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  1. Henery Hawk finally made it here.

  2. Jerry from SouthWest Ohio

  3. Struck MD40 mini dozer project

    how much? i like it. :banghead:
  4. me and my son Attached Image
  5. New from PA w/B-80

  6. New to RS

    :banghead: nice looking B-80
  7. I'm finely get to play i've got 6+" here at my place. Ill post some pic when i get the chance. i have to put my blower back on I need another tractor.
  8. oregon carbs....any good?

    where do u find the oregon carbs? i need a new carb for my hh100 any thoughts?
  9. most redsquare members

    i also work second shift. i have to go back to work tommaro but ive have to. vacation is over so the weekend sounds good to me. :ychain:
  10. how many horses

    i've got two and two non wheel horse
  11. Let's hear it

    and enjoy family time more.
  12. newbie from Upstate NY

  13. New Guy

  14. Newbie from KS

    :D nice round hood. :D