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  1. Craigslist find

    I don't see a problem!
  2. Looking at a Charger 12 tranny help??

    Could be a money pit. You would be smart to have it running so the tranny can be tested before putting any money out. If the seller is not willing to work with you, walk away.
  3. Surprise with my 244H

    Built in the early 90's, they are a tough lawn tractor and the 14hp Onan is really dependable. Hydro transmission is too. They ARE a lawn tractor so, hilly lawns will challenge them. I had one gifted to me and was surprised at how well it functioned.
  4. New member,long time owner.

    One big giveaway would be a cover plate over the shifter lever on a C-120.
  5. Rebuild or go new

    You have to give the Predators their due. They are inexpensive. But, they are a "disposable" engine. After they have run their course, because they are not worth rebuilding, instead of scrapping them, repurpose. They make pretty good door stops in the garage.
  6. Ratchet strap fail

    And this BEFORE strapping down...
  7. When you originally set the gap, there may have been some trash under the valve. As you tried to start it, it became dislodged and changed the gap setting. Just a theory.
  8. Repower

    That should work fine.
  9. Try backing out the top 2 transmission mounting bolts...not all the way. One of them may be interfering with the shifting lever.
  10. So, I married a science teacher

    Baker's yeast works just as well as Rid-x.
  11. Maximum RPM for K 341S

    Minimum RPM for non pressurized oil systems...1200 RPM.
  12. C160 hydro

    Wheel Horse hasn't made a C-160 hydro in over 40 years. That should be an indication of how strong and reliable they are. Mine is a 1977 and does everything I throw at it...without complaining!
  13. I tried to quit buying Horses. Too hard so I quit trying.
  14. Procedure for setting timing for H55

    Exactly. Works out well. If I remember correctly, a nickel mics at .077.
  15. DOH!

    I've never done that, but EVERYBODY I know has!!!