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  1. 212-h drive belt size and routing diahgram

    i found thouse online its how the belt runs over the rear axle and how the two idler pullys, i dont know if i need to take anything off to get the belt on, but thanks for the help you could get me
  2. 212-h drive belt size and routing diahgram

    i updated the post its for the trans drive belt, but thanks i have the 37", the snow blade and snow thrower for it. i love thos little tracktor, for being small it does alot of work
  3. i need help finding the right size drive belt for my 212-h wheel horse and the diagram for installing the belt. i got the tractor from my wifes grampa and cant find the diagram for it or a replacement belt for it. the id tag is 3212be01 46590 the belt i need is the motor to transmition