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  1. What model am I?

    Its been stored inside of a shed for 25 - 30 years. I have some parts from another similar model. Took a chance on it and we'll see what happens. Thanks for the input.
  2. What model am I?

    Picked this little gem up this morning. Can anyone tell me what model this might be? No other identifying marks on it but WHEEL HORSE.
  3. Spark plug gap

    Is a starter motor expensive to replace? How much difficulty is involved in replacing it?
  4. Spark plug gap

    To me, it sounds like the flywheel side. I can't really describe the sound but its loud and shrill and seems to occur once you turn the key to start. I am going to try to look into the sound further tomorrow as its supposed to clear and be sunny at least part of the day.
  5. Spark plug gap

    It was sold as a1972 Charger 10. Has a sundstrand transmission. Not sure if the drive belt moves but the engine seems to have a good amount of crank speed but makes this terrible loud high pitched sound while the engine is turning over.
  6. Spark plug gap

    Mine is somewhat different than your s appears to be. Its pouring here again today but I took a quick photo. It seems to be in the forward position. I have a plastic bag over the seat so that red that you see going toward the seat is the tie. Does the position of this lever make a difference or maybe cause the problem I described? The plate at the center was so rusted that it could not be read.
  7. Spark plug gap

    It has a Kohler engine and the engine sounded fine when the guy I bought it from had it running when we looked at it. Went back the next night and he said he could not get it started. He also said that the valve under the seat was frozen and that it locks the rear wheels. We took a chance and got it home and were able to free up the tow valve. I believe its still free as it can be pushed by hand now. Would it make a difference if it were free when going to start it? I am new at this type of transmission and really hope its not too serious a problem.
  8. Spark plug gap

    Thank you to all of you for your help. Removed the carb again this afternoon and gave it a second cleaning. Started it right up and it purrs like a kitten. Started raining so drove it inside and will put the hood back on tomorrow. I also have a Charger 10 automatic that we just finished a restore on. Its developed a terrible whine when we try to start it. Engine turns over great but that noise makes me very nervous that something else is happening here. It wants to start but doesn't. Hoping that this is something that can be fixed. Anyone ever have this issue with a Charger 10?
  9. Spark plug gap

    Okay, cleaned points this morning and got it started but it runs only a few seconds and cuts right off again. Is it possible that the carburetor is still dirty? It seems like the throttle adjusts itself and then cuts out. I checked for a gas shutoff and there is none. I had to use starting fluid after the first couple of tries. I am kind of wondering what else could be going on. Anyone have any ideas?
  10. Spark plug gap

    Thank you Garry. I will get this done tomorrow. Tractor looks to be in good condition so don't think its too much.
  11. Spark plug gap

    Gave the carb a good cleaning yesterday. I think it should be okay. Want to put in a new spark plug as it looks fouled
  12. Spark plug gap

    Was able to pick up a 1977 B80. Engine turns over but will not start. I want to put a new plug in and give it another try. Can someone tell me what to gap the plug at? Appreciate your help.
  13. New purchase- charger 10

  14. Charger 10 question

    Can anyone tell me what the spark plug gap for a 1972 Charger 10 with a Kolher 10hp engine would require. I've not been able to find a service manual for this model.
  15. New purchase- charger 10