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  1. Parts supplier info

    Ordered a piston and ring set from them Monday. Will be delivered today. Drop shipped to my machinist too. Can't ask for better than that.
  2. Starter Spin Question

    Is your battery polarity correct? If not, your starter may be spinning backwards.
  3. 1961 suburban 551

    Wish I could help but my H55 doesn't have decals either. Did they even come with them? Only ID is the model plate on mine.
  4. Dumb question

    I think Jeff just answered that question.
  5. No response to Raider 12 purchase

    Dell, don't feel bad about griping. Sounds to me like you have given the seller ample room to uphold his end of the auction. If nothing else, you've given this forum some enlightening information about the scams that exist. Kudos to you. I've been a member on this forum since its inception. Member #216, I believe. In this span of time, I've seen it degenerate into another form of Facebook with the opinions, trash talk and intolerance of some of the members. That is NOT the reason I joined. Opinions regarding the original reason for the creation of this forum (Wheel Horse tractors) are the foundation of its existance. Let's ALL get back on track and maybe we can learn something.
  6. 6-1131/1141 54" & 56" blade question

    The locking arms on my 54" blade have the "star" tension washers with nylock nuts. Pushed a lot of snow, brush, logs, dirt, rocks and anything else that would move. Never had one come loose.
  7. No response to Raider 12 purchase

    Run Dell, Run!!!
  8. What model snow/dozer blade frame?

    Looks like it started out as a 48" short frame model. It's DNA has changed quite a bit over the years. Mr. Hackit Welder has scribbled on it's birth certificate so much it's unreadable. Your Robo Plow should still function and serve you well.
  9. No response to Raider 12 purchase

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance! A K301 would make a nice present.
  10. No response to Raider 12 purchase

    Dell, if you need a good running K301, I know a guy who has one! And it's on a Raider!
  11. Oh Well What the Heck

    I had a near perfect set at the big show last year. No takers. Good price too. Let them go with a Lawn Ranger last Fall.
  12. k341 problem

    The engine mounting bolts are missing on the right side. They only thread into the pan, not the block. Check to see if the pan is threaded where the missing bolts should be. It is a C-160, however, it has a replacement engine. No biggie. Appears to be a 1976 model. Let us know if you find threads in the pan.
  13. C-81 1979 replacement solenoid Napa part #??

    Go to any parts store and tell them you need a solenoid for a 1980 Ford truck. Very heavy duty and will probably be the last one you'll ever buy. Fits perfectly too.
  14. k341 problem

    From your decription, you have a C-160. The motor mounts on the right hand side come up from the frame into the oil pan. Check underneath the frame to see if they are there and tight.
  15. Trail Blazer 7 Engine issues

    Chances are you have carburetor issues. I would try running some Sea Foam through it. If that doesn't help, replace the carb. $12-15 on Ebay. Cheaper than rebuilding and "plug and play".