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  1. wheel weights

  2. wheel weights

    Just wondering what is the actual weight of the factory cast (front) and (rear) wheel weights for a C-120?
  3. K-341

    yes changed the crankcase breather the gasket kit came with a new one!
  4. K-341

    I assembled the engine but had a machine shop do the boring (0.20 over) i made sure the ring gaps were opposite when assembled engine runs great just from idle to full throttle it lets out a cloud of white smoke and then clears up! Also when first ran engine first couple hours never noticed any white smoke at all?
  5. K-341

    I have a k-341 rebuilt with about 5-6 hours run time. My question is if i idle the engine down for a minute then throttle up it blows out a big cloud of white smoke then clears up just wondering what might cause this?
  6. k181 white smoke question

    I meant to say that the 5-6 hours on the engine since rebuild were from actually mowing the lawn it takes me 2 1/2 to 3 hours each time just not sure why i'm getting white smoke if it idles for a couple minutes?
  7. k181 white smoke question

    i was wondering the same thing as i have rebuilt a k-341 (bored .020 over) and have about 5-6 hours on it since rebuild and it blows out white smoke if i let it idle for awhile. i'm hoping the rings haven't fully seated!
  8. C-120 puller

    no mods needed to install k-341
  9. C-120 puller

    tractor is in a stock pull so can't go bigger on the tires thats why i was hoping on changing the engine pulley! also have it weighted just under the limit for the class
  10. C-120 puller

    Pulling a little bit locally its a stock tractor pull with a transfer sled. I have a c-120 with a K-341 (16hp) when pulling it spins out in 2nd and 3rd it looses power. What i'm wondering how big of engine pulley can i go on the engine and still use the stock belt gaurd as i could use a little more speed also running 23x8.50x12 ag tires.