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  1. 8 SP Dragster

    :D Thanks Gene for posting the very poor pics. Chris: we will box the frame. we only work in the winter, as we camp in the summer an are busy moing with our Wheelhorses. I have a 69 RAIDER 12, 71 800SPECIAL, 74 C120, 75 C120AUTO, and the start of the Digger. My plan is to use a jack shaft out of the Honda accross the frame to a belt to drive the 8spd. I have made rear hubs out of 4140prehard and will use either 520wheels or dragster wheels. I have read on RED Square that the 8Spd can handle 50HP. The 750 Stock is 53HP. Iwill have a 704 inverted front axle, a Moon style tank mounted up front. Thanks for looking, but I would like to have one of my 8Spd's gone thru, and make it like new. John Mitchell
  2. 8 SP Dragster

    :D I am building an Honda 750 FOUR Powered C120 Wheelhorse. The Tractor is approx 8FT long with a inverted 704 fornt axle and junior dragster wheels. My question is. Who can rebuld the 8SP and bring it to it's full potential. Where is this person located and how can I get in touch with them?
  3. 75c120Hydro

    :D I have A 1975 C120 that was saved out of a barn. I am currently using it mow. However in climbing a hill it really slows down. Since My other tractors all have manual trans, I'm Not used to this happenning. (HELP).