!
  13. 5067 Transmission shifter boot

    Thanks folks, and Thanks for the offer Baerpath. I found a local WH dealer this morning that actually had a discontinued 8002 in stock. $6 bucks later - I now have one. I'll install it later today.
  14. Hi, Would anyone know where I could find a replacement shifter boot-seal for my 1969 Commando V7 5067 transmission? I think the toro # is 8002. Thanks.