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  1. K-341 oil fill

    Aldon, I've "aquired" a few more engines and I have one I'll bring to you at the show.
  2. Question about our log splitter engine.

    I had one of the Briggs do the same thing. Cleaned it until it was spotless...several times. Never would run right. Finally put a new carb on it and problem solved. Odd part is, I saved the bad carb and ended up trying it on another Briggs that needed a carb. It ran perfectly on that motor. Mystery I never have figured out.
  3. Kohler small block rebuild tutorial

    The 10hp tappets can go in either location as they are adjustable. Only on the small block (8hp and smaller) does it matter.
  4. Sandblasting and painting coming soon!

    Can I send you some parts to practice with?
  5. Best inline fuel filter?

    The Briggs filters have different micron ratings. White ones have a finer screen. I prefer them over the red ones.
  6. Best inline fuel filter?

    Try pressurizing the tank. Either blow into it or use a funnel and air nozzle on an air line from a compressor.
  7. I wrecked a flywheel... need info / one

    Tony, they are interchangeable. Only difference would be battery or magneto ignition (magnet configuration).
  8. K321 engine running rough

    As you found out, a poorly grounded condenser acts just like a bad condenser. Glad you fixed the problem and followed up with the results. Should help others in the future.
  9. What are these?

    Thrust bearings are generally smaller than the size description he gave
  10. What are these?

    That bearing is external on the engine. No Rock 'N Rye for you!!!
  11. What are these?

    That wouldn't explain 3 of them.
  12. New to me 420-LSE

    That seat should buff out.
  13. Mystery spring

    Spring was used to put tension on a midpoint idler for a tiller.
  14. What are these?

    Is it possible they were in the drain pan BEFORE the oil change? Doesn't look like roller bearing parts to me.
  15. K321 engine running rough

    You answered your own question. Replace the points and set to .019. Replace the condenser (in my opinion, that's the problem). Also make sure the condenser is well grounded. The new spark plug can only help. Make sure it is gapped properly; .035 for battery ignition, .025 for magneto ignition. Once you know the ignition system is right, you can move on to the fuel system.