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  1. Wheel Weights

    Thanks!! I’ll keep that in mind!!
  2. Wheel Weights

    Can anyone tell me if 23 10.50 12 Wheel Weights will work on 23 9.50 12 wheels?
  3. New 520 H Guy

    Well I did manage to pick up a plow blade, 48” with the extension. I haven’t attached it yet but I believe everything I’ll need is there. I don’t know if the Attach-A-Matic systems were standard or not but mine does have it. It also already has a hitch set up so that’s good.
  4. Wait! Heated Cab? How is it heated?
  5. Newbie

    Is this true of all WHs regarding ethanol free gas? I’ve got a ‘97 520H.
  6. New 520 H Guy

    Thanks WHX20!
  7. New 520 H Guy

    Thanks Jay Bee!!
  8. New 520 H Guy

    Thanks so much! Mine does run like a top. Thanks!! I will stick to the correct style. The wider sizes you mentioned are still WH plows, correct?
  9. New 520 H Guy

    I’m trying to find a snow plow now for my 520 H. I’ve found one, however it’s only the 42” version and mine is supposed to use the 48” version. This one looks different from the others I have seen. Can you tell me if this looks right? Is it missing something? Is it perhaps an Attach-A-Matic System?
  10. New 520 H Guy

    Actually proper, inside storage now!! It’s going to share space w/my ‘63 Cadillac and a couple of pianos.
  11. New 520 H Guy

    Thanks! I will do that!
  12. New 520 H Guy

    Thanks so much! Mine does run like a top. I looked at one with 1700+ hrs. on it and it ran good as well.
  13. New 520 H Guy

    Exactly!! I bought it from a guy out South of Perry. I live in Flint,
  14. New 520 H Guy

  15. New 520 H Guy

    Just bought a 520 H. I haven’t checked the serial # yet but it’s a 1997 or earlier from the Hood design. The ad said it was a 1998 but that had a different hood. Also said it had 444 hrs. but condition says otherwise. Still think it was a good buy. Runs really well. Deck has a hole right where the rear left lift attaches so that will have to be repaired. It also came with another smaller deck with no holes but still some rust. I think that will clean up. This is my first WH and Ill be looking for a snow blade, tire chains and wheel weights I think. According to Tractor Data.com this model uses a 48” blade. Will any of the 48” WH Blades work? Or is it specific to this model?