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  1. 78-0380 steering wheel cap

    Looking for a steering wheel cap part number 78-0380. If you have one, let me know your asking price, thank you.
  2. Straight From the Horse's Mouth

    I just ordered one, I should receive it on Tuesday, I cant wait !!!!!
  3. Bx1500 Diesel engine only

    Used Bx1500 Diesel engine with about 500 hours on the clock. Was running great when pulled, only reason was the hydro transmission went out, I have the complete wiring harness, cooling system and gauges. Looking to trade for any wheel horse items. I have added a picture of the specs for this engine per tractordata.com
  4. Dealer List

    Please add Carter's Wheel Horse Lawn and Garden, Marysville, Ohio. Closed. I have fond memories of my dad and I going here on a regular basis, a 10 year old boy so excited to see their truck pull into the driveway to deliver our brand new 312-8 in 1993. I just recently purchased a 310-8 and it takes me back, just like riding a bike I was familiar with all the controls. Its like its always been with me 25 years later. Im hoping my daughter will feel the same joy as myself, I have her involved with the collecting and restoration of several wheel horses. Love the list and keep up the good work! Brady, 33, Pennsylvania.
  5. Wheel Horse Story

    Looking for a used copy of The Wheel Horse Story. Thank you !
  6. Wheel horse story

    Thank you, im just striking out everywhere I look. Its killing me, I want to read that story ! 😎
  7. Wheel horse story

    Can anyone help me out with a pdf. Version of the wheel horse story, id love to read it ! Cant seem to find one at a library.
  8. PARTS...PARTS...PARTS 30+ Years accumulated

    Looking for a pto clutch disc for 308-8. Id like to have 2 if you have them. Price please if you do have them, thanks in advance, Brady.
  9. Side shot Sunday!

  10. Straight From the Horse's Mouth

    Thank you both Nylyon and 953 Nut.
  11. Straight From the Horse's Mouth

    Wanting to purchase this book but cant find it anywhere and the website doesnt work, any suggestions?
  12. Wheel Horse B-100 roller tractor

    B-100 still available ? Thanks, Brady.